Faghag and Faggot liberal American dumbasses still dont tell the truth about HIV infested faggots ruining porn

After all these years of straight super hero porn god Donny Long exposing fags and throwing them from there closets and posting and proving how fags are straight porns every problem to this day the Faghag and Faggot liberal American dumbasses still dont tell the truth about HIV infested faggots ruining porn. I ran across a video the other day of of that faghag Cameron Bay crying about her HIV and how the porn industry didnt protect her and how there needs to be condoms laws bla bla bla and still she nor anyone else seem to mention her live in sicko faggot boyfriend Rod Daily which gay her the HIV was activity taking it up the ass in UNTESTED gay porn AND BAREBACK GAY ESCORTING and thats where it came from. So sad that only Donny Long and this site seem to tell the truth about these sick fucks. Youtube cameron bay gay and you dont get anything but her and others whining about porn but nothing about her gay porn star live-in boyfriend that gave it to her which you can see whining next to her in this video below!

Here is a video of the sick fuck talking about his untested and unprotected bisexual 3somes with whores and fags and gay escorting.





Donny Long responds to the trolls

Donny Long called us today from his private jet. He was laughing.

Donny Long (a limited liability company)

He asked that we post this letter to the industry in response to recent bullshit being spread about the porn industry.

A clean getaway

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to speak to him very long. He was on the way to his bank…somewhere in Switzerland. Damn!

Porn Wikleaks Headquarters

We’ll take a coffee break at PWL headquarters and let Donny takes the reins for a few minutes. So here it goes…Donny Long speaks:

“So I don’t like responding to trashy scumbags fags that everyone can see are jealous and  full of shit but I think it would be fun and worth while to show the facts just to discredit these losers. I really dont care what anyone says on the net anymore because they are just a bunch of keyboard warriors that now can talk shit that I am not in the business or LA or FL. What big balls you sissies have. The people that posted the Bullshit and not the facts in my response just prove how worthless and stupid they really are and where the industry is headed including Cindi Stupis.

“For those of you that know the bullshit people are saying about me, here are the facts. After performing in over 1000 scenes and directing another 500 for my own production company and studio which porn.com bought.  I Then moved to Florida and did my own productions there while testing through BIO Collections in Miami which all the Florida talent uses.

“After a year of that I then retired on December 31st, 2009 from performing and directing! That means my last AIM test in LA when I was last there would have had to be around December 31st, 2008. Anyways match the dates and you can figure out who is lying. Last AIM test 9/10/2010???? BULLSHIT just like everything else the fags and fag lovers say that try and discredit someone like me. I have not even been in the USA in almost 2 years now.

Here is proof below:

posted December 31st, 2009

My Retirement announcement because of http://www.xxxfilmjobs.com and the new email blast AGENTS cant compete

POSTED Apr 01 2010

Aim healthcare and disease are you safe?

Also to Mercedes Ashley: You wish I had time to stalk you online. That’s a good one. Someone couldn’t pay me enough money to fuck you let alone stalk you.

Now who would you want to believe me or…

Meet Sean Tompkins

Mercedes Ashley’s new fan and the newest member of the gay mafia that runs illegal file and password sharing sites and has 3 ex-wives he owes like $20000 a piece to for back child support.  He has 3 different little half black babies with 3 different mommies and he disowned them all. Kaiden Tompkins, his son must really be proud of daddy. Wonder how the black community feels about this guy.

Sean Tompkins with his whore mother and fat piece of shit sister.
File:Tompkins family (24).jpg

Mercedes Ashley


Mark Spiegler

File:Mark Spiegler.jpg

Mike South


“Now please go out there and keep kicking yourselves in the face as I live my retired life laughing at the things you guys come up with.

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