Mike South sued, tried to lowball Luxury Companion Dave and was told to fuck off, longtime South contributor Matthew Harris: “This is not a good situation for you, Mike.”

This is not a good situation for you, Mike. I hope you have liability insurance attached to this blog to help pay for your legal defense (that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and I suspect his goal may be to gain a quick financial settlement and statement from you saying whatever he wants it to say, using the cost of an adequate defense being more than whatever settlement offer he will make to obtain it from you). I also hope since you published from the Atlanta area that will be the nexus for the hearings and trial, making Dave fly out to Georgia and pay out the nose for meals, hotel, etc. rather than you having to fly out to LA to defend yourself. Finally, I hope your sources will all give you permission to disclose them to the court if it becomes necessary (for those new to this blog Mike has said many times he will not disclose a source unless he has been explicitly told that he has that person’s permission to do so). – mharris127

Derek Andrew Hay of LA Direct Models and The Luxury Companion paying of Judges

Thats right folks its not only District Attorneys its also a Judge that happens to be a uncle of someone that works for him. He also has TMZ in his pocket you can read below but we will get more into that one in a later post.


When Dave from The Luxury Companion was released on a $100,000 bail a lot of people commented on how low they felt that amount was. Based on that, they assumed the charges he was actually given were probably not that bad.

I don’t know about you but I consider a felony of any kind pretty bad … but that’s just me. 😛

But how bad could Dave’s charge really be? Turns out (based on the cost of his bail alone) he could be facing up to 16 years – for what exactly we don’t know just yet.

LA County has a thing called a Felony Bail Schedule which basically guides judges on how much to set bail based on the specific offense the person in question committed.

What we can learn from the LA County Bail Schedule is that his crime was pretty bad, however they don’t see him facing a life sentence, because then his bail would have been $1 million. Had he been facing charges with a top term of 10 years, then his bail would have been as low as $55,000.

Here are some crimes that he could be guilty of based on what we know of the story so far and the typical bail amount ….

  • Battery $50,000
  • Attempted Murder $500,000
  • Assault with a Firearm $50,000
  • Shooting at a inhabited dwelling, building, occupied motor vehicle $250,000
  • Discharge of a firearm – Gross Negligence $35,000
  • Criminal Threats $50,000

So based on this list, I still have no clue what the hell they have charged him with but we can safely guess it wasn’t attempted murder because that is a $500k bond and it’s more than discharging a firearm because that’s only a $35k bond.

He obviously was guilty of “Shooting at a inhabited dwelling, building, occupied motor vehicle” but he had a much lower bail than LA county normally gives for such an offense. The question is why?

There is a new rumor that not only does Dave’s wife Karen has a cousin who is a Deputy DA in Van Nuys but she also has an uncle who is a judge.

And the *RUMOR* is, Dave from TLC is going around saying Karen’s uncle (the judge) is going to get him off or a drastically reduced sentence which would basically be the equivalent to a traffic ticket.

Again this could all just be bullshit and a big fat lie since we’ve already caught Dave from The Luxury Companion in a lie with his friends, claiming he didn’t own a gun, nor was he arrested. That lie was busted when Kike South released his booking #. Ooops!

Dave apparently also claims to be the cousin to Charles from TMZ. He says that is why TMZ has never run any stories about TLC and all the porn stars who escort for TLC. I just wonder what Charles from TMZ thinks about this pimp telling people they are related and he’s been covering for him? Perhaps we should tweet him at @charleslat and ask.

charles from tmz