Sean Matthew Tompkins family failures photo collection

I have put together a nice collection of Sean Matthew Tompkins family failures photos for everyone’s enjoyment. Just like Mercedes Trashley and many more PWL army members need to never let up on such a level of scumbag so here is a kick for gay jew fagkins and his whole failed family.



I am posting this for you to start your very own pornwikileaks blog very easily sinc

I am posting this for you to start your very own pornwikileaks blog very easily since Sean Matthew Tompkins is still popping off at his fag hole and wont shut the fuck up.  download pornwikileaks blog database and files here Go into the wp-options table in the database after the database is uploaded and change the url to your websites url. 

Then go into the users table and edit the user pornwikileaks. Edit his password to what you want it to be  but use M5D encryption decrypt and here is a good tool to do it if you dont know how in MYSQL

As long as this punk ass keyboard warrior gay fanboy and his butt buddy Mark A Spiegler the gay child rapist keep attacking me I will keep updating this. The forum is being restored as we speak and then that will also be downloadable for you to make your very own. In the last post I posted Spiegler cell number and here is Tompkins if you would like to give them a call for a chat 210-854-3444

Why pornwikileaks is coming back online here

Sean Matthew Tompkins and his gay boyfriends have been warned over and over for 2 months to shut their fag holes or else but they just wont stop. Since the closure of pornwikileaks Sean Mathew Tompkins, Mark Spiegler and Mike South have made attack after attack on me and my family and many others including Monica Foster. I am not behind pownwikileak but did have a copy of it I downloaded like many from when it was posted publicly. As of right now the blog is the only thing I have put here but if this fucking faggot doesn’t remove everything and stop his attacks on me and others more will come back online. If you would like to see this site go away thing tell these faggots to shut the fuck up plain and simple. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ASK CHILD ABUSING GAY FANBOY TOMPKINS WHY HE CANT SHUT HIS FAG HOLE CALL HIM AT 818-326-5403