Mike South sued, tried to lowball Luxury Companion Dave and was told to fuck off, longtime South contributor Matthew Harris: “This is not a good situation for you, Mike.”

This is not a good situation for you, Mike. I hope you have liability insurance attached to this blog to help pay for your legal defense (that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and I suspect his goal may be to gain a quick financial settlement and statement from you saying whatever he wants it to say, using the cost of an adequate defense being more than whatever settlement offer he will make to obtain it from you). I also hope since you published from the Atlanta area that will be the nexus for the hearings and trial, making Dave fly out to Georgia and pay out the nose for meals, hotel, etc. rather than you having to fly out to LA to defend yourself. Finally, I hope your sources will all give you permission to disclose them to the court if it becomes necessary (for those new to this blog Mike has said many times he will not disclose a source unless he has been explicitly told that he has that person’s permission to do so). – mharris127

Gay Jew Mike South lying and tooting his own horn again

Gay Jew Mike South lying and tooting his own horn again on his site. He wrote a story titled “It Was A Helluva Week” and then went on to say “I am pleased with the number of performers I have using this blog as a platform to be heard. Lisa Ann, Charity Bangs and Brooklyn Lee who had the best post of the week that every performer in this biz should read.” so i went down and read the 3 stories and all 3 were stolen from other sites. Those performers didnt use Mikesouth.com for anything as everyone knows fanbois Kike South is a loser with no readers.