Mike South real name michaelthomasstrother.com plays the faggot and stupid whore phone game

So I called this little faggot sissy ass coward Mike South from call block and he picked up the phone.  Cell 1-678-245-2430

Mike: Hello who is this?

Donny: Donny Long

Mike: This doesnt sound like the real Donny Long

Donny: Its me you can play my videos online and compare my voice if you like.

Mike: What do you want?

Donny: I want to know before you go down who put you up to slandering and libeling me with lies for so many years?

Mike: You did.

Donny: How did I when I dont even know your broke flunked out of porn sorry loser ass?

Mike: Fuck you faggot and click.

So then I call and call and call and get what only stupid whores and cowardly faggots do and Mike ends the call many times. So I leave him a nice voicemail explaining that he is faggot coward and if he had balls and was a man he would pickup. So he then after a few minutes turns off the phone ahahahahha. I then send him a nice SMS LOL.

A few minutes later I try again and the phone is on and he keeps ending the call after a few rings. So I then leave him another voicemail explaining how much of a cowardly fag he is proving to be and then he turns off the phone again. I then leave him another SMS.


Mike South sued, tried to lowball Luxury Companion Dave and was told to fuck off, longtime South contributor Matthew Harris: “This is not a good situation for you, Mike.”

This is not a good situation for you, Mike. I hope you have liability insurance attached to this blog to help pay for your legal defense (that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and I suspect his goal may be to gain a quick financial settlement and statement from you saying whatever he wants it to say, using the cost of an adequate defense being more than whatever settlement offer he will make to obtain it from you). I also hope since you published from the Atlanta area that will be the nexus for the hearings and trial, making Dave fly out to Georgia and pay out the nose for meals, hotel, etc. rather than you having to fly out to LA to defend yourself. Finally, I hope your sources will all give you permission to disclose them to the court if it becomes necessary (for those new to this blog Mike has said many times he will not disclose a source unless he has been explicitly told that he has that person’s permission to do so). – mharris127


Eccentric world traveling porn guy Brandon Iron has signed on to blog FOR FREE over at Mike South’s blog – Which is struggling financially and looks like something out of 1998. The thick skinned Iron is famous for his work in porn and also going to war with performers online when needed – But only when provoked as Brandon is an even tempered nice guy. We believe this is just an oversight on Mr. Iron’s part. South usually has a falling out with most of his “friends” when they realize what a scumbag control freak he is so this should be short lived. But what a waste of good stories. The best part of Iron’s participation online was the no holds barred uncensored chat with fan bois and outsiders as well as insiders. Iron, all five feet six of him, handled himself as good as anyone – sticking to facts and staying clear of the ad hominem attacks employed by cowardly fan bois and whiny titty babies like Christianx. We will see what happens.

Piece of shit rapist Mike South compares Donny Long to Omar Mateen

As much as I wanted to avoid writing about the tragedy in Orlando, FL, I just can’t. Everyone thinks they have a fix for the problem of violence like this, be it limiting guns or immigration or burning candles or whatever, but the truth is that it simply isnt that simple.

Think about it how many of you reading this right now would be surprised to learn that next week Donny Long did the same thing at an industry awards show? Or Dw#$#@#$ Cun@#$@$#@? They both already have violent felonies in their past, they are both arguably psychopaths and it isn’t limited to them, there are others I am sure.

How psychopathic are YOU, Mike, to act like an important part of the industry just to lure women down to Atlanta and promise them things just so you can fuck them bareback, UNTESTED in a hotel room while shooting low quality footage on a tripod? Donny isn’t hurting anyone but YOU ARE.

As for violent felonies, South was charged for battery of a woman in Dekalb County in Georgia:


Untested shooting, eh Mike? Not too psychopathic is it?

Mike South shoots without even testing talent!!

Clean up your own behaviors, Mike, and stop insinuating that performers that you don’t like will pull the same shit that this violent Muslim homosexual did. For one, Mateen was a self-hating homosexual that couldn’t accept what he was and that is why he killed all those fags and got himself killed in the process. Donny doesn’t hide what he is and has not one but TWO hot young hot girls that he performs on cam with every day. Who do you have, Mike?

If anyone in porn is gonna do this it would be closet homosexual Eddie Dzial or some of those losers and fags that used to post on the trannyfucker forum and call PWL contributors gay because THEY’RE gay and projecting.

Find another way to fill your narrative, will you, ya 60 year old crippled mama’s boy?

Mike South: “I made that stupid bitch dance” Monica Foster Ivan Mayers

Remember that issue Mike South had at that strip club with that hooker? Remembers how he called her a “stupid bitch” and grabbed her by her hair and assaulted her? Well he called Monica Foster the same thing, a “Stupid Bitch”.

I was listening to a phone conversation between him and John Borbush and he said “I made that stupid bitch dance” and also said “I was the one that outed her gay father”. I was floored when I heard this. i thought her a Monica were on the same team? Correct me if I am wrong?

Well one thing is for sure, he did make Monica Dance.


Attention Atlanta area painters and plumbers: how would you like some extra money?

Donny went off on Mike South Aka Michael Thomas Strother after Gene Ross has been kicking the faggot around for a couple days now. Check out this check mate move below! Someone needs to pass this letters out, or get someone to do it or mail them or something. Early Christmas for Michael LOL.

Dear Neighbors, I am writing this letter to let everyone in our neighborhood to know about a very disturbing issue. Our neighbors named Michael Thomas Strother, who lives at 3399 MISTY HARBOUR TRL, UNIT 3, ATLANTA, GA 30340 phone number 678-245-2430 are filming child pornography. The man is a convicted women beater and child rapist. They are performing sexual acts on camera with young underage girls, and running a business under the website of www.southernbukkake.com, www.stripperfacials.com, and his aka is Mike South at www.mikesouth.com where he also stalks and harasses many people that are trying to locate him. Rumor has it that he has a family member at the top of the local police somewhere and that’s why nothing has been done yet.

Its been bothering me for months and finally did a research at www.Google.com using Michael Thomas Strother’s name to know what kind of business he’s doing in that house. And this is what I found out: they are underage filming pornography without a permit and running a illegal business out of a residence in the mentioned address. That is illegal! It is affecting us, and let me mention one example. One of our neighbors was reported to the Animal Control by Michael Thomas Strother because our neighbor’s dog was barking and it is “bothering the crap out of  Michael while shooting his porn.

This letter is being distributed to the entire neighborhood. Please pass the message. I can only distribute so much so I have left you some extras. Now, I need your participation to stop this! You can call the

Doraville Police Station at Address: 3750 Park Ave, Doraville, GA 30340 Phone:(770) 455-1000, or the Chief John King or Major Chuck Atkinson through here http://www.doravillepolice.us/chiefs-office or in person and when you see cars or girls arriving at the mentioned address. This is something we need to put action into to PROTECT THE SAFETY OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD, ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN. I have 3 girls that goes out to play in the afternoon, and I don’t want them to be exposed to this kind of environment. Thank You- Your Neighbor

Now read from the bottom up.

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] This is how you get rid of @MikeSouth1226 stalking and harassing http://pastebin.com/Nc7pSSNY  I wrote it now u guys do the rest getting it out.

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] and got him arrested 2 times and he bowed down begging me to leave him alone, now its Mikes turn, STAY TUNED! Coward your clocks ticking

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] another 1000 dollars and u will have Mike South running for the hills, moving, and shutting his faghole I promise it. I did it to amajoe

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] of Mike Souths nieghbors and to show on video Mike South moms house where he live, address here http://michaelthomasstrother.com/ then they get

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] 2h2 hours ago 100 bucks fast cash paypal or whatever, then tell them to take a video of someones hand putting it on the outside of all the mailboxes

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] off crigslist yea and tell them all they have to do is print 50 copies and take a picture of the copies spread out on a table and they get

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] wouldnt hurt to add some child rapist shit and other lies in there like he does to others and make email this letter to who you find

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] Make a nice letter with Mike Souths name and address and phone number and criminal record and the plate number of his car and all sorts

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] to either pass out some flyers of have someone they know do it, even a Mexican from homedepot parking lot yea

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] look in the Atlanta area and find a painter, a plumber, anyone that wants cash yea, then call them on there cell listed and offer them money

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] This will take some time and money but will work get some money together between afew of u and hire anyone posting there resume on craiglist

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] tell u two simple ways to make that big mouth shut up, you ready?

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] plus year that its taken everyone to see I was right about that failure bitter old man. So now if u want my help in getting rid of him I’ll

Donny Long Pornstar [email protected] Ok guys I see finally people are starting to listen to @generossisback about @MikeSouth1226 and his BS I been warning everyone about for 10

Derek Andrew Hay of LA Direct Models and The Luxury Companion paying of Judges

Thats right folks its not only District Attorneys its also a Judge that happens to be a uncle of someone that works for him. He also has TMZ in his pocket you can read below but we will get more into that one in a later post.


When Dave from The Luxury Companion was released on a $100,000 bail a lot of people commented on how low they felt that amount was. Based on that, they assumed the charges he was actually given were probably not that bad.

I don’t know about you but I consider a felony of any kind pretty bad … but that’s just me. 😛

But how bad could Dave’s charge really be? Turns out (based on the cost of his bail alone) he could be facing up to 16 years – for what exactly we don’t know just yet.

LA County has a thing called a Felony Bail Schedule which basically guides judges on how much to set bail based on the specific offense the person in question committed.

What we can learn from the LA County Bail Schedule is that his crime was pretty bad, however they don’t see him facing a life sentence, because then his bail would have been $1 million. Had he been facing charges with a top term of 10 years, then his bail would have been as low as $55,000.

Here are some crimes that he could be guilty of based on what we know of the story so far and the typical bail amount ….

  • Battery $50,000
  • Attempted Murder $500,000
  • Assault with a Firearm $50,000
  • Shooting at a inhabited dwelling, building, occupied motor vehicle $250,000
  • Discharge of a firearm – Gross Negligence $35,000
  • Criminal Threats $50,000

So based on this list, I still have no clue what the hell they have charged him with but we can safely guess it wasn’t attempted murder because that is a $500k bond and it’s more than discharging a firearm because that’s only a $35k bond.

He obviously was guilty of “Shooting at a inhabited dwelling, building, occupied motor vehicle” but he had a much lower bail than LA county normally gives for such an offense. The question is why?

There is a new rumor that not only does Dave’s wife Karen has a cousin who is a Deputy DA in Van Nuys but she also has an uncle who is a judge.

And the *RUMOR* is, Dave from TLC is going around saying Karen’s uncle (the judge) is going to get him off or a drastically reduced sentence which would basically be the equivalent to a traffic ticket.

Again this could all just be bullshit and a big fat lie since we’ve already caught Dave from The Luxury Companion in a lie with his friends, claiming he didn’t own a gun, nor was he arrested. That lie was busted when Kike South released his booking #. Ooops!

Dave apparently also claims to be the cousin to Charles from TMZ. He says that is why TMZ has never run any stories about TLC and all the porn stars who escort for TLC. I just wonder what Charles from TMZ thinks about this pimp telling people they are related and he’s been covering for him? Perhaps we should tweet him at @charleslat and ask.

charles from tmz



Hillbilly MIKE SOUTH REAL NAME MICHAEL THOMAS STROTHER is now advertising smut ebay auctions as his new way to pay his rent. Remember that last month he was begging for donations through PayPal, which they frown on since they don’t like dealing with adult sites.


Back when the PWL forum was open to the public, a very annoying asshole would pop in from time to time and declare PWL dead and say “I prefer the Strother board!” Well, asshole, now is your chance to go give your hero some money and save him from drowning.


Sorry, Michael, assholes don’t get free advertising here. Good luck with your begging campaigns though.



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[email protected]!

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James Deen Classic Dindo Nuffin
By MikeSouth

To sum it up James basically says that everyone is lying, he was never aware that anyone was uncomfortable and that he is totally baffled by these allegations.

The best way to sum up the whole thing James Deen ”I dindo nuffin

dindu nuffin
A pejorative term used to mock Blacks that commit crimes, and the excuses that’s made for them. Derived from wailing family members, usually mentally unstable mothers, that claim that they “didn’t do anything wrong”.