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gay mafia

Gunter is a Liar

All of his blogs are bullshit. He will be banned from posting articles soon but not yet as we enjoy watching him kick himself. Silly Kraut fag.

The Degeneracy of Faggots

The Gay Pornstar Daddy Mugs who fucked the mentally ill Faggot Murderer Luka Rocco Magnotta (that killed his own Lover and filmed the crime) didnt delete the Porn Video in which he fucked the Icepick…

Lesbian Mafia?

The dumb whore Jenna Jameson is in fact a closed Lesbian who only pretends to be straight. Real Straight female Pornstars like Jada Fire fuck more men than women in and outside of porn and…

Gay Mafia pushing HIV in porn now

I read this story below but its funny how they never talk about how most people invloved are all sicko FAGGOTS and FAGHAGS!!!!!! Person who runs the FSC Diane Duke ! A BULL DIKE LEZ…

Alexandra Mayers Broadway breakthrough?!

She keeps saying stupid shit that makes us laugh so hard that we crap our pants! What professional production company would want to give a job to this unattractive no talented cross eyed monkey? This…

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