Monica Foster gets no job offers & can’t make any $$$ to pay her legal debt bondage

After being sex trafficked back into porn (what an idiot) Monica Foster hasn’t been able to make any money to pay off her legal debt of $167,000 plus! Despite all of her idiotic and false claims of being a pornstar, that she was high in demand when she was in the business, and how any man would want to spend big money on her, Monica Foster can’t get any work! This past year, Briana Banks (who Matt Holder has worked with and has probably fucked a few times) made a successful return to the porn industry. Briana Banks, despite having a past addiction to drugs and being in and out of rehab multiple times, has had 100s of job offers, mass media publications (even in the mainstream media), agencies wanting to represent her, and etc. All this after she got back on social media and announced her comeback.

Monica Foster, who recently took a selfie of her at the Valley of Fire, has been losing her hair and is appears to be going bald! Karma truly is a bitch as Monica Foster acts like a 12 year old kid and attacks people for their physical appearance. Right after she had lost her motion to strike back on December 17th, 2016, Foster attacked Brad Armstrong for a few hours straight about his weight. being in over $167,000 in debt and unable to get work, this truly proves that Monica Foster isn’t attractive, that she’s not a pornstar, that she’s not popular, that she’s a bad lay, and that she doesn’t have a strong enough fan base for anyone to give two flying fucks about her!

Even though the court awarded Randazza his summary judgement against Foster, the case is still opened and will continue to punish this cross-eyed loser even more. Next up, getting her websites and blogs removed.

It’s ok, Foster, you still have MEDIATION! There you don’t have to prove anything and you can cry all that you want. Even though both parties have to agree on the contract, you can still show off to losers like Desi Foxx and Barry Nelson and try to make it look like you won and that you’re fighting organized crime!

Monica Foster cries over her daddy

If anyone has been paying attention to Foster’s pathetic rants her lately, especially now that she’s in over $167,000 in debt, she’s been crying over her daddy! Foster has been mentioning on how she’s hoped that he would read her blogs, how he doesn’t love her, how he hurt her, and etc.


Foster is weak and pathetic! So many people have had rough lives and had a lot of horrific things happen to them, yet they worked hard to better their lives. Foster can’t handle rejection, which is why she had spent so many years attacking the porn industry because it basically rejected her. She can’t get over Matt Holder, especially after 7 years! She doesn’t want to get an actual paying job to make money nor get an education. All she does is sit around barely getting by in life by having live-in johns who are desperate for a woman, and makes little money off of her vagina.

In all honesty, who could blame Ivan Mayers for not wanting anything to do with her! She’s pathetic, weak, and an embarrassment to the family.

Despite how Foster keeps blaming others and racism for her faults, failures, and heartache, at the end of the day she is the one who is truly at fault for everything wrong in her life.

Dirtyg***.com, yet one more Monica Foster created hate blog, or maybe fat fuck Johnny Forbush

NOTE FROM MOD: Fat gay jew child rapist criminal scumbag John Steven Forbush owns that site, not Monica Dumpster.

Which one of these two turds started that blog because it’s one or the other. And while they accuse Donny Long of running, which is a Word Press site, they also used Word Press for their blog, essentially copying Gene’s site. Donny, as usual, is the trendsetter, whether it be someone copying the name of a site he created or copying the format or trying to get a taste of Donny, Heather and Britney’s web cam action, they all fall in line and copy the master because he is on the cutting edge and they have no talent, brains or business savvy.

Now on the one hand, both of these utter turds have wikis here so they’re both sore at this site for exposing them as trash and of course they’re also upset at Donny Long because they think he is behind it as that has been the rumor but never proven. Foster isn’t mentioned in the “Porn Scumbags” portion of that site despite being one of the biggest bottom feeding pieces of shit “in” the industry (She’s been out of porn after being black balled from the biz for accusing people that employed her of…surprise, surprise, pedophilia, even though she still tries to be a part of the news side of the industry ala Mike South) so she’s definitely friends with whoever owns it at the very least. But one thing points squarely to the 305 pound floating turd named Forbush and that is the way he spelled Sean Tompkins name. He didn’t do his homework, spelled it SHAWN and essentially outed himself. Foster is dumb, but she knows how to spell Sean Tompkins name and could do it in her sleep, backwards, upside down and inside out with all the history she has had with that guy up until now. And surprise, Foster claims that she’ll go to work for Forbush sometime soon to pay her insurmountable legal fees after a Las Vegas attorney handed her her black ass after she made false claims about him and his wife. And now she’s back at it, supplying Fordouche with lies and libel to post on his Gene Ross is Back copy site. No proof of any of it of course. So these two steaming piles of horse shit are in bed together. No shock there. Whenever someone crosses Donny and gets a swift kick to the nuts, Foster is right there to befriend these low-lives as there is nothing she can do to one up Donny at this point. Donny has drop kicked, spit on, pissed on, chewed up and spit out Foster many times over and added her family to the mix as well so at this stage she can only try to get to him via his enemies. The problem is that she’s predictable and boring now and just opens herself up for more ridicule. Work on her wiki will reconvene tonight.

It really is funny how some people react to having PWL wiki pages typed up about them which include documented information about them, photos, videos and all around embarrassing life events posted for all to see, share and laugh at until the end of time. Some with pages don’t care but the one with pages that let it bother them, really let it bother them. The demise of this site has been greatly exaggerated and it will be a thorn in their side until they are old and grey, which in Foster’s case is right now. This goes for former performers, scumbag agents, loser fan bois and everyone else within the business who scored themselves wikis. They simply post lies in the form of blogs, videos, forum posts, whatever, and attack PWL and it’s editors because they’re butt hurt that their failure of a life got exposed. We see you Foster and Forbush and your new copy site will never top the original. Donny wins again. He is the Harlem Globetrotters and all you shitbags are the Washington Generals.


Monica Foster (Dumpster) always said that she will not date men with any type of hair loss and now the worthless nigger claims she won’t deal with men with beards now that beards are a popular thing. I guess beards just make men look more mature and she can’t have that. She needs boys who have their childhood hairline and a clean, smooth face. This means she secretly has a hard-on for youthful Donny Long, the clean shaven, baby faced, full head of hair Floridian web cam god. We always knew she wanted the God Long cock.

Dumpster’s pedo claims against all her enemies is just her projecting. She wants boys 13-16 and can’t have them and so she stays alone, jerking off to kiddie porn while throwing up a smokescreen and accusing everyone else of this vile behavior. She is barren and has no kids and doesn’t even have anything to do with her nephew and hasn’t seen the bastard since Christmas 2010 and so she should stop pretending to care about the welfare of children. She has never done anything to help children.

Monica Dumpster is a gay nig child rapist that is now deeply in debt for popping off at her fag hole about a Las Vegas attorney, calling him a pedo and calling his wife a hooker – even as FOSTER is the pedo and hooker. Unlike many of her other enemies, Marc Randazza is able to and did flex his muscle on this and wrecked what little life this bootlip has left. Now she should follow through with her promises and kill herself. Better yet, put this sick cunt in a cell with sick pedo Jerry Sandusky and let them have at it until one or both of these vile kiddie fiddlers is dead.

Dumpster’s claims that Donny trafficks young women is complete and utter bullshit as Heather Deep and Britney Long appear to be having a ball in their travels and work with Mr. Long. Foster is the miserable bastard that looks dead inside. Not everyone is as miserable as her. Also, Britney and Heather are completely legal and have to be to perform on the web cam sites. The sites require proof of age. Foster knows this because she works on some of these sites and she still makes up lies. Well now she has 167,000 reasons to shut her fat fucking mouth forever. See, men of any age can get younger women while broads like Dumpster just pass their expiration date and die alone. Donny is fine wine, Foster is old milk. Eat your heart out you worthless little jungle bunny. 馃榾

The verdict is finally in: MONICA FOSTER LOSES IN COURT! $167,000.00 IN DEBT! JUSTICE SERVED!

After years of tormenting those that she didn’t care for online, stalking, harassing, defaming, libeling and slandering, and creating cartoon caricatures of her foes, Monica Foster, real name Alexandra Mayers has been delivered a crushing blow that will alter her entire future. She has lost to Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza and wife and is now in the hole for a whopping $167,000 and change, an insurmountable amount for a woman of her means. It has been said that this type of debt is not able to be discharged in bankruptcy.

Although she thought she had been given a reprieve until 2017, Ms. Mayers will receive no such stay of execution and was probably shocked to learn that this week was the end of the line for her antics, which, if not stopped, could eventually land her behind bars.

Mayers’ foes are having a field day with this and rightfully so, as they have been tormented for years by the failed performer, and now she must pay the fiddler for her crimes.

Mayers may also lose her web sites now and they may be re-registered by some of her foes and used against her in a nice little serving of karma, with a side of crow to go with her boxed wine.

The verdict shows that unless you know what you’re doing, it is a bad idea to mess with the bull. Ms. Mayers received a comprehensive wiki in 2011 after popping off and starting a war, several times threatening lawsuits and physical harm to her foes, and instead of those folks paying a price, Ms. Mayers will pay a dear price, having just put herself in a major financial hole while her wiki remains intact, robust and well trafficked.

Mike South: “I made that stupid bitch dance” Monica Foster Ivan Mayers

Remember that issue Mike South had at that strip club with that hooker? Remembers how he called her a “stupid bitch” and grabbed her by her hair and assaulted her? Well he called Monica Foster the same thing, a “Stupid Bitch”.

I was listening to a phone conversation between him and John Borbush and he said “I made that stupid bitch dance” and also said “I was the one that outed her gay father”. I was floored when I heard this. i thought her a Monica were on the same team? Correct me if I am wrong?

Well one thing is for sure, he did make Monica Dance.


The Three Stooges lose Tranyfucker website

Well, well, well! The tranyfucker website has been suspended and it appears that it will be permanently! That website became a playground for the low life failures, Monica Foster, Desiree Brennan, and Jules. Each of these retards who are losers in life, posted on this website daily talking shit. These three can only talk shit to someone from behind the safety of a computer, but never to a person’s face. As we all know, Jules has been permanently BANNED from PWL as well. These idiots will never amount to anything in life and will never be worth anything.