Shawna Lenee was going to get but the drug addicted whore blew it

So Mike South was going to turn over his site to Shawna Lenee after he goes off into “retirement,” which 100% won’t be as glamorous as he makes it sound and “fishing and riding motorcycles” and whatnot because he won’t have enough money to just quit working but of course she’s too lazy to even post any blogs so the offer is off the table.

“I did make offers a few people that I was considering giving it to….one of them a bright pretty and articulate young lady that I felt had a lot of promise….she has yet to even write a post, I can’t give it to her if its going to be neglected, particularly while I am still paying for hosting and all. ”

Oh, the irony of South “taking down” PWL some years ago but now it is South that will take down his own blog while PWL 2.0 keeps chugging right along.

Goodbye, Mike. And as for Shawna, she’s probably passed out in an alley somewhere with a needle stuck in her arm.

mike south faggot gay

Homosexual Mike South aka Michael Thomas Strother accuses Donny Long of being gay

Well, well, well, the southern fag Michael Thomas Strother that shoots bukkake films featuring untested guys he finds on the streets and who even installs himself in these films sometimes has taken a cheap shot at Donny Long:


“I know that Donny Long and Sean Failkins were sitting in a love seat, holding hands and masturbating each other at the thought of someone purchasing this site and it falling into their hands….I guess they will just have to go back to thinking about Nick Manning or whomever when they fellate each other now.”

This was in reference to South tucking tail and running away now that 1) He’s about to get the shit sued out of him and 2) His little begging campaign failed and he will not be able to hire an attorney to fight this. As for what he said, South just proves he’s the fag with these types of graphic, lewd, gay descriptions. Why the Nick Manning reference? I guess Mike dreams about Nick “dropping loads” all over his frozen (Bells Palsy) face.

The fact is that South couldn’t even give his site away, no one wants it. If he was as powerful and influential as he claims, he would be able to sell it but to no avail. As he said, porn is dead – no one will buy a porn site that is based in L.A. much less Atlanta in this day and age. Go away, old man, treat your bells palsy (Frozen face) and go take a face plant off your little motor scooter.



Mike South is a fraud and a failure. “One of the most powerful men in porn,” our ass. He has recently put up a campaign begging for $20k to help him fight the guy that is now suing his ass in court and all he has to show for it in 9 days is a measly 200 bucks. Face some facts: Mike South was never powerful, never influential, was never a rocket scientist for NASA as he has claimed and most of porn doesn’t know who he is. The clown doesn’t even live in L.A. That’s the way it has always been. This donation scam campaign he’s running just drives these points home. He is now deleting blog posts, rarely updates his site and his readers don’t post much anymore. Who posts there anyway? A bunch of pseudo-intellectual fan bois, cam whores no one has ever heard of and D list performers that no one cares about. South is all done. Finished.