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monica foster | Porn Wiki Leaks



Meet BARRY NELSON, a sixty something racist black guy that runs around TWITTER under the handle @NYCFUNK, parroting notoriously racist hooker MONICA FOSTER and promoting a lot of hate and racism of his own. Interestingly, he is the only permanent fixture in Monica Foster’s “Following” list a she usually unfollows everyone at some point when they don’t follow with her vile, hateful narrative. Barry the bitch boy seems to be doing and saying all the right things and he’s got the right complexion for the job.


PWL legend THAT_RETRO_GUY_ noticed that Foster had blocked him even as he hadn’t so much as tagged the bigot, tried to follow her, retweeted anything with her name on it, nothing. Foster’s act is tired and boring and she has lost her shock value from crying wolf too many times. Shockingly, Retro Guy was also blocked by Nelson somewhere along the way even as he barely knew Nelson existed. Obviously, this sixty year old bitch is being led around by the nose and told who to follow and who to block by the bitter, bigoted ex-adult performer, who is almost young enough to be his daughter, even though she is middle aged herself.

SELF DESCRIBED “Successful businessman!”

Barry describes himself on Twitter this way:

Bi-Coastal Composer, Producer, Bassist, Multi-instrumentalist and American music historian. Successful businessman with Uber-Liberal views.

Well, the “Uber-Liberal” part should be changed to “Racist” and he does not note which business he is “successful” at. It is hard to believe he is successful at anything when he holds the same bitter, racist, defeatist attitude that permanent victim Foster does. Seems that he would have many business partners of different ethnicities somewhere along the way and it wouldn’t be in his best interest to post racist views in full view of everyone on social media. Could he suffer from the same delusions of grandeur as Foster, who, despite having a longer career as an anti-porn activist than she ever did as a porn performer, considers herself one of the top black porn performers of all time?


Barry has all of around 180 followers and usually adds nothing to his timeline outside of retweeting Foster’s tired, recycled bullshit. When he does post something on his own it usually sounds like something Foster would write. Something that is suppose to sound inspirational and uplifting even as he is a miserable bastard with a victim mentality. Something along the lines of “Today is gonna be great!.” Of course, shortly thereafter, just as Foster does, he’ll launch into a racist, anti-white, anti-Jew tirade. I guess his day and Foster’s went to shit at some point. Perhaps some big, bad, evil blue-eyed person looked at them the wrong way. Hey – They Dindu Nuffin!


Racist tweets:

@NYCFUNK @MonicaFoster Nah he’s a jew. He’s got it written all over his smug little puss.

@NYCFUNK @MonicaFoster Maybe he’s a token jew. Some pet they can use and re-use.

@NYCFUNK @Marrakechmole Black comedians have been giving us these truths for several generations. Their observations in jest make it more palatable.

@NYCFUNK @MonicaFoster @davidortiz WTF is the FSC and the entire Porn industry trying to do? Convince us that Black Pornstar Lives Matter? LOL

@NYCFUNK Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism

Conspiracy Theories:

@NYCFUNK I think the jets have been flying & leaving chemtrails over my house. I’ve been getting pissed off at people lately. #moodswings #nobueno

Fosteresque Wee Wee Look At Me Phony Positivity:

@NYCFUNK My God! If today is any indication of how my week will be—It’s going to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!

@NYCFUNK Good Morning Twitterverse! Hope all my followers has a Fantastic Week ahead of them.

@NYCFUNK Good Morning Twitterverse! Hope everyone experiences a Fantastic Thursday. And Remember…Do what you love, and love what you do.

Shills for Foster:

@NYCFUNK @MonicaFoster @davidortiz David I urge you to listen to Alexandra and not make this move. Trust her. She knows what she is talking about.

@NYCFUNK Is a career in Porn right for you? the book – page 01 – a discussion about a career in por

Supporter of woman batterers:

@NYCFUNK @MonicaFoster @DanBilzerian @chrisbrown This is depressing. Chris does not need another negative fixture in his life.

Pretends to be religious and a “Man of god” even as he is a porn-addict:

@NYCFUNK @MonicaFoster @realDonaldTrump @RealBenCarson See that’s what I dig about you. You can find God’s work in the most myriad of situations.

@NYCFUNK @Indigo_Adults We may not see the Christ in them, but Christ has seen what we fail to notice. I believe this to be true.

Monica Fosters future

You can’t hide in Phoenix, Foster!

You stupid bitch! You pissed off way too many people. You think having your website registered to a private mail box in Phoenix is going to protect you? You stupid bitch!!! 21 people signed a petition to get you removed from social media and to get your websites down and all of your accounts. It would have been more! Go ahead and keep thinking that you’re safe in Phoenix. You’re going to wish that you had killed yourself a long time ago.


This how famous and how successful Monica Foster is with her websites

She only gets 10 visitors per day for her shitty websites! She spends big money that she gets from her johns for a lousy 10 visitors/day!!! WHAT A LOSER! She takes pride in having over 13,000 followers on Twitter, look at how many of them actually respond to her, lol!!!

She truly is famous, lol!

Gay Mafia crying faggot

Leave Monica alone

Monica is the sweetest person that you’ll ever meet. Sure she’s a hypocrite and slanders people, but I’m an old racist bitch who hides behind a computer talking shit. I put on a front that I hate the porn biz, but I love watching Monica on her webcam shows I tip her $10, I don’t make a good living off of my music. Has anyone ever noticed how I talk big shit about my achievements with my music yet I can’t prove it?

I wonder how my kids would feel about me being an old grumpy man who supports a webcam prostitute who claims to be a Christian, yet engages in so much immoral things.

I’m a dumbass, coward, and a bitch. Please don’t post things about me online

Stupid Monkey Monica Foster

@NYCPUNK is a successful musician

Check this out! Berry is such a successful musician. He’s got a lot of hits for his YouTube channel. He tweets a lot about these big business deals and spending time in the studio making good music. A damn shame that he can’t prove any of it, especially his recent national commercial that he’s doing music for. He’s a successful business man that believes EVERYTHING that Monica Foster says.

I wonder how his kids would feel if they knew how much of a dumbass he truly is.

monica foster fail

Monica Foster is writing another book

Happy Labor Day everyone! While everyone is at the pools, BBQs, Foster is all alone waiting for her cheap johns. She announced that she’s writing another book, another epic fail like her book on Amazon, Hot to get into porn.

Have any of you read the reviews? A waste of money for a pamphlet that’s 85 pages and 11 of those pages are blanks. Save money and just ask questions from porn stars on Twitter. She can’t accomplish nothing. At the age of 36, what has she achieved in life?

She can’t make any money from her cartoons, blogs, nor websites.