Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers scared to respond to Donny Long

Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers we all know has lost her mind but why is she scared to say Donny Long’s name? Doesnt that name haunt her at night? I bet so! I bet she has nightmares about him. This is the best response she has come up with:

Thank you primarily to my Mom, Dad, Sister and my many other family members – the song I post later today is dedicated to you all.

Which speak of let me remind you not only of

but and

and her failed at everything in life sisters wiki Victoria Mayers and legendary American idol failure video.

2,513,946 views of people laughing at the Mayers family failures and counting.


You know this bigoted piece of shit scumbag is somewhere, alone, locked up safely, celebrating this tragedy. This cunt is no more than an online terrorist – online because she doesn’t have the guts to say shit to anyone’s face unless she has a mediator present. But she is an anti-white, anti-authority, pro-black piece of shit nigger that couldn’t make anything of herself and so she enjoys watching people get hurt and lives ruined – just as her life was ruined in 1993 when her pile of garbage father kicked her, her sister and mother to the curb and told them to leave because he prefers dick – AFTER he got married and created these monsters – one a single mom, drunk driving piece of shit and national TV embarrassment and one a black militant piece of shit coward scumbag. I really hope you’re proud, Ivan. Well done, good man, well done. Golf clap. Your daughter inherited your weak backbone, that’s for sure.

Here is what the general public is posting about this disgusting story on Yahoo:

The media encourages this. Any time there is a shooting of a black male criminal they find it necessary to point out that a “WHITE COP” did it. But when a criminal is on the loose they give a description like “Tall man with a hat” and completely leave out his race or ethnicity. The media subliminally tells the audience whites are bad and blacks are always victims. They’re disgusting.

The BLM protesters ran and hid while letting the police officers go towards the shooting. The very people they call murders are the ones they cower behind when something bad happens.

This is why I stay away from urban areas. When you get a dense population of people who are out of work and frustrated at the world, violent nonsense happens. If anything, these snipers just gave police officers even more reason to be cautious and use force when dealing with uncomplying suspects. But alas, people like to delude themselves into believing that consequences have no precedent.

We have regressed back 60 to 70 years…the rest of the world is laughing at this so called superpower.

This is sickening. it solves nothing and will only cause more death. RIP to the officers.

This country and society is so messed up! Obama stand BEHIND THE POLICE and STOP feeding these thugs! You have made this country turn back 50YEARS!!

Thank you Media for stirring up the unrest that has ended in the death of innocent police officers!

BLM owns this, egged on by the most racially divisive president since Woodrow Wilson.

Funny these protesters were probably looking for a cop for protection when hearing these gunshots.

Monica Foster cries over her daddy

If anyone has been paying attention to Foster’s pathetic rants her lately, especially now that she’s in over $167,000 in debt, she’s been crying over her daddy! Foster has been mentioning on how she’s hoped that he would read her blogs, how he doesn’t love her, how he hurt her, and etc.


Foster is weak and pathetic! So many people have had rough lives and had a lot of horrific things happen to them, yet they worked hard to better their lives. Foster can’t handle rejection, which is why she had spent so many years attacking the porn industry because it basically rejected her. She can’t get over Matt Holder, especially after 7 years! She doesn’t want to get an actual paying job to make money nor get an education. All she does is sit around barely getting by in life by having live-in johns who are desperate for a woman, and makes little money off of her vagina.

In all honesty, who could blame Ivan Mayers for not wanting anything to do with her! She’s pathetic, weak, and an embarrassment to the family.

Despite how Foster keeps blaming others and racism for her faults, failures, and heartache, at the end of the day she is the one who is truly at fault for everything wrong in her life.

The verdict is finally in: MONICA FOSTER LOSES IN COURT! $167,000.00 IN DEBT! JUSTICE SERVED!

After years of tormenting those that she didn’t care for online, stalking, harassing, defaming, libeling and slandering, and creating cartoon caricatures of her foes, Monica Foster, real name Alexandra Mayers has been delivered a crushing blow that will alter her entire future. She has lost to Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza and wife and is now in the hole for a whopping $167,000 and change, an insurmountable amount for a woman of her means. It has been said that this type of debt is not able to be discharged in bankruptcy.

Although she thought she had been given a reprieve until 2017, Ms. Mayers will receive no such stay of execution and was probably shocked to learn that this week was the end of the line for her antics, which, if not stopped, could eventually land her behind bars.

Mayers’ foes are having a field day with this and rightfully so, as they have been tormented for years by the failed performer, and now she must pay the fiddler for her crimes.

Mayers may also lose her web sites now and they may be re-registered by some of her foes and used against her in a nice little serving of karma, with a side of crow to go with her boxed wine.

The verdict shows that unless you know what you’re doing, it is a bad idea to mess with the bull. Ms. Mayers received a comprehensive wiki in 2011 after popping off and starting a war, several times threatening lawsuits and physical harm to her foes, and instead of those folks paying a price, Ms. Mayers will pay a dear price, having just put herself in a major financial hole while her wiki remains intact, robust and well trafficked.

Mike South: “I made that stupid bitch dance” Monica Foster Ivan Mayers

Remember that issue Mike South had at that strip club with that hooker? Remembers how he called her a “stupid bitch” and grabbed her by her hair and assaulted her? Well he called Monica Foster the same thing, a “Stupid Bitch”.

I was listening to a phone conversation between him and John Borbush and he said “I made that stupid bitch dance” and also said “I was the one that outed her gay father”. I was floored when I heard this. i thought her a Monica were on the same team? Correct me if I am wrong?

Well one thing is for sure, he did make Monica Dance.


Nigger Faggot Ivan mayers father of crazy stupid nigger hooker Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers

Since Stupid, nigger, hooker, and failed porn whore cant keep porn God Long’s name out of her nasty fag fuckhole and cant stop posting lies online about the god, now her father has not only earned a wiki, but also earned this page.

Ivan mayers

Ivan Mayers
Ivan mayers.jpg
Born Ivan Mayers
0 December 1947 (age 68)
Bronx, NY

Ivan Mayers born Real Name Ivan Leacock Mayers is the father of pornographic whore, and Hooker Monica Foster. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page Alexandra Mayers Born Date Of Birth: Contact email: Twiter:



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Ivan is the father of two daughters, one a prostitute. He is grandpa to a very active little boy whose mother is named Victoria.

Ivan mayers School

  • Master of Business Administration from Indiana University
  • Bachelor of Science from New York University.
  • Is currently pursuing (through Houston Community College) certification as a chemical dependency counselor and was inspired to do so after learning that his daughter Alexandra is a drunk and a drug addict.

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Married to Joan Mayers until 1993 and the couple had 2 children. In 1993 he came out of the closet as a homosexual. The family was uprooted from Texas to Florida and the monster that is Monica Foster was born. As of this wiki edit, we are now into the 22nd year of this angry bitch terrorizing anyone and everyone that comes in her path. You can all thank Ivan for this as his infidelity and eventual breaking up of the family kicked this whole thing off as he devastated and shamed his family into mental illness.

Ivan Mayers Hobbies

  • Marathon “race walking”
  • international travel.
  • is now conditioning for trekking up Mt. Kilimanjaro in east Africa.

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Monica Foster wants to be like daddy and fuck homosexuals

Thats right Monica Foster, better known as Monica Dumpster, born Alexandra Melody Mayers wants to be just like her faggot cock sucking father Ivan Mayers and suck and fuck HIV infested faggot cocks. Monica just asked the faggot trannyfucker to fuck her. Read below.


Retweeted by Monica Foster

#News: If I have to return to #porn, I’m going to ask @ChristianXXX1 to be my first scene partner. If he rejects me, I’ll find someone else.