Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial bothered by what he created from popping off

Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial is sending in fraudulent DMCA notices the pornwikileaks host and other places and getting laughed at and failing. See the fact that Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial is a stalker HIV infested fanboi and has been exposed bothers him and he doesnt like the truth. He is also a failure at everything in life and not the world can see that.



Piece of shit rapist Mike South compares Donny Long to Omar Mateen

As much as I wanted to avoid writing about the tragedy in Orlando, FL, I just can’t. Everyone thinks they have a fix for the problem of violence like this, be it limiting guns or immigration or burning candles or whatever, but the truth is that it simply isnt that simple.

Think about it how many of you reading this right now would be surprised to learn that next week Donny Long did the same thing at an industry awards show? Or Dw#$#@#$ Cun@#$@$#@? They both already have violent felonies in their past, they are both arguably psychopaths and it isn’t limited to them, there are others I am sure.

How psychopathic are YOU, Mike, to act like an important part of the industry just to lure women down to Atlanta and promise them things just so you can fuck them bareback, UNTESTED in a hotel room while shooting low quality footage on a tripod? Donny isn’t hurting anyone but YOU ARE.

As for violent felonies, South was charged for battery of a woman in Dekalb County in Georgia:


Untested shooting, eh Mike? Not too psychopathic is it?

Mike South shoots without even testing talent!!

Clean up your own behaviors, Mike, and stop insinuating that performers that you don’t like will pull the same shit that this violent Muslim homosexual did. For one, Mateen was a self-hating homosexual that couldn’t accept what he was and that is why he killed all those fags and got himself killed in the process. Donny doesn’t hide what he is and has not one but TWO hot young hot girls that he performs on cam with every day. Who do you have, Mike?

If anyone in porn is gonna do this it would be closet homosexual Eddie Dzial or some of those losers and fags that used to post on the trannyfucker forum and call PWL contributors gay because THEY’RE gay and projecting.

Find another way to fill your narrative, will you, ya 60 year old crippled mama’s boy?

Donny Long’s Stalker fanboi Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial Exposed and Doxed

You might recognize the name Eddie Dzial from the Donny Long stalking as @poser exposer posting tons of lies about Donny and lies about the porn industry. After Donny OWNED the Lolcow board and Twitter, it was revealed that this helpful gentleman with an unhealthy obsession with Donny’s “pee pee” was Eddie Dzial (real name Edward Przydzial), a fellow porn retiree currently being targeted by Donny’s wrath for trying to kick the porn god straight male super hero porn star legend. When he could not stop sperging out despite multiple warnings from our helpful userbase, we decided his internet footprint might be worth looking into. Luckily, Eddie obligingly doxxed the shit out of himself on his own kiwi profile page and authored his own biography on the lolcow wiki, so we didn’t have to look far.


Eddie Przydzial is a KISS enthusiast and would-be rockstar who seems to have spent the majority of his life being a huge fan of Eddie Przydzial. A brief list of his self-proclaimed talents includes: porn actor, photographer, bass player, vocalist, tattoo artist, oil painter, fire breather and trainer, jewelry maker, costume designer, muscle car and harley building/customization, and music journalist.

edd_german_ss.jpg bernard-edwards-edward-przydzial.jpg Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.46.08 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.48.05 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.50.39 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.48.29 PM.png

Eddie clearly hit his peak in the 80’s when he was in an UNDERGROUND DEATH SPEED HARDCORE METAL BAND called Corrupt, some shit band called Sister Morphine and hocking KISS merch at shows. Eddie seems regretful that he never really made it big, and the majority of his chimpouts are related to perceived intrusions upon anything he sees as his True and Honest DO NOT STEAL original work or false claims of ownership that make him seem more famous and important than he really is.

A lot of accusations have been levied at Eddie by Donny, most of which don’t really go beyond mouth foaming faggot epithets. However, at least one accusation does seem to contain a nugget of truth.

Eddie the Stalker

Here you can find a blog detailing the harassment of one Reverend. John Tyler over a period of almost 15 years. Mr. Tyler claims he filed a successful harassment suit against Eddie over the behaviors detailed in this blog. There’s a lot to be unpacked here; Eddie is clearly no stranger to internet slap fights.


In one notable instance he called up the guy’s former employer to let them know that he was printing child porn of a daughter he didn’t have.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.02.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.07.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.07.43 PM.png

Another blog by an unknown author documents the harassment he received from Eddie after he had the audacity to also name his band after a popular Rolling Stones song.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.20.26 PM.png

Whether or not he was sending links to his own porn remains unconfirmed.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.23.23 PM.png

His obsessive behavior appears to predate the digital age as well.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.38.57 PM.png

Seduce may have broken up in 1991, but apparently the mere mention of the band was still triggering chimpouts well into 2011.


Eddie the Political Satirist

From his self-authored lolcow wiki biography entry

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.41.47 PM.png

wow very satire

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.36.08 PM.png

What Eddie fails to mention is the drama that followed his big viral hit; a DMCA takedown notice was filed with Flickr to remove the Obama/Joker images resulting in some odd claims from Eddie and questions as to whether or not he had created the “viral” image at all.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.04.34 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.05.22 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.05.06 PM.png

Eddie the Thief

Did you catch that bit about Eddie serving time for interstate transportation of goods derived from fraud? Well, bear in mind that Eddie claims to have been a well-known KISS photographer and publisher of a fan magazine. According to this article published by the Detroit Free Press News (and uploaded onto one of Eddie’s own stalking blogs), Eddie posed as a magazine publisher to acquire $3.6 million dollars worth of KISS photographs and pass them off as his own.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 6.02.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 6.02.35 PM.png

Eddie’s response to this claim? Gene Simmons paid off the FBI.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.02.03 PM.png

Eddie has twisted the story around and now claims that he sued Gene Simmons over copyrighted pictures. His only evidence is a transcript of a poorly written article published by the “Associate Press Corp.”, presumably unaffiliated with the “Associated Press”.


Eddie the Kidnapper Cuck

Eddie’s KISS shenanigans were not the only bizarre behaviors revealed by the Detroit Free Press. The article reveals that Eddie tried to kidnap his estranged wife Lisa and infant daughter and then bravely slit his wrists in a dramatic showdown with the cops. Rock and roll.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.35.22 PM.png

Fortunately, one of Eddie’s numerous socks has a very good explanation for the incident; the arresting officer, Officer Liczbinski, set him up, cucked him, and stole his kid.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.50.52 PM.png


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.00.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 4.57.47 PM.png

Fortunately Eddie seems to have moved past this tragic ending to his first marriage and found a new Courtney to his Cobain.


Eddie claims that the article was fake or otherwise altered. Luckily, a dedicated Kiwi field agent in Detroit was able to dig up the original article in its entirety at their local library. Although some portions are too faded to be legible, the article does seem to be an accurate transcription of the original.

eddie1.jpg eddie2.jpg

Assorted links

Eddie’s solo album

Self-Authored Wikipedia Entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Edward_przydzial
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/edwardprzydzial
Tumblr: http://editorsdesk.tumblr.com/
Deviantart: http://artisticphotographer.deviantart.com/
Livejournal: http://edwardprzydzial.livejournal.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/editors_desk





(thanks to @Absinthe, @KingQueen , and @Cthulhu for digging up the source material.)

Eddie Dzial taking a beating! Failed porn star gets smacked around online

Eddie Dzial, real name Edward Bernard Przydzial, just can’t catch a break anywhere he goes online. Just when you thought the Porn God Donny Long and the PWL Army handed it to him, the folks over at “Kiwi Farms” are really laying into him hard and smacking him around with each post they make. This after their members put Edward’s whole life into one thread and exposed him dating back to his teenage years. One has to wonder where Eddie gets the strength to keep fighting back? Not sure what the trolls from “Kiwi Farms” have against the Porn God Donny Long and his Entourage, but props to them for bringing new information to light and digging deeper into the life of one lunatic Eddie Dzial. Could a MOD also add to the Eddie Dzial wiki this leaked pic of him taking a BBC up his ass in a gay porn? This guy is a freak attraction and loose cannon just waiting to snap. Let this be a lesson to Eddie Dzial, Monica Foster and others like them who mess with the bull only to get the horns! God Long ALWAYS wins!


NOTE FROM MOD: I think they are just not educated on the facts about Donny and the reason behind his and our fight against gays like Eddie that have ruined our businesses.


Eddie Dzial is desperate going around saying he will be back doing porn in no time and making money from it again. This seems unfair that a complete asshole and douche bag like Eddie can just come and go from porn whenever he wants… or can’t he? Reason for this blog is because Eddie might infect many unaware whores or amateurs he can pluck off the street to be in his films, with those infectious diseases that led to his departure from the porn world in the first place. Many of these women may already be on drugs, desperate for money or just stupid to have sex and be filmed with Eddie Dzial. He says he is tested monthly and clean and drug and drama free but all of this is a lie. Eddie’s whole entire life is one big lie. Eddie strongly opposes to working with any other men on his “sets,” and will be the only one manipulating these whores behind the scenes by producing and directing the content all for himself to use against them later on in life. Eddie is missing out on a lot of cash and missed opportunities if he won’t join the bukkake boys or any of the 30-40 man cum slams. BUT WAIT anyone you ask in porn about Eddie will say it’s because he has AIDS and HIV preventing him from doing all those things mopes do in porn, which is exactly the real reason why Eddie got booted out of porn so he could not infect anybody with his incurable diseases. Eddie refuses to provide a hair or makeup artist on his “sets” and is telling the girls they must be responsible for that on their own, although he is trying to scrounge up enough scrap metal currently to start paying their airfare and room and board for those lovely ladies coming from out of state just dying to shoot with him for the first time. Does anyone know exactly where in Van Nuys he is making his content from? I would like to see someone go knock on Eddie’s door and also this blog post to warn about how Eddie Dzial AIDS and HIV infected porn star is trying to return to porn and infect unsuspecting victims off the streets for his POV style porn clip sites.Edward-Bernard-Przydzial-HIV-Positive-Test



Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial HIV Positive failed porn mope still kicking himself

Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial hiv + !!

Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is an aids carrying piece of shit using pornwikileaks to bash other porn actors and industry people because aim healthcare outted him as his pcr/dna test results came back + so he’s using pornwikileaks not to ‘expose’ the industry or fight the alleged ‘straight mafia’ he’s getting even for being a scum bag druggie loser and sucking dicks and taking it in the ass and getting infected… now he’s feeding that hiv to woman in Los Angeles California. I hope Los Angeles authorities are aware this guy is there doing porn on cam websites claiming he’s making so much money. Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is white trash if there ever was… he is the reason porn has a bad name. punks like this always need their ego stroked calling himself “King Gay”… what an egotistical moronic buffoon. is there is anything more pathetic then Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial? Eddie you’re garbage. coward. YOU WILL ONLY KICK YOURSELF YOU STUPID FUCKING FAGGOT!
meet the many faces of Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial, convicted felon, burglar & thief, woman beater, batterer, disorderly intoxicator, gay Jew child rapist & king of the shit stains…
does anybody trust this gay? seems a bit fishy to me…

“these people hiding behinds fake nicknames pornwikileaks.com have some real issues and must be really jealous haters that wish they could be like Eddie gay god. ”
ahh, yes. This is how it’s started on every website he’s been banned from. which is most of them. check out his threads on google if you want a good laugh.
 speaking of which, did that guy from google ever come knocking at your door, faggot? you know, the guy you tried to fuck over by passing out flyers to his neighbors saying he shot kiddie porn? whatever happened with that? lol… douche.

Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is a convicted felon for drugs, domestic violence, pedophile charges and recently in may 2016 he was arrested for having child adult films in his company, he cyber stalks many adult stars and even models singers and actresses breaking into there emails tracking them down, he is a failed adult star adult producer and model he recruits underage girls in the adult industry sells drugs and pushes drugs on talent, one of my friends has been cyberstalked by him and is pressing charges and filing restraining order on him and suing i think many others should be warned of him and if they are victims do the same!
Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial, yes it is obvious that chasey was on drugs. but it is also obvious that you were still more than willing to shoot the scene.
 is it your standard practice to shoot performers who are obviously intoxicated? 
is it your standard practice to make coercive threats like you did to carly parker in order to get your scene?
 you state in this interview… ”i don’t take well to threats.” well one day Eddie, somebody is not going to take well to your threats. what goes around comes around, or so they say.
 and to whoever conducted this interview given Eddies’s actions and his own words over the past few months, this was a pretty fluffy softball interview. if the real luke was dead, he would be rolling over in his grave. this was the most no balls “interview” since larry king interviewed tammy faye baker. what a joke.

…and the comment, “Donny has no balls”. really? if that’s true he’s sure squirting a lot of juice all over the porn starlets in los angeles from the stuff i’ve seen about the guy… wtf are babbling about Eddie?

he can’t work in porn anymore as he is hiv positive
Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is a criminal
he’s a washed up wrinkled ugly hideous donkey faced ex xxxpornstar
that is miserable due to his disease he carries and wants to stalk, harass
and cyber bully whoever he can… just because he feels empty and unhappy
doesn’t give him the right to bother others. anyone, has more info of his friends and family location it would be a help as authorities are looking for him.
he is a complete loser. typical white trash faggot from California. i think he is a fag just like christian but Eddie hates christian because he doesn’t have to shoot with midgets. both should really just put on some booty shorts and start working santa monica blvd. maybe they should do a porn video where they take turns shaving each others assholes just pounding each other bareback with big facial endings. 
they hug and cry on each others shoulders at the end.
he works for a porno company he does try to recruit girls into that industry, or he wont let you know he’s in it and use your images and name putting false info on spam sites. he’s a f-u-g-l-y pedophile that goes for underage girls as well…
“i’m planning on buying a yacht… ”
i’m calling bullshit.
 “when i lived in florida with my wealthy nigger-rich lifestyle”…”
Eddie, you might make decent money for a young guy but wealth is something you’re not even close too. ”rich” isn’t even the proper word to describe you. perhaps “well off” would a good word, but wealthy, give us a break.
 i know i’m worth at least 10 times what you are and i would never describe myself as wealthy, hell, i barely qualify as rich. nigger-rich, not the same thing asshole…

his email is [email protected]…he has been spotting stalking my cousin at starbucks locations in beverly hills,also showing up at random locations..he lives at jonathan location or at his parents. he’s a sicko that needs to be dealt with by the law…

the best way to solve this is to take action against these criminals…
this article is pathetic. everyone knows Eddie uses meth, coke and every other fucking drug known to man. he’s a convicted felon (battery, burglaries, dui’s, grand thefts, drug possessions) and known women abuser. why this piece of garbage who can’t even spell correctly in porn is exactly the reason why porn is in the shitter.
way to give a violent misogynist a platform and credibility.
he posted on his website another porn star has hiv… but Eddie is hiv +.
Eddie retired from porn in 2010. his pcr/dna is Positive and aim healthcare
database files say so… when Eddie found out he was hiv + is when he attacked aim, the straight mafia, christian x and monica foster… as well as other people in the adult film business.
 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial Brother as this cunning lying man likes to switch his name around is no good for nothing scum…
if your a model or anyone in the professional arts industry think
twice before ever working with him he has a known criminal record for stalking girls.
he has a restraining order on him by a few in california. he will stalk and cyberstalk
you for years if you don’t keep in contact with him or stay friends with him or stay his friend.
i think he has several different mental illnesses. he’s one sick puppy… its disgusting.

he poses as a political supporter doing all the bad doings he does

 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is a pedophile he sleeps with underage girls after getting them drunk…
like his sister who is now 17 but went with her when she was only 14 years of age…
he has done many gay x-rated films he cyber stalks good people who don’t want him as friend
putting false info of them on websites.
…out of jealousy and frustration.
his bisexual side makes him very jealous of pretty girls.
he is satanist and mentally ill he states everyone is a satanist when they are not.
the kind of things he does a satanist points out to be him…
he also sleeps with men.
i think this individual should be tracked down and locked up from by authorities.
or tracked down by individuals he stalks.
don’t let this con get away with what he does…
wow, from reading the comments here i see a couple things. first off there is a lot of people in this article that are bitter about porn directors and talent. second these people hiding behinds fake nicknames (pornwikileaks) have some real issues and must be really jealous haters that wish they could be like Eddie. i read all this off the wall total bullshit you guys have posted and it makes me feel good to know people are so jealous of pornwikidix that they have to make these false rumors. if anything you guys just posted what is true then damn everyone should be like that and do all those bad things because it made me Eddie a pariah.
 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial you are such an incredible douche bag that there are just not enough adjectives to fully describe you. why should anyone believe your bullshit any more than you say we should not believe Whores? reading what you have just said about Whores in particular and women’s organizations in general lead me to believe that you are just another one of those California jerks that get arrested on “cops” every week.

“cops”? what about “to catch a predator”?

guys,  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is a piece of shit, unworthy of hate, unworthy of anybody’s time, unworthy of anything. let him talk and eat shit as he always does, eventually he will be cast out of the adult industry just like that other white trash moron kid vegas. let him be happy to shoot cheap scenes with scumbags in his trash can studio, if this is his 15 seconds of fortune, let him fucking have it. he’s a piece of shit, and he knows that better than anybody else. just ignore this pathetic little clown, we don’t have to bother ourselves every time a leper dog barks.
if i see polo all over pornwikileaks you are going to see more videos of you on the internet more fake videos
like web cam videos, nude pixs porn videos, and spam webpages.
i aka ??? 🙂  have all your info all your info tips… don’t ever go to polohigh5.com
trackers get all your info 🙂 let polo be polo you be you ok thanx u BYE!
i think this cyberstalking bi pedophile needs to be dealt with once and for all his con artistry.
real name is  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial he changed it to be on the run to polo high his website is polohigh5.com.
he hides out at a.c killers aka  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial place or at his sister
who also cyber stalks and stalks individuals like him at or other family members
don’t let this con get away with what he does… and now more on Eddie HIV…
Eddie, why don’t you answer the legit questions posted online? i think its because you don’t have the balls to be honest, like most of the loudmouths in the porn biz.
 how often do you shoot intoxicated performers, and how often do you use the coercive tactics like you did with carly parker?
 very simple questions actually. do you have the balls to answer them or not?
 no just because someone thinks you’re a dirtbag doesn’t meant they’re a jealous hater (isn’t that a term that, like you know, seventh graders make???
 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is a pornstar best known for being the operator and “front man” for the website Pornwikileaks (a racist and homophobic hate speech website which illegally released the personal information of thousands of adult industry performers).
january 8th, 2016 –  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial  began posting color copies of pornographic industry performer’s government issued drivers licenses & copies of their social security cards complete with the number on the website he has admitted to owning, pornwikileaks.com
 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial has been known to physically assault, stalk, cyber bully, and harass a multitude of women (from adult entertainment industry professionals to men and women that have nothing to do with the adult entertainment industry). As of current he & his associates are illegally utilizing the data from the hacked ashley madison website to draw traffic to pornwikileaks & extort the subscribers of ashleymadison.com
 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial has created a multitude of twitter accounts over the years – most which have been suspended due to his habitual abuse of the social networking platform.  as of current, his primary twitter account is  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial (the official account he has linked to his website – which is rumored to be a scam that very few porn industry professionals actually utilize).

you should’ve asked  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial about how much he enjoyed physically assaulting whores.