Sayonara Mike South run by Michael Thomas Strother will shut its doors as of the end of the week. Strother was instrumental in harassing PWL and its members back in 2011 and briefly forcing it offline due to his stalking and harassment. With PWL 2.0 coming back with a vengeance in 2013, it is Strother that will be shown the door before PWL ever comes down. Strother had asked his readers to donate $20,000 to fight the lawsuit that is bringing him down but they only came through for a pathetic $200, barely beer and cigarette money for the week for the old Southern fag. South’s site is set to close December 31.

Michael Thomas Strother 3399 MISTY HARBOUR TRL, UNIT 3, ATLANTA, GA 30340 Stalking and Lying again

This fucking bitter sore old moron just doesn’t know when to quit. Michael Thomas Srother the porn industries biggest loser and LIAR STORY TELLER and FAILURE at everything from talent, cameraman, photgrapher, set crew, Bukkake Boy, Scammer, Thief and just about anything you can think of that someone in porn can fail at Mike has FAILED.

This fat old gay Jew for those of you that don’t know lives in his dying mothers house at 3399 MISTY HARBOUR TRL, UNIT 3, ATLANTA, GA 30340 Phone: 678-245-2430 and sits in mama’s basement writing total bullshit lies about successful people in the porn industry that he is jealous of. Some people might run past his no traffic website and read some of his crap and think its true but it NEVER is. Michael loves to make shit up.

Michael is famous for claiming to be a industry insider and knowing the scoop when in fact he is a nobody outsider fanboi stalker blogger that never really seems to get anything right and just makes shit up. Every time this fat old fucking gay loser opens his mouth I made a promise to stick his foot in his mouth for him so here goes.

“Michael writes:

Dave was in court today.”

DUUUUU Everyone knows that you stupid fuck.

“I am working on the details now….”

What are you having another dream Michael? Like the one that you took down which is still there 6 years later. LOL

“y’all remember that shot he says he didn’t fire at John from Metro? Well today he plead nolo (guilty) to one of the three charges stemming from that arrest that he said never happened. In the plea deal he will have a firearms related charge and a second felony strike on his record, one more and he is a lifer, if that turns out to be true. I am working on it now but It is all panning out to be correct.”

LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE AS ALWAYS! There was no plea put in yet, Why don’t you ask your little buddy and industry scammer and back stabber Shy Love aka Buck Tooth suitcase pimp Real Name Sheelagh Blumberg a.k.a. Sheelagh Patricia Albino-Gonzalez because she thought she was smart and sent in someone to spy and record the court session for her and thought nobody would know. FAILED JUST LIKE YOU MICHAEL!

“There is an awful lot that goes with this story including felony charges against his wife Karen on what appears to be illegal immigration charges (she isnt the immigrant) I am working on that as well.”

MORE LIES MICHAEL! The only person getting some surprise felony changes is you but I cant say anything about that as of yet but trust me its coming Michael.

“Dave is highly radioactive right now, I would be very careful about any association with him, Karen or TLC from now on.

More as I get the full details.”

Michael the only thing “radioactive” is that herpes sore with HIV puss dripping out of it on your lip. So basically as always you know a lot of nothing and pound your chest claiming to know something when you don’t. Someone is working on getting those letters out around to your neighbors at your mamas house and the Home Owners Association but we have not done it yet for good reason as we have some more surprises coming for you Michael so keep popping off at your faghole case I enjoy watching you dance.

Thanks, Fag Stomper