Monica Foster trying to piss off President Obama and family

Monica Foster, the emotionally eratic and unstable, former porn performer who continues to bitch about Porn Wikileaks while threatening to kill people and run them over with cars, is now trying to piss off the White House and President Obama and family.

Monica has become desperate for money and constant attention. It doesn’t like she’ll be on the Oprah show anytime soon, so she is trying to get attention by pretending to be Michelle Obama, cam whoring from the White House.

We’d give you a link but it is against PWL policy to link to enemies of PWL.

From her White House cam whore website:

“I thought it would be a good idea for me to start a blog about my adventures online as a sexy webcam model being that I’m probably the first woman, mother and wife of my stature to take on such an unconventional occupation.

Yes, I’m sure much of the public will be quite surprised to learn that even I have to do what I must in order to make ends meet – but I’m not just doing this for my family I’m doing this for my country.”

Monica "dunce" Foster cam whoring from the "Black House"

No word from the White House on how they feel about Monica “dunce” Foster’s latest idiocy….but it can’t be good.

Is this woman THAT desperate for fame and attention?

This is only the latest stupidity from Foster. She moves from Anti-porn crusader one day to cam-whore for Jesus the next, to retiring from porn, to coming back to porn because “God” told her too!

Would you want this woman on your porn set while these “voices” speak to her??? What will these “voices” tell her to do next?

God only knows.

The Lenny Dykstra bounced check thing didn’t work out…so now she has to go after Obama and his family?!

What a disgrace…

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Monica Foster rape story is a lie

Monica Foster is telling a tall tale about being raped three years ago by a guy who’s name was Chance. She didn’t remember much but said it happened after a porn party. Well, Chance got wind of her bullshit lies and decided to post a response on our board:

“Hello, my name is Chance and I’m here to clear the air.

It has come to my attention that Monica Foster is spreading nasty rumors about me raping her in a condo in Hollywood in late 2008. This is simply not true. I am here to tell the story about what really happened.

I will start off by saying that I am a proud gay man. I have slept with women before and have a daughter but I no longer have any desire to be with women. Women just don’t do it for me anymore. However, being a good looking guy, I get hit on A LOT by women and one of those women was Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers.

I met Alexandra in the bathroom at the condo in Hollywood in December, 2008. She was telling the truth when she reported this detail. But that is where she stopped telling the truth. She threw herself at me and I suspect that she was doing a lot of coke that night. I saw her do a few lines in the bathroom and that is the reason she came in there. I was in there fixing my hair. I don’t do drugs. She offered me some but I refused. Then she came on to me but I shot her down and gave her the reasons I gave above. Plus, I am not attracted to her. Then she grabbed my package with one hand and my ass with another and forced herself on me. I pushed her away. She then called me a faggot and got violent with me. At this point, I left the party.

The rumors she is spreading about me are untrue. What I saw on her wiki horrified me and I can tell you that it is probably 100% true as she has a horrible temper and mental problems. This is a very sick woman. She is a fag hag and this is why I suspect that she wanted me so bad – Because she could not have me.”

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