Monica Foster (Dumpster) always said that she will not date men with any type of hair loss and now the worthless nigger claims she won’t deal with men with beards now that beards are a popular thing. I guess beards just make men look more mature and she can’t have that. She needs boys who have their childhood hairline and a clean, smooth face. This means she secretly has a hard-on for youthful Donny Long, the clean shaven, baby faced, full head of hair Floridian web cam god. We always knew she wanted the God Long cock.

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Piece of shit rapist Mike South compares Donny Long to Omar Mateen

As much as I wanted to avoid writing about the tragedy in Orlando, FL, I just can’t. Everyone thinks they have a fix for the problem of violence like this, be it limiting guns or immigration or burning candles or whatever, but the truth is that it simply isnt that simple.

Think about it how many of you reading this right now would be surprised to learn that next week Donny Long did the same thing at an industry awards show? Or Dw#$#@#$ Cun@#$@$#@? They both already have violent felonies in their past, they are both arguably psychopaths and it isn’t limited to them, there are others I am sure.

How psychopathic are YOU, Mike, to act like an important part of the industry just to lure women down to Atlanta and promise them things just so you can fuck them bareback, UNTESTED in a hotel room while shooting low quality footage on a tripod? Donny isn’t hurting anyone but YOU ARE.

As for violent felonies, South was charged for battery of a woman in Dekalb County in Georgia:

Untested shooting, eh Mike? Not too psychopathic is it?

Mike South shoots without even testing talent!!

Clean up your own behaviors, Mike, and stop insinuating that performers that you don’t like will pull the same shit that this violent Muslim homosexual did. For one, Mateen was a self-hating homosexual that couldn’t accept what he was and that is why he killed all those fags and got himself killed in the process. Donny doesn’t hide what he is and has not one but TWO hot young hot girls that he performs on cam with every day. Who do you have, Mike?

If anyone in porn is gonna do this it would be closet homosexual Eddie Dzial or some of those losers and fags that used to post on the trannyfucker forum and call PWL contributors gay because THEY’RE gay and projecting.

Find another way to fill your narrative, will you, ya 60 year old crippled mama’s boy?

Orlando shooter that killed 50 faggots and injured 50+ more was a faggot himself and felt guilty about his faggotry

Turns out the Muslim that shot up the fag club in Orlando, FL was a faggot himself that visited the club regularly and left with other fags on many occasions, taking them to shitty motel rooms and to his place to get fucked up the ass, suck their cocks and fuck them. Faggot had a beard too just like Ivan Mayers. Maybe he was HIV+ and facing years of having a faggot’s disease that requires patients to take thousands of dollars of expensive medication each month, he decided he had nothing to lose and offed a bunch of fags and fag hags and so called ‘straight men’ that enjoy visiting queer clubs, before getting offed himself by cops. Possibly he infected his innocent wife with the disease and couldn’t live with the guilt. This homo camel jockey even used fag phone apps to meet other queers. 100% this asshole was a fag. The cries of #StopTheHate by the homos is uncalled for because this asshole was one of your own that wasn’t comfortable in his own skin. This is on YOU fags and you alone. Your main goal should be to get these fags to admit what they are before they bring innocent women and children into the equation. Go fuck yourself Mayers and Mateen, you self hating scumbag pieces of shit.

This whole incident proves that there are fags out there that feel guilty about their faggotry and so they turn around and take their self hate out on others. For example, when we call Christian Michael Wians a fag and a queer and say we hope he dies of AIDS, we are just hoping this prick that endangers the lives of people on the straight side of porn gets what’s coming to him. He IS a faggot and there are thousands of pictures, videos and his own blog entries that prove it. On top of that, he’s a dangerous faggot that has no regard for the health of others and places money over the well being of straight performers, mostly naive newbies and desperate fattys. Now, when some so called ‘straight male’ comes to this site and attacks Donny Long and photo-shops pics of him to try to make it look like he has done gay porn and when these assholes attack our editors and writers and call us fags, most likely they’re just projecting and are self hating faggots themselves and what this towel headed faggot did this week proves it. On the other hand, he is somewhat of a hero for offing a bunch of worthless fags and then himself but we know those that attack us don’t have the balls to do the same. Do yourselves a favor and off yourselves you closeted homos and leave us out your sick hangups.



A 15-year-old Ocoee boy now has HIV after Orlando police said he engaged in sex with grown men he met using apps on his smartphone.

Two men, Jordan LaPierre, 25, and Darryl Williams, 26, were arrested and charged in the case.

Police said the men used the apps “Grindr” and “Jack’d” to meet the boy.

“Sexual predators are very active out there unfortunately and they are out for our children,” said Wanda Ford of the Orlando Police Department.

The investigation started after the boy went to Health Central Hospital and was diagnosed with HIV.

The boy admitted using the apps to meet several men for sex and told investigators LaPierre picked him up and drove him to his Orlando apartment where they watched a movie and had sex.

Police said they messaged Williams posing as the boy and Williams messaged back, saying he wanted to engage in more sex acts.

Investigators said he met undercover police on Hiawassee Road.

Williams told police he knew the boy was 15-years-old.

Police said the case should serve as a warning to parents to make sure they check their children’s cellphones, including their web history and apps.

“A parent should look at a child’s cellphone every day. Just to make sure there is nothing inappropriate going on,” Ford said.

While police have made two arrests, they are still investigating and believe there were more men that engaged in sex with the teen.

Police said LaPierre has a history of engaging in sex acts with minors in New Hampshire and is facing lewd and lascivious battery charges.

He is not a registered sex offender.

Williams is facing charges for soliciting a minor and traveling to meet a minor.

Both men have bonded out of jail.