Monica Dumpster whore name, real name Alexandra Melody Mayers has to be in court next week and again in January to face Las Vegas attorneys Ronald D Green and Marc Randazza because she popped off at her fag hole about Randazza’s wife, lying, libeling and slandering the innocent housewife and mother. Very bad things are going to happen to Mayers in the next 3 weeks. Enjoy her blogging and vlogging while it lasts because it won’t. Seems all the bad guys, Mike South, Alexandra Mayers and others are dropping like flies these days. She’s all done in the world of adult blogging – Next stop: The mental ward. Will the men in the spotless clean white coats come and pick up this sack of shit and transport her to her padded cell and equip her with her straight jacket? Thank you.


ALEXANDRA MELODY MAYERS who used the moniker MONICA FOSTER, during her failed porn career, likes to call people pedophiles. As a matter of fact, she’s obsessed with the word. She has used this ugly label on everyone from former performers to attorneys to fan bois even after she popped off about an attorney’s family and was SUED and LOST her ass. Here’s the sickening part – She’s got no proof at all that these people are pedophiles and none of them have been convicted of anything. She’s just talking out of her ass, saying the most vile, disgusting, libelous thing she can about people she doesn’t like. Most likely she’s projecting as she is obsessed with youth and young boys and most likely has thoughts of molesting young kids herself. She has been BANNED from seeing her nephew and hasn’t seen him in over FIVE years so what does that tell you?

Now, what do you suppose she has to say about ALTON STERLING, the black career criminal and CONVICTED PEDOPHILE that was killed for fighting with and threatening the police and is currently being paid tribute to by certain sick people in a sick and dying country? My guess is NOT A GODDAMN THING. *Crickets*


So even though she’s the world’s biggest bigot, and that can be confirmed by either looking at her Twitter feed or by looking at all the bigoted shit she has posted here under anonymous names, this dumb cunt MONICA FOSTER aka MONICA DUMPSTER aka ALEXANDRA MAYERS aka MATTHEW HOLDER’S ONE NIGHT STAND goes ahead and makes a video (About voice mails she received) where she again claims to be the victim, talking in a calm voice (God, her fucking voice is annoying), acting innocent and claiming to be the poor, oppressed, little black choir girl that was targeted for no reason other than the fact she was black. The reality of it is that she dishes out lies, libel and slander every day and expects no one to return the favor. Hell, she’s been sued and LOST because she ran her hole to the wrong person but she never learns and won’t until she loses her access to the internet. See, this is a woman that has completely given up on life and has no other goal now except to try to make people as miserable as she is. This woman absolutely despises herself.

As for the voice mails being “racist,” again, she plays the victim. It is a known fact – and even honest black people will tell you this – that there is a difference between blacks and niggers. Not all blacks are niggers but she sure is one so save the tired race card. You play the permanent victim, you refuse to work, you refuse to better yourself, you blame everyone else for your problems, honey, THAT is a nigger. Why not take a page out of your dad’s book and go to work. That guy was born poor, black and gay – every possible disadvantage and he still managed to make something of himself but you continue to play the victim. You are NOT going to land a wealthy man that’s going to take care of you. It’s not going to happen. You’re NOT young anymore, you’re not nearly as cute as you think you are or cute at all for that matter, you’re a miserable, nasty stuck up racist cunt and that can be verified with a Google search, no man needs that headache in his life. Shut the fuck up and go to work – at a REAL job, not sitting alone in your, wherever you live and making silly cartoon videos. You’ve got only 3,000 YouTube subscribers, you aren’t making much revenue from that and you’ve been at this for years. It isn’t working. Time to try something new.

Once again, is there any chance to get her ugly ass face removed from the background of this page? Many of us can’t stand to look at her – She’s that vile and disgusting.


Monica Foster (Dumpster) always said that she will not date men with any type of hair loss and now the worthless nigger claims she won’t deal with men with beards now that beards are a popular thing. I guess beards just make men look more mature and she can’t have that. She needs boys who have their childhood hairline and a clean, smooth face. This means she secretly has a hard-on for youthful Donny Long, the clean shaven, baby faced, full head of hair Floridian web cam god. We always knew she wanted the God Long cock.

Dumpster’s pedo claims against all her enemies is just her projecting. She wants boys 13-16 and can’t have them and so she stays alone, jerking off to kiddie porn while throwing up a smokescreen and accusing everyone else of this vile behavior. She is barren and has no kids and doesn’t even have anything to do with her nephew and hasn’t seen the bastard since Christmas 2010 and so she should stop pretending to care about the welfare of children. She has never done anything to help children.

Monica Dumpster is a gay nig child rapist that is now deeply in debt for popping off at her fag hole about a Las Vegas attorney, calling him a pedo and calling his wife a hooker – even as FOSTER is the pedo and hooker. Unlike many of her other enemies, Marc Randazza is able to and did flex his muscle on this and wrecked what little life this bootlip has left. Now she should follow through with her promises and kill herself. Better yet, put this sick cunt in a cell with sick pedo Jerry Sandusky and let them have at it until one or both of these vile kiddie fiddlers is dead.

Dumpster’s claims that Donny trafficks young women is complete and utter bullshit as Heather Deep and Britney Long appear to be having a ball in their travels and work with Mr. Long. Foster is the miserable bastard that looks dead inside. Not everyone is as miserable as her. Also, Britney and Heather are completely legal and have to be to perform on the web cam sites. The sites require proof of age. Foster knows this because she works on some of these sites and she still makes up lies. Well now she has 167,000 reasons to shut her fat fucking mouth forever. See, men of any age can get younger women while broads like Dumpster just pass their expiration date and die alone. Donny is fine wine, Foster is old milk. Eat your heart out you worthless little jungle bunny. 😀

The verdict is finally in: MONICA FOSTER LOSES IN COURT! $167,000.00 IN DEBT! JUSTICE SERVED!

After years of tormenting those that she didn’t care for online, stalking, harassing, defaming, libeling and slandering, and creating cartoon caricatures of her foes, Monica Foster, real name Alexandra Mayers has been delivered a crushing blow that will alter her entire future. She has lost to Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza and wife and is now in the hole for a whopping $167,000 and change, an insurmountable amount for a woman of her means. It has been said that this type of debt is not able to be discharged in bankruptcy.

Although she thought she had been given a reprieve until 2017, Ms. Mayers will receive no such stay of execution and was probably shocked to learn that this week was the end of the line for her antics, which, if not stopped, could eventually land her behind bars.

Mayers’ foes are having a field day with this and rightfully so, as they have been tormented for years by the failed performer, and now she must pay the fiddler for her crimes.

Mayers may also lose her web sites now and they may be re-registered by some of her foes and used against her in a nice little serving of karma, with a side of crow to go with her boxed wine.

The verdict shows that unless you know what you’re doing, it is a bad idea to mess with the bull. Ms. Mayers received a comprehensive wiki in 2011 after popping off and starting a war, several times threatening lawsuits and physical harm to her foes, and instead of those folks paying a price, Ms. Mayers will pay a dear price, having just put herself in a major financial hole while her wiki remains intact, robust and well trafficked.

Marc Randazza is a fag jew.

Marc Randazza is a fag jew and is scared as hell of Monica Foster. Foster is planning to kill little jewish white fag kids at the Temple of Jew doom in Vegas.
Randazza is doing much dope and getting really paranoid and thinks she might show up on her moped mistubishi and Kill Randazza jewettes.

Lets just see what that bullshit is all about.