Time for a wiki update for Rocco Siffredi?

Two fags collide in Budapest.

Why is Wians so fat considering he spends endless time in the gym? Rocco must be a decade older at least but is around 50 pounds lighter despite being only 2 inches shorter. Lay off the potato chips and soda, “Chief.”


Mark Spiegler Profited from Nazi Porn

It appears Mark Spiegler, who is Jewish, booked his client Dana DeArmond (also Jewish) to perform in Nazi concentration camp themed fetish porn. DeArmond told an interviewer “I worked for Rocco Siffredi in Europe last year-it was in a scenario where I was being held prisoner by Nazis”. Evidently it features her being sodomized by Siffredi in an Auschwitz-like setting.

PWL cares

Dana described it as “very rough”. It’s hard to imagine how anyone, let alone people of Jewish extraction like Spiegler and DeArmond, could sexualize the treatment of concentration camp Holocaust victims who ended up being gassed to death. But then this isn’t the only instance Porn Wikileaks knows of where Spiegler and DeArmond put a paycheck ahead of the sensitivities of Jewish porn fans.

Greedy pimp Mark Spiegler sells out his people for chump change

Spiegler also booked DeArmond and his client Kelly Divine to appear in the title “Nice Jewish Girls”. It features the two fornicating with James Deen Rothstein while he’s portraying an orthodox rabbi and they are dressed as Hasidic jews. The box cover features a Star of David flag, a menorah and Rothstein wearing a rabbinic prayer shawl. I hope these paychecks were worth selling out your Auschwitz cousins, Mark.

Not so nice Jewish girls

All of us at Porn Wikileaks are disgusted by this and we’d like to remind Spiegler that money isn’t everything. We suggest he spend a few hours watching “Schindler’s List”.



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