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A 15-year-old Ocoee boy now has HIV after Orlando police said he engaged in sex with grown men he met using apps on his smartphone.

Two men, Jordan LaPierre, 25, and Darryl Williams, 26, were arrested and charged in the case.

Police said the men used the apps “Grindr” and “Jack’d” to meet the boy.

“Sexual predators are very active out there unfortunately and they are out for our children,” said Wanda Ford of the Orlando Police Department.

The investigation started after the boy went to Health Central Hospital and was diagnosed with HIV.

The boy admitted using the apps to meet several men for sex and told investigators LaPierre picked him up and drove him to his Orlando apartment where they watched a movie and had sex.

Police said they messaged Williams posing as the boy and Williams messaged back, saying he wanted to engage in more sex acts.

Investigators said he met undercover police on Hiawassee Road.

Williams told police he knew the boy was 15-years-old.

Police said the case should serve as a warning to parents to make sure they check their children’s cellphones, including their web history and apps.

“A parent should look at a child’s cellphone every day. Just to make sure there is nothing inappropriate going on,” Ford said.

While police have made two arrests, they are still investigating and believe there were more men that engaged in sex with the teen.

Police said LaPierre has a history of engaging in sex acts with minors in New Hampshire and is facing lewd and lascivious battery charges.

He is not a registered sex offender.

Williams is facing charges for soliciting a minor and traveling to meet a minor.

Both men have bonded out of jail.

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