Mercedes Ashley run out of porn and scared shitless carrying a gun in her own home in front of her kids

I was reading through some old stories on the old adultfyi at and found this Gem. Now that Mercedes Ashley is dying of cancer I searched her name and this is the first thing that came up. This is what happens to you and your life when you think you can kick a straight male porn god and win. Wonder if her getting cancer had to do with the stress we caused her or should I say she caused herself thinking she could win? Its funny she doesn’t mention any of the attacks she did to us and all the shit talking…. Interviews Mercedes Ashley about and other Subjects

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from – The Internet has made privacy and protecting your personal information a difficult challenge, even for the average citizen. But when you make your living in front of the camera, it paints a large target on your back and can invite people to target you for harassment.

Dave [Gammons] sat down recently with recently retired porn star, Mercedes Ashley. They discuss the effect a stalker has had on her career and the careers of others and how to cope with being targeted when you’ve chosen a career in the public eye.

Dave Gammon: Whenever the name Mercedes Ashley is mentioned within the triple X industry, among fans, studios and fellow industry players, one is driven to thoughts of innovation, creativity and unprecedented work ethic. What inspires or moves you to be fresh in a saturated industry where virtually everything has been done?

Mercedes Ashley: That’s a tough one. I don’t know if I’m fresh. I just went with the flow with what people kind of ask me for. They request something, its something I do. It’s how the fans want to see me. So it’s kind of how I get ideas and keep up with what’s in demand.

DG: Your website is an extravaganza of sizzling hot Latina sensuality. Available content and features are unique to every desire. Describe some of the things first time curious browsers of your web site can anticipate when taking a test drive on your guest tour to membership.

MA: Umm, my website is actually being rebuilt. I just picked it up for another year. I plan on bringing it up to the 2011 speed. I have all these house cams in there. I have all kinds of work that I’ve ever done. Members are actually able to download everything. It’s $19.95 a month for my membership. Yeah, I do have a member fuck off [a contest where members get a chance to shag with Mercedes]. I do online chat shows, stuff like that.

DG: Rumors of your retirement from active performing has surfaced as of late. Can you confirm or deny these statements to our readers of SexIs Magazine?

MA: Actually I retired in June. Until they can get a hold of this guy I don’t think I’ll be into it until then.

DG: I wanted to talk about this cyber stalker, the episode that you’d endured recently. I know this is a large factor that was your decision in retiring. Do you have any tips for fans that can keep in mind to have a more effective interaction?

MA: His whole repertoire is to go around….This guy is pulling up our family history. He contacts our family members. He contacts….one of the girls rented an apartment and he talked to the manager and sent him porn movies of the girl.

We can’t understand why he hates us though. I mean everybody can say “you kind of put yourself in it.” I understand all of that but it doesn’t have to come to that extreme. We’d like to leave it behind, business and retire. He does it out of hate and so much animosity towards us.

The main reason I left the porn industry was all my information is in this man’s hands. I mean I have to walk from room to room to room with a nine millimeter in my own home. I live in an upper middle class home but this kind of stalking sent my way, I don’t want to…it’s not so much him I’m afraid of. It’s the information and exactly what is he going to do with the information?

I mean I have to walk around like this in my house and my kids are like, “what’s wrong Mom? Why are you carrying a gun in the house?” I can’t tell them. That really pisses me off. I’ve gone to the porn attorneys, the FFC they claim to have all the attorneys. Nobody comes to our aid. They’re allowing this guy to do this to us. Until they actually can get that under wraps, I won’t even step foot on a porn set.

DG: His conduct is appalling…

MA: Everybody was cool in the porn industry when I’d started; barely over ten people.

DG: Yeah the guy is sick. Any formal charges been laid?

MA: I’ve met with an attorney and law enforcement has been involved. But I see this guy’s site is in the Netherlands so we’re having some problems. I’ve been in contact with the authorities to see the best thing I can do on my part. It’s the best way I can to get my information off his site.

I mean just to think it’s in Europe. It seems the only way this guy can do this sort of thing. When we asked him to remove us, he says no. He said absolutely fucking not, you’re staying on.

DG: It’s pretty sick to say the least. Well just changing gears on a more positive note, what is your greatest memory with respect to fan interaction?

MA: In my business it’s all been positive. It’s been positive for eleven years. Porn has been heaven to me. It’s just this one person. My life has turned to a negative. But it’s treated me well up until now.

DG: I really do sincerely hope this guy is put to a stop. He’s spoiled it for the rest of us.

DG: Any regrets throughout your career?

MA: Naw, no, not at all. I did everything knowing what I was doing, so I pretty much accept responsibility. Like I said, I have no regrets until now.

DG: If there were any one thing you could change about the industry, what would it be?

MA: There’s nothing I would change.

DG: Is there any special message you’d like to put out for Mercedes Ashley fans?

MA: Feel free to drop by my website at Mercedes Ashley

Mercedes Trashley faking cancer?

She posted one photo of herself wearing a “wig” and a hat over the wig and says she has cancer and is receiving chemotherapy. No proof that she’s actually wearing a wig and no other details anywhere. She went right back to advertising her smut to her dumb followers that want to pay to see a grandmother naked. If someone is getting chemotherapy for cancer, they won’t want to perform sex acts over the phone or internet or perform at bachelor parties. She wouldn’t be the first whore to fake cancer. Looks like her fan bois aren’t sending her enough free shit. She wants more. The rent is due so it’s time to fake cancer. Maybe the fake cancer will allow her to get a third room in her rented house for computer shit so she can design some more amateurish looking web sites.

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What will happen to Mercedes Ashley’s wiki after she succumbs to cancer?

Now that Mercedes Ashley is dying of cancer and will be dead soon, what will happen to her legendary wiki other than adding her date of death? Will it be toned down or even deleted? Can a PWL Mod chime in on this? How will this be handled? There are dead performers that have wikis here but no one of the stature of Ms. Torres, whose wiki is among this site’s most legendary. This site has been around awhile and now a lot of these hags and fags with wikis will begin to die off soon, so this should be interesting. How will it change the wikis on this site or will the wikis remain unchanged?

FROM MOD: Wiki will just add the date of death but nothing else removed.

Mercedes Trashley Cancer – PWL called it years ago!

You can’t position yourself in a cage of computers and radiation all day and brag that you have a whole room in your house with a Windows computer work station and a whole other room just for your Apple computer work station. No one needs the set up she has. Overkill. And now she’s dying of cancer. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The ironic thing is that although we teased her over the years and called her grandma, she likely will now die soon and will never get to the age of most grandmas, 65, 75, 85, etc. All that stress of fighting and arguing with people probably didn’t help either. Even if she beats this, cancer is tough to beat over the long term. Cancer comes back all the time. Who’s next? Hopefully Christianx or Monica Foster.

Which workstation shall I work in? Mac or Windows? Luckily I am allowed to work in my pjs.

45 year old year bald grandma in a wig hooker has Cancer now

Mercedes Ashley aka Juanita M Torres I guess wont be beating Donny Long or the straight porn god army and mafia as she is now busy trying to beat cancer!

Mercedes Ashley [email protected] Apr 17
New Beanie! New Wig! How do I look? The show must go on while I go through chemotherapy. #fightgirlbeatcancer

CgSCvujVIAAAsYc.jpg thumb

Mercedes Ashley
Never needed glasses before but being 45 I guess its time so here I go.

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Mercedes Ashley Escort Reviews – OFFICIAL THREAD

Mercedes Ashley has had tons of escort reviews posted here at PWL and I wanted to make a official thread for them all. If you find some or want to write one please post them here.

Here are 2 I found in other threads.

Mercedes Ashley Escort Review 1
Hired Mercedes Ashley in LA for $3000 for an overnight. Met at a Days Inn in Inglewood near LAX. Before sex and several times through the night she had to take a dump in the bathroom. Could hear the farts through the door, that initial release of gas when dropping the first load. She pissed like a horse leaving the door open, puked up after eating (Made me pick up 2 dozen worth of Randy’s Donuts from down the street and she wolfed them all down by herself like it was her last meal. I also suspect she purged it in the bathroom), had the squirts and the toilet wasn’t pretty afterwards, Yet I still wasn’t turned off enough and still wanted to bang her. However, she was unwilling to shower before sex. I literally could not cum while inhaling rotten fish fumes with every breath. She also heavily shops her pics. She has that thin moustache that you can’t see in the pics but which becomes magically visible in the light of a cheap hotel room.

As for the sex – it sucked. A “lazy BJ” will get on my nerves. I’m not talking about an incompetent BJ, I’m talking about the lazy ones. Look, this chick is about 50 now and has been at the game for quite some time, but why then try to coast by giving a BJ that’s really only 0.01% BJ and 99.99% hand job? She “licked it around the edges” a bit to start but then rested her lips / tongue at a safe distance (and tried to jack me off instead). She was sneaky about it. She held her mouth about 1/10 of an inch away from the tip without actually touching the tip with their lips or tongue. Maybe she thought my eyes weren’t good enough to notice she’s short of the goal? Or maybe she thinks that dicks work like spark plugs and need a gap in order to “fire”? She used the old “speed-up” (thinking that the faster she stroked it, the more quickly I’ll cum). I don’t have a stopwatch but I’d swear she must have been doing 180 strokes per minute (with gusts up to 250). I’ve got to the point that I will let her guide my dick into her mouth using a hand, and told her to caress my balls gently. Anyways, I cut my losses and threw her out before 2 instead of keeping her all night.

Do not recommend.
Mercedes Ashley Escort Review 2
Paid Mercedes Ashley the agreed upon $2,000 for 90 minutes and all her travel expenses out to Vegas. She is extremely high maintenance and insisted on Virgin America first class from LA-Vegas, even though it’s only a 45 minute flight. She insisted upon private stretch limousine service from the airport to my hotel as well. Boy was she in for a surprise after all that high end transportation as I was staying at the very dated Plaza hotel on Fremont. Met her downstairs at the Plaza food court and we then made our way to my room. She acted like a diva that was too good to be in such a place but quickly shut her hole once she saw the cash. During sex, she was on top F_cking me when all of a sudden she got up, went to the bathroom grabbed some tissue, came back and discreetly wiped some mess off me. It happened so quickly and she quickly got back on top and finished our session but I do believe she sh_t on me. Just a little…Completely disgusting, vile, ghetto hooker. Thumbs down. Do not hire. This grandma hooker can’t control her bowels and shouldn’t be hooking anymore. Go guy yourself some adult diapers, granny, and find a career that is more age appropriate.