2 years in a row, Desiree Brennan doesn’t get any birthday wishes on Twitter

Two years in a row, Desiree Brennan, who takes pride in her Twitter followers even though they don’t pay any attention to her, had announced that it was her birthday, no one acknowledged her!

Hell, even Sean Tompkins, just one of the people that Desiree is obsessed with, tries to alienate, and thinks that he likes her, she had tweeted to him that it was her birthday and he didn’t even wish her a happy birthday. Even Goddess Vienna, Ari Bass, and Crystal Hefner didn’t wish her a happy birthday.

Another year goes by and Desiree isn’t able to get a man to become attracted to her fat ass. Another year goes by and no man wants to duck Desiree, date her, or anything else. Another year goes by and Desiree’s Twitter followers don’t pay her any attention.

No wonder why she hides her identity while she talks shit, imagine how much more of a loser and failure she is if she were to reveal more about her pathetic life!

Desiree Brennan Punked Out Via Text Message

Desiree Brennan got punked out via text message. Despite all the shit that she talks, she’s just a cowardly keyboard warrior who attacks people that have more than her and have had and are having a better life than her. Tristan Stadtmuller got her phone number and PUNKED her out after she REFUSED to answer her phone because she was too scared and she knew that her feelings would get hurt. All that this fat fuck life failure who isn’t capable of getting a man to become attracted to her can do, is hide behind fictitious accounts while hiding her identity. She’s insecure about her weight and she thinks that talking shit from behind a computer is her way of being able to bully people to make up for her life of being bullied. You should of heard her voicemail greeting, a deep voice that’s not sexy and has no confidence, a true loser. Yet she claims that she’s a survivor, yeah ok! Lmao

Desiree Brennan & her land of make believe

Fat fuck, super unattractive, artist reject, Desiree Brennan is a major online joke. This fat coward, who obviously grew up being rejected by all the cool kids and all the guys (even the ugly ones), just can’t accept the fact that Twitter doesn’t give a shit about her, especially Goddess Vienna.

A little birdie had told me that it was hilarious being able to hear her voice with her voicemail greeting. He said that you can easily tell that she’s not only BIG, but she has no confidence in herself, WHY WOULD SHE? She’s HUGE and UNATTRACTIVE! How many times a week do men ask her out? NONE! How often does men try to fuck her? NONE! I bet she didn’t even have a date to her prom, maybe it was just one of her cousins.

Desiree Brennan trolls people and harasses/stalks people from Ficticous accounts because it’s her way of dealing with how she was bullied as a kid and how even at her age, she’s still a loser and a reject.

She’s been rejected for her weight and her looks. She’s been rejected as an actress (even that fat girl in ‘Precious’ succeeded as an actress) she’s been rejected as an artist. She’s been rejected by people in general for just about everything else.

Donny Long doesn’t care about Desiree Brennan because she’s just one of those ECHO people who alienate groups and tags along and nobody likes them! Hell, Goddess Vienna can give two flying fucks about Desiree.

Desiree Brennan represents all that is wrong with America. Parents need to raise their kids to become confident in themselves, that being obese isn’t a good thing, take pride in yourself so you can look halfway decent, and use your brain! Unfortunately, Desiree Brennan has gone through life without any of this.

It’s funny as hell though how she takes pride in her Twitter, yet none of her followers give two shits what she tweets, lol! From it being her birthday to her being in the hospital, fucking loser. Even JULES didn’t truly like her.

You’ll never see this bitch in Vegas. She’ll end up going by herself. Fat fuck changed her number because she can’t handle a true confrontation, she knows that her feelings would end up getting hurt and she’ll end up crying. Just like she cries that no man could ever want her.

Going through life fugly and stupid is pathetic.

Desiree Brennan on Explore Talent

For some stupid reason, Desiree Brennan thought that she could get work as an actress or something like that in front of the camera. Well, she FAILED! Who in the fuck would want to hire her to appear in front of the camera for anything other than the BEFORE person for a slim fast commercial?

Yelp, that’s why she didn’t answer her phone when a certain someone had called her, she got too scared to have an actual conversation with someone in which she can’t hide behind a fake account. She knew that her feelings would get hurt and she would be left crying. Truly sad that she lives in a fantasy world thinking that Ari Bass’s wife likes her, lol! Poor girl, she needs to get a life and make friends, real friends! She’s a little kid that has make believe friends.

A true psychotic loser! Moreso than Monica Foster. Foster has live in johns, but at least she can actually get a dick inside of her, Desiree can’t attract a man for shit.


Desiree Brennan FINALLY gets her ass handed to her!

Desiree Brennan hasn’t had anything posted about her in a while, but since she wants to mouth off on Twitter about a buddy of ours, it’s time that she gets another posting. Despite the fact that Desiree Brennan is a life long loser who has never accomplished anything in her life, she’s also a cyber-bully wannabe that is nothing more than a coward. About a month ago, Desiree Brennan’s cellphone number got leaked out and she received a lengthy text message in which she got her ass handed to her. Desiree Brennan, being the coward that she is, didn’t respond nor answer the phone, all she did was get on her Twitter and CRY CRY CRY talking shit to the guy who handed her ass to her on a silver platter. Desiree Brennan obviously made it public thinking that her Twitter followers would give a shit, when in fact, they don’t. Her Twitter followers didn’t care when she tweeted that it was her birthday a few times, they don’t care when she cries that her insides are hurting her, and they didn’t care when she tweeted that she was in the ER because her insides were hurting. On a side note, Desiree’s insides hurt so much because it’s her body telling her that she needs to lose about 300 pounds!

Desiree Brennan is the biggest loser on the internet, even moreso than Monica Foster. Hell, Desiree Brennan is a loser in life in general! So far this summer, Desiree hasn’t had any dates! Who in the hell would want a fat slob, who is negative minded, nerdy, and has serious mental issues?

The Three Stooges lose Tranyfucker website

Well, well, well! The tranyfucker website has been suspended and it appears that it will be permanently! That website became a playground for the low life failures, Monica Foster, Desiree Brennan, and Jules. Each of these retards who are losers in life, posted on this website daily talking shit. These three can only talk shit to someone from behind the safety of a computer, but never to a person’s face. As we all know, Jules has been permanently BANNED from PWL as well. These idiots will never amount to anything in life and will never be worth anything.



Who is Desiree Brennan of Kansas City? A complete obese failure in life

For over the past year, Donny Long and Tristan Stadtmuller have been trolled & stalked by a psychotic troll who goes by the name of Desiree Brennan. This psycho, fat, and life failure photoshopped pictures of Donny Long doing gay porn and she posted a defaming posting on the dirty.com about Stadtmuller. Desiree is possessed with jealousy, anger, & negativity.

Desiree Brennan has no affiliation with the porn industry and FAILED to even get her foot in the door of the entertainment industry period! She attacks people like Donny & Stadtmuller for their accomplishments. It is believed that she can’t even get a boyfriend nor girlfriend with how much of a nerdy slob she looks. Desiree Brennan takes pride in having over 1000 followers, yet none of them pay her any attention when she tweets anything. She had tweeted that it was her birthday 3-4 times & ALL of her followers ignored her and not one of them had wished her a happy birthday.

With time and effort invested, we have discovered with how much a loser, failure, & psycho that Desiree Brennan is. This obese failure in life is as much as a psycho as Monica Foster.

1st, this link is Desiree’s FAILED attempt at being an artist and photographer. She charges outrages prices for being a nobody: http://www.nobullart.com/index.php?L1=gallery&gallery_id=C18R30ALN0&category=Desiree

Desiree is a huge comic book nerd, she keeps changing the handle of her account and at one time she had it as Huntress, Desiree clearly used it also with this contact form link for her failed art to buy: http://www.nobullart.com/index.php?L1=contact&gallery_id=C18R30ALN0 It should be noted that this website is for “struggling artist” who can’t afford a website of their own.

Desiree Brennan is a obese slob who FAILED to become an actress: https://www.exploretalent.com/desireebrennan she list her body type as large.

She’s a loser in real life and off of social media. She harasses people on Twitter, defames them, and hides like a coward because she’s angry that her life is shitty even though she has a B.A. She’s so much of a loser that she has no internet service at her job, not even a wifi connection, even McDonald’s offers free wifi. Desiree needs to disappear and leave people alone before things gets worse for her and she gets a shit storm like Foster is getting and things are going to get even worse for Foster here in the near future.

She’s a nutjob who tweets that she hates most people and it’s because she’s a total failure in life, obese, basically has nothing to live for.

Myspace: https://myspace.com/desireebrennan

Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/desiree-brennan-790bb356

Last known address & number: 1227 W 75Th St, Kansas City, MO 64114, (816) 523-0782

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/desiree.brennan.94