Radar Online links PWL to Weinergate political scandel

Porn Wikileaks has been linked to the Weinergate political scandel involving porn actress Ginger Lee as Radar Online has linked to Ginger Lee’s wiki page and real name printed on our site in today’s article about New York politician Anthony Wiener and his tweeting a picture of his throbbing weiner to Ginger and other young coeds via twitter.

New York politician Anthony Weiner has been banging Porn Star Ginger Lee and tweeting her pics of his bulging underwear via twitter

You can see the article here: PWL Weinergate scandel

Politician Weiner is married to Hillary Clinton White House aide Huma Abedin and is accused of tweeting a picture of his weiner, bulging out of his underwear, to Ginger Lee and other college age fans via twitter.

Ginger Lee has been enjoying private tweets from a twit named Anthony Weiner

Real news media outlets (unlike keyboard warrior kiss ass porn news outlets like Mike S. and LIB) view Porn Wikileaks as a news source for porn star real names and other information.

Why? Because they know that Porn Star Real Names are news! And they know that there is NO MEDICAL INFORMATION IN A REAL NAME!!


Duh! We at PWL already knew that lol!

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