Mercedes Ashley Escort Reviews – OFFICIAL THREAD

Mercedes Ashley has had tons of escort reviews posted here at PWL and I wanted to make a official thread for them all. If you find some or want to write one please post them here.

Here are 2 I found in other threads.

Mercedes Ashley Escort Review 1
Hired Mercedes Ashley in LA for $3000 for an overnight. Met at a Days Inn in Inglewood near LAX. Before sex and several times through the night she had to take a dump in the bathroom. Could hear the farts through the door, that initial release of gas when dropping the first load. She pissed like a horse leaving the door open, puked up after eating (Made me pick up 2 dozen worth of Randy’s Donuts from down the street and she wolfed them all down by herself like it was her last meal. I also suspect she purged it in the bathroom), had the squirts and the toilet wasn’t pretty afterwards, Yet I still wasn’t turned off enough and still wanted to bang her. However, she was unwilling to shower before sex. I literally could not cum while inhaling rotten fish fumes with every breath. She also heavily shops her pics. She has that thin moustache that you can’t see in the pics but which becomes magically visible in the light of a cheap hotel room.

As for the sex – it sucked. A “lazy BJ” will get on my nerves. I’m not talking about an incompetent BJ, I’m talking about the lazy ones. Look, this chick is about 50 now and has been at the game for quite some time, but why then try to coast by giving a BJ that’s really only 0.01% BJ and 99.99% hand job? She “licked it around the edges” a bit to start but then rested her lips / tongue at a safe distance (and tried to jack me off instead). She was sneaky about it. She held her mouth about 1/10 of an inch away from the tip without actually touching the tip with their lips or tongue. Maybe she thought my eyes weren’t good enough to notice she’s short of the goal? Or maybe she thinks that dicks work like spark plugs and need a gap in order to “fire”? She used the old “speed-up” (thinking that the faster she stroked it, the more quickly I’ll cum). I don’t have a stopwatch but I’d swear she must have been doing 180 strokes per minute (with gusts up to 250). I’ve got to the point that I will let her guide my dick into her mouth using a hand, and told her to caress my balls gently. Anyways, I cut my losses and threw her out before 2 instead of keeping her all night.

Do not recommend.
Mercedes Ashley Escort Review 2
Paid Mercedes Ashley the agreed upon $2,000 for 90 minutes and all her travel expenses out to Vegas. She is extremely high maintenance and insisted on Virgin America first class from LA-Vegas, even though it’s only a 45 minute flight. She insisted upon private stretch limousine service from the airport to my hotel as well. Boy was she in for a surprise after all that high end transportation as I was staying at the very dated Plaza hotel on Fremont. Met her downstairs at the Plaza food court and we then made our way to my room. She acted like a diva that was too good to be in such a place but quickly shut her hole once she saw the cash. During sex, she was on top F_cking me when all of a sudden she got up, went to the bathroom grabbed some tissue, came back and discreetly wiped some mess off me. It happened so quickly and she quickly got back on top and finished our session but I do believe she sh_t on me. Just a little…Completely disgusting, vile, ghetto hooker. Thumbs down. Do not hire. This grandma hooker can’t control her bowels and shouldn’t be hooking anymore. Go guy yourself some adult diapers, granny, and find a career that is more age appropriate.

Mercedes Ashley John Juanelo Luna Guillén writes into pornwikileaks

Now beating on Mercedes Ashley is like beating on a dead horse but its so easy and fun we have to do it yet again. It maybe also the fact that she looks and sounds like a dead horse. Mercedes will fuck anything or anybody that will pay the 9.95 for her website and film it and then put it up for others to see. Mercedes Ashley’s wiki page is world famous with over 55,497 unique visitors and the main photo has not only gotten the attention of fans but of the syphilis infested fat fucks family and he wants it removed. Here is what he wrote on our forum, enjoy.



I am the guy in the photo at the top of the site with Mercedes Ashley. My name is Juanelo Luna Guillén and I am from New York, NY 10011. Somehow, some family members got a hold of this site and have seen the photograph and this has caused great embarrassment for me. The rash you see on my body was caused by syphilis which has been treated. I have been working on my weight and have been trying to improve my financial situation as well as trying my hand at online dating. I no longer view porn. I would like to ask that my photo be taken down and all comments about me removed. If this is not removed within 72 hours, I will have no choice but to contact an attorney. Thank you.

– Juanelo Luna Guillén

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Mercedes Ashley escort review

We had to post this Mercedes Ashley escort review that a fan posted on the 33 page thread about her and her life. Also remember she is still HIV positive.


Mercedes Ashley still pops off and still has not learned she is only kicking herself and making more of her fans kick her when she pops off. This will be a nice feature top search for her when we get back in google which we are working on and thats why we have not been blogging much till thats fixed. Anyways her it is and enjoy.

Sorry to have to do this.

This is my first posting here and was hoping it did not have to be about the following subject.

All I know is that I had never had an STD before my private with Mercedes Ashley (after 15 years in the hobby) and I had a clean bill of health. One week after I come back, I’m sick with the initial phase of a genital herpes infection…open running sore, fever and other flu-like symptoms. My doctor placed my exposure to the virus during the previous week (while I was with Mercedes Ashley). I hadn’t been with any other partners (providers or otherwise) in more than five weeks prior to my trip.

Mercedes Ashley is not cheap. She offers a GFE experience with 24-hour companionship. She’s supposed to be very exclusive and upscale. She’s supposed to be safe and discreet and her clientele is supposedly successful and responsible executives, professionals and the like.

It didn’t live up to my expectations (it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t the experience of a lifetime), and on top of it all, I caught herpes while I was there. And, I don’t believe I’m the only one who has been exposed to the virus there. Mercedes Ashley is still listed as being available for privates. For all I know she could still be working and putting other guests at risk.

Let the buyer beware. You may get less than you bargained for. Or, you might get more than you bargained for. I’m just glad I don’t have to explain my herpes infection to a wife or steady girlfriend. And, I’m grateful it’s not a life-threatening disease. But, I’ll never be able to have sex or any intimate contact with anyone else from now one without putting them at some amount of risk. The virus can even be spread with skin to skin contact between outbreaks. I guess I’ll have to find a girlfriend who’s also got herpes. I don’t want to put a provider at risk and I don’t know if I’d want to be with a provider who willingly serves the herpes community.

If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have gone to Mercedes Ashley. I would have went to Montreal and snuggled with a lovely French Canadian girl in some nice cozy hotel room with a fireplace. Or, I would have gone to Nevada. Or, had a big name provider fly in to see me.


This wasn’t the 40th birthday present I bargained for.

If you’ve been to Mercedes Ashley in the last month, I urge you to go get tested and make sure you’re okay. Some people have no symptoms or only minor symptoms when infected with genital herpes. Other people have stronger symptoms, like I did.


If you’re thinking about going to Mercedes Ashley, think longer and harder before you make the deposit and book your airfare.

Maybe I’m just unlucky, but do you want to take that chance?

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Mercedes Ashley HIV positive meeting with doctor VIDEO INSIDE!

This video of Mercedes Ashley real name Juanita M Torres just got posted on our porn tube. She was told by the doctor to stop hooking because of her HIV but she failed to cooperate. She also seems to know where she got the HIV and we have the picture of the guy she thinks she got it from right at the top of her wiki.

Mercedes please stop spreading your HIV to the world and keep it to yourself.

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Video of Mercedes Ashley at the doctors office!

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Donny Long responds to the trolls

Donny Long called us today from his private jet. He was laughing.

Donny Long (a limited liability company)

He asked that we post this letter to the industry in response to recent bullshit being spread about the porn industry.

A clean getaway

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to speak to him very long. He was on the way to his bank…somewhere in Switzerland. Damn!

Porn Wikleaks Headquarters

We’ll take a coffee break at PWL headquarters and let Donny takes the reins for a few minutes. So here it goes…Donny Long speaks:

“So I don’t like responding to trashy scumbags fags that everyone can see are jealous and  full of shit but I think it would be fun and worth while to show the facts just to discredit these losers. I really dont care what anyone says on the net anymore because they are just a bunch of keyboard warriors that now can talk shit that I am not in the business or LA or FL. What big balls you sissies have. The people that posted the Bullshit and not the facts in my response just prove how worthless and stupid they really are and where the industry is headed including Cindi Stupis.

“For those of you that know the bullshit people are saying about me, here are the facts. After performing in over 1000 scenes and directing another 500 for my own production company and studio which bought.  I Then moved to Florida and did my own productions there while testing through BIO Collections in Miami which all the Florida talent uses.

“After a year of that I then retired on December 31st, 2009 from performing and directing! That means my last AIM test in LA when I was last there would have had to be around December 31st, 2008. Anyways match the dates and you can figure out who is lying. Last AIM test 9/10/2010???? BULLSHIT just like everything else the fags and fag lovers say that try and discredit someone like me. I have not even been in the USA in almost 2 years now.

Here is proof below:

posted December 31st, 2009

My Retirement announcement because of and the new email blast AGENTS cant compete

POSTED Apr 01 2010

Aim healthcare and disease are you safe?

Also to Mercedes Ashley: You wish I had time to stalk you online. That’s a good one. Someone couldn’t pay me enough money to fuck you let alone stalk you.

Now who would you want to believe me or…

Meet Sean Tompkins

Mercedes Ashley’s new fan and the newest member of the gay mafia that runs illegal file and password sharing sites and has 3 ex-wives he owes like $20000 a piece to for back child support.  He has 3 different little half black babies with 3 different mommies and he disowned them all. Kaiden Tompkins, his son must really be proud of daddy. Wonder how the black community feels about this guy.

Sean Tompkins with his whore mother and fat piece of shit sister.
File:Tompkins family (24).jpg

Mercedes Ashley


Mark Spiegler

File:Mark Spiegler.jpg

Mike South


“Now please go out there and keep kicking yourselves in the face as I live my retired life laughing at the things you guys come up with.

“PS. I got some more paid sales from google searches like from all this so be sure to check out the biggest REAL adult industry site and signup to not support the gay mafia that is ruining porn. We have all the top companies and directors from all around the world alone with new super hot models joining everyday. We are getting more than 50 signups a day now.”

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Mercedes Rashley washed up hooker needs a bath

Mercedes Ashley is an internet legend thanks to Porn Wiki Leaks.

No one would say we didn’t warn her.

Maybe we should call her Monica Ashley? A super virus morphed strain of skank hooker that fell out of an alleyway and got hit by a Mack truck. Brain dead from HIV and other virus infections, running on auto-pilot as she wars on against PWL.

Monica Ashley Zombie Virus Hooker

After all she is a supporter of the HIV Gay Mafia. Here is a photo of Mercedes Ashley sucking untested gay cock in a gay movie:

A warning to Mercedes Ashley the cheap hooker customers:

Do You Really Pay To Fuck This Bitch???

Aren’t you concerned about your health????

While Mercedes hasn’t passed Monica Foster on wiki views, her ambition and attacks on PWL have caused the PWL army to give her the most extensive and disgusting wiki on Porn Wiki Leaks.

She will forever be known as the disgusting grandma hooker and former porn whore who tried to take out Porn Wiki Leaks and failed.

She will forever be known as “Hole #19” at the Chino Hills golf course where she lives and runs a whore house.

Mercedes Ashley hooks on twitter

The scary thing about this whore house is not just open on Halloween, it’s open every day.

But when Mercedes Ashley answers the door for one of her “Johns” wearing 5 layers of make-up and displaying her fat grandma ass in teenager clothes, you’d swear this was the scariest day of your life.

Isn’t it ironic that Mercedes Ashley, now commonly referred to as Mercedes Rashley, is known as a “washed-up” hooker when in fact a bath is the one thing she could really use?

Mercedes Rashley has now decided to devote her life to taking out Porn Wiki Leaks. She’s even started a website she promises will move higher in the rankings than PWL and upstage PWL’s wiki pages with controlled press releases written by hookers who can’t spell let alone form sentences and paragraphs.

We here at PWL are MORE concerned that Mercedes Ashley and her HIV infected gay zombie friends might actually pay us a visit at the Porn Wiki Leaks hideout!!!

That is one SCARY thought!!!

Mercedes Rashley calls herself a webmaster yet her pussy gets more hits per day than any webpage she has ever worked on.

This fantasy scenario also includes the takeover of local governments and a Wonder Woman role for Mercedes “Pinto” Ashley, as porn hookers and whores save the world from all evil men that use such disparaging words.

Unfortunately for Ms. Rashley aka Mercedes Ashley aka Juanita Torres, we live in the real world where no one gives a fuck what you say about a whore.

Mercedes Ashley aka the "19th Hole" threatens her imaginary stalkers outside her Chino Hills home

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