When you give a faggot gay mafia fanboi stalker a porn news website!

In my previous article I wrote about how someone tried to claim that this site had less traffic than a copy pornwikileaks knockoff site run by a faggot loser and I debunked that theory without a dought. Now I wanted to also show you another porn news site which use to be a huge popular traffic hit and how a faggot gay mafia fanboi ruined it.

I think most of you know LIB site that I am talking about which I wont link to here but I wanted to point out how amazing of a shocking failure and nose dive a site can take when you put it into the wrong hands of a bitter porn flunky gay faggot loser stalker that doesnt know anything about google and or how to SEO a site and is all out just hated in the business along with his loser gay Jew suitcase pimp child rapist buddy Mark A Spiegler of Spiegler Girls. By the way I have a little surprise coming for Spiegler in coming post :]. Anyways LIB has been around for almost 2 decades and has tons of backlinks and popularity and should have way more activity that Adultfyi.com which was only relaunched this year after many years of being offline. Well guess what? It doesnt! Forget Alexa rankings because as I said adultfyi is new.

We cant use Histats because the owner of LIB removed them due to shame in loss of traffic since he has got his fag hands on it. Here is adultfyi.com’s Histats which does show how its been growing and still growing with traffic http://www.histats.com/viewstats/?sid=3456063&ccid=408

So lets see how many people are actively commenting on the sites shall we? Out of the first 11 stories posted on LIB there is 1 person making 1 comment but on adultfyi the first 11 stories have 22 comments from many people. You look for yourself.



1. natalia-starr-sapphire-december-9
no comments

2. Beautiful, all-natural Polish porn star Natalia Starr
no comments

3. Six Feet of Sunshine aka Alison Tyler has received an AVN Award
no comments

4. Los Angeles – Skyler Nicole has reached a milestone
no comments

5. Los Angeles – The weather outside is getting frightful, but
1 comment

6. Book Hottie Ashlee Direct at [email protected]
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7. Author M. Wheeler announces the release of the
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8. Study produced by live adult webcam site, NudeLive,
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9. Adult entertainment superstar Angela White
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10. Los Angeles – Tattooed princess Lily Lane
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11. Dallas Novelty the on-line adult store,
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O-butt-boy arrives in Atlanta

Turns out that the gay Muslim married to a tranny sorry ass excuse for a US President has landed in Orlando to pay tribute to the 50 fags that were shot by one of their own. Maybe give these gays and trannies mandatory mental and physical evaluations once they’re found out to be gay and maybe this sort of thing won’t happen in the future but this is really not a tragedy. Natural selection at work is all. All fags entering gay bars should be subject to fingerprinting and the results sent to law enforcement and they should be put on some sort of watch as they are physically and mentally dangerous to others in society. As for butt boy Barry, have fun down there and enjoy your last few months of destroying what was once a great country.

Sean is desperate for readers and has no following like over here.

Faggot supporter and porn’s biggest dick sucker and male shit eater Shawn M Tompkins is so desperate for followers he is writing crapping articles on both his FAKE PORN WIKI LEAKS shit site and PukeIsBack trying to be like over here so much.
problem is, we KICK THE FAGS and he supports and writes articles for the homo’s. Yes, he is one of Spiegler bitch boys and all over porn valley, everybody know’s Spiegler likes to fuck those fan boys up the ass too. Keep kicking ass PWL crew and don’t let anybody get u down !!


Welcome Back!

Welcome back your guys!
Keep writing and kicking the fags in porn valley and Fagafornia !
Now one thing need to be asked? Why is Donny with all those HOT broads in pictures and people like Sean Tompkins and the other fag sites never with females?
Is Sean Tompkins the new owner (LOL) of that site a real Texas fag? Just like his bald headed hero from San Antonio?
Man ! those Thai girls can sure fuck and they are fine!

Well keep up the good work and keep is laughing here in the faggot capital of the world. USA


Miyah West loves porn fags

Miyah West loves all us fags that work in the straight side of porn. She loves having her asshole fucked by US professional porn faggots.
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Fag gets elected to FSC

Just in. Diane Duke head fag hag whore is out and a male shit eater from San Fago has been elected has head dick sucker and shit eater.
What is the porn industry going to be now? More fags and nasty shit eating faghags.

Keep kicking the fags and Stinking porn fag hags.

Wanted to send out xmas and holiday cheers to all the PWL and straight porn gods and say Happy and safe holidays to all and to my true and special friend Donny Long, the straight porn god of the world. Keep kicking all the fags and even the homos over at Evil Angel where they cast and film fags having butt hole sex with HIV infested fag hags and kicking the fags at Wicked and fag hags like stormy daniels who cast and shoots faggots and fag hags with major std’s and perform with fatass fag supporters-directors.

Keep kicking you all and lets get ready for the AVN 2016 where I will make some news kicking a major players ass in the LA gay mafia scene along with Christopher Farkas (Fartgas) and kick the shit out of some of those fags like Michael Vegas and maybe Christian Winas
who is a real tranny/fag fucker and loves dicks up his ass. Lets getting ready to roll. I might end up fucking up fag Seth Dickens with super suction mouth jaw. Seth would love sucking my dick along with other straight performer dicks.

So onward PWL troops. Lets keep the fags in check.

Jack Vegas

Stop harrasing me and talking shit about me being a crack smoking fag.

I wish who ever is posting on here stop harassing me and telling everybody about my gay lifestyle with Sean Tompkins and smoking crack with other men and getting fucked up my ass. That is only my business and not all of yours. So what ! I am a Donny long hater and a friend of Sean Tompkins and a traitor. I love to suck cock and smoke crack when having butt sex with other men. As long as I can, I will continue to post here and over at
Cwinas.com where Sean Tompkins also post and here. Sean Loves both that site and PWL and is a firm supporter.

Have a great USA faggot day.

Get rid of Knock worst face and that fag Retro-Guy.

Get rid of those two true crack smoking fags Knock worst face and Retro-guy from Miami. Those guys are two true fags and fag around with Tompkins on twitter and here and over at Christianxxx.com. Moderator needs to get rid of those ban those two mentally ill homos. Tompkins apparently has a use car lot salesman job over in the Southern California area and we just got a new credit report with his new address. We will be forwarding all the info and new pictures of the new black whore he is living with. Its going to be good.

Pervert ordinance defeated in Houston!

Houston voters overwhelmingly defeated a pro-fag ordinance that would have allowed, among other things, any guy in a dress to use the woman’s restroom. The landslide defeat that was pushed by the city council and the dyke mayor, along with every major corporation and government entity. Yeah gays are discriminated against, except by media, government and business.

The NFL, not to be outdone, and the NCAA, bastions of the left social agenda, had made threats to boycott the city much as they did to Indiana when it dared try to defend the right of Christian businesses not to bake cakes for queer weddings. Perhaps the lopsided nature of the defeat dimmed the enthusiasm of the NFL/NCAA threats because the NFL has back pedaled and announced it won’t alter plans to hold the Super Bowl in Houston. The NCAA is also going ahead with a planned tournament event using the excuse it’s too late to change.

Note the difference in the Houston situation vs. the Indiana one. In Indiana the Republican “conservative” governor and state congress couldn’t surrender fast enough to the gay lobby. However the Houston ordinance was overturned by a vote of the people. As has been typical when these issues go up for a vote they get whacked.

Here is an article by the ultra-liberal website Yahoo that reflects the mainstream pro perv viewpoint. Check the comments section. Virtually 100% opposed.