Mike South was a janitor at NASA

So now things make more sense because Mike South is one of the dumbest people in porn besides Mark Spiegler but Mike claims to have worked for NASA. We got word that Mike did work for NASA and he was a janitor sweeping floors and cleaning toilets.

He tried his hand at the porn business as talent just like Spiegler and didnt make it past his first few scenes. He then tried to whore girls and pay them to fuck him on camera, JUST LIKE SPIEGLER DID. After a while his gut became so big and his dick stopped working so he couldn’t shoot anyone.

Both of these losers are now internet stalkers with no life other than to sit on their computers and talk shit.

Sounds like south is maybe Related to Spiegler, they sure do both look like shit.

Mike South

Mike South

Mike South Wiki, Please Stop Deleting Your Mike South Wiki LOL!!!!

Mike South why are you deleting your wiki?

Mike South wiki is a good one. You can read it here: Mike South wiki

We understand from our Porn Wiki Leaks wiki admin that Mike South keeps deleting his wiki!

What? No sense of humor? Our members have a sense of humor Mike! And you are a joke to them!

Don’t you know you are just making it worse? Kind of like driving a nail in your skull!

How are your oral skills?

Suck it!