Straight Porn God Ron Jeremy, 63, is questioned by police after he hits pedestrian in Beverly Hills sending him to the hospital!

Ron Jeremy, an adult film actor and director, allegedly hit a pedestrian with his vehicle in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

The 63-year-old was making a left turn when he made contact with the person. He told police he did not see the man crossing in front of him.

The victim was later hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries

Ron stated that he did not see the man whom he ‘nicked.’ It was added the victim wore black clothing.

Alcohol and drugs were not part of the incident, according to police.

In a photo, it appears that he was handcuffed, but both law enforcement and Ron dismiss the claims. He did not receive a citation but an investigation is still proceeding.

On Thursday the actor participated in a debate.

The Great Porn Debate took place at the Proctors GE Theater in New York.

The evening featured the adult film actor facing off with Craig Gross, the Christian pastor of, a site aimed to assist those with marriage, porn, sex and relationship situations.

Ron, born Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, began his career as a model for Playgirl.

The actor has reportedly starred in around the same amount of pornographic films as fellow straight male porn god Donny Long; 2,216. He has directed 285.