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LATATA advertises on mike south website

Derek Hay and LATATA advertise on Mike SOuth website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder mike south takes it easy and tries to cover up for LATATA and Derek hays blatant lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mike south dont want to lose his lunch money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see the banner on right side of

PWL GETS IT FIRST: Lisa Ann says Faggot Derek Hay tried to pimp Alex Jones Hepatitis to her

Now get this Lisa Ann is one of the biggest fag hags in porn putting people at risk that loves to fuck homosexuals over and over and over like Christianx and many more. She prefers them cause she likes the smaller dicks that shoot up Caverjet and are easy to hurry and fuck and get her check. She stated “Putting others health a risk to make a bit of money is unacceptable” THEN WHY DO U LIKE TO FUCK HOMOSEXUALS U STUPID WHORE? Anyways here is the rest. Is Alex Jones another one of Derek Hay’s crossover faggots from gay porn?

Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

Confusion: The Unavailable will NOT be on the Agency site, it would be on a testing site that can be accessed by Talent and Producers.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

I have been here before, and I will be here again
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

In closing, I am sure my phones will be blowing up, I am also ready and sure I will be threatened. It is par the coarse.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

Putting others health a risk to make a bit of money is unacceptable.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

Come on people, I love this business, I will always fight for it, But it is scarier than ever with the lack of trust ..
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

This is also to remind the evil doings of “Breaking the Trust” they will be called out.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

Tonights information share was NOT without warning. This is to protect myself and my peers.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

I called the other day to discuss this. Now I have called Free Speech, I have called the agency and I have had text banter with my suspect.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

I can say this. He is listed as the very first Male Model on the Men’s Page of
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

Like I said, this is speculation & I can’t name names. I don’t know who his exact agent is, because many of the offices have many agents.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

I did not work with him, I advice others to do the same.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

I contacted the production company immediately, Told them to cancel all of his shoots and to contact other producers in their companies.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

After getting a copy of his test, i took that information and called the testing Center and got 2 Verbal Confirmations he can NOT work.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

Here is where “Opportunity Knocks” and with a good heart, a strong conviction you open that door. I took the shoot and requested his test.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

Interesting as it was, and as close to home as it could be, I got a call about doing a scene with him this weekend. Ironic, right..
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

And just like our last “Incident” I texted the person involved to discuss. I have NO issues calling you out, once I have enough info.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

Here is where I get involved. I do my homework, make multiple phone calls and put all the pieces together
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

This is when the agent, if the talent is not responsible enough to make the right choice the agent should step in.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

At this point the Agent is aware their talent is NOT showing up as available
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 2h

Clearly “Available” means you are good to go to shoot. “Unavailable” means NO GO, you cannot shoot. This is where that “Trust is needed.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

We can go to the web site, log in and all see the same indicators, “Available” or “Unavailable” – or we can call the testing centers
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

Again this is medical information that we are no longer allowed to see, But they do have some option for us to get the information.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

This is when he should not even have the option to thing of another way to continue shooting, he should have stopped doing scenes!
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

He tried both centers and they both came up with a positive test.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

Someone and maybe more, I can not be sure, but someone sadly didn’t pass.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

We have been getting more advanced testing and we are growing in the right direction there.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

A couple of months ago, our 2 Industry, Testing Centers that we all go to added Hepatitis Testing to our tests.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

My Peers in the industry can also get involved and request the same answers I have.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

But you, just like me, can do a little research on your own and make your own assumptions
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

This is NOT a vendetta, this is also just “Speculation” and I can NOT name names.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

Well, as you all know me.. I will take the stand, before I do this I must be clear on a couple of things.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

I have to find out that others already know, but don’t take a stand. No one has done anything about it…
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

Why do I have to be the one that sits up at night, trying to find the truth? Even worse the fact that when I start to research…
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

but less than desired roll- as I call “Whore Detective” The PI of Porn..
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

Since I have been back on sets I have noticed some things that once again, made me take the responsible, BUT
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

What wasn’t a mistake was how well it was handled and how quickly most responded.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

Last week we had a situation that ended up being a mistake, mistakes happen. Everything is ok…
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 3h

Let me start by saying this. As a performer in the Adult Business we all take risks. One of the risks we run is having to trust others.
Lisa Ann ‏@thereallisaann 4h

BIG NEWS tonight at 9pm (pst) this news is for everyone, BUT it is imperative that my industry pays attention. This is A VERY serious matter

Derek Hay LA Direct Models head count and attack real names

Its time again to attack the names of all of gay pimp Derek Hays stupid crack hookers and anyone related to them, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, pets and so on. Faggot Derek Hay is down to 92 models from his whopping 150 before and came out attcking this fag and any fag hag stupid enough to be pimped by him. Everyone that hates Derek and want to see him go down please post real names of the following hookers of his and update info on them on wiki. BANG POW BOOM COCK SUCKER.

Addison Avery
Adriana Chechik
Alexis Adams
Alexis Amore
Alexis Ford
Alexis Texas
Allie Haze
Allie James
Amy Brooke
Andy San Dimas
Ann Marie Rios
Anna Morna
Ariana Fox
Ava Addams
Ava Devine
Bella Marie
Blake Rose
Brandy Aniston
Brooklyn Jade
Carmen Valentina
Christie Stevens
Courtney Cummz
Courtney Shea
Dani Jensen
Danielle Delaunay
Darla Crane
Gracie Glam
Gulliana Alexa
Hailey Scott
Heather Vahn
Holly Brooks
Holly Hanna
Ivy Sherwood
Jayden Lee
Jericha Jem
Jessika Gotti
Jynx Maze
Kacey Jordan
Karina White
Karmen Karma
Kat Dior
Kaylani Lei
Kelly Surfer
Kiera King
Kimberly Kendall
Kylie Kane
Laela Pryce
Laurie Vargas
Layla Rose
Lexi Belle
Lia Lor
Lia Lynn Robinson
Lilly Banks
Madison Fox
Mary Carey
Melina Mason
Mercedes Lynn
Michelle Maylene
Mikki Lynn
Misty Anderson
Misty Stone
Miyah West
Monique Alexander
Natalie Moore
Nikki Pinx
Nikki Seven
Priya Anjali Rai
Raven Bay
Raven Rockette
Rikki Six
Sarah Blake
Shay Laren
Shay Lynn
Spencer Scott
Stefania Mafra
Sunny Leone
Tara Lynn Foxx
Tasha Reign
Teagan Presley
Teal Conrad
Tiffany Fox
Tori Black
Tori Taylor
Tory Lane
Veronica Rodriguez
Vicki Chase
Yasmine deLeon

SHOCKING: LA Direct Models and Spiegler Girls not licensed anymore

LA Direct Models and Spiegler Girls are not licensed anymore cause they are trying to fly under the radar for all the illegal doings they are doing pimping and pandering, violating the man act, double dipping [taking money from producer and girl], and sending models to unsafe work environments. Maybe someone should contact the department of labor and licensing and ask them why they are allowing this to happen. Do a search at the link below and you will see no Spiegler girls or LA Direct Models anymore and there always was before. Note that Direct Models is a different company from that of Derek Hay Gay.

Another one of Derek Hays hookers speak – Mayor Eric Garcetti needs a wiki for protecting him

Yet another one of Derek Andrew Hays hookers speak about LA Direct Models illegal hooking dealing and even the new mayor of los angeles Eric Garcetti refuses to charge Derek with pimping and pandering and violating the man act. Get this fucking gay Jew Eric Garcetti a wiki for protecting him. Also dont forget Now here is the letter thats been making its rounds around all the press sites.

Dear Nik, I am writing you today cause there is currently a lawsuite thats pending against Derick Hay the owner of LA Direct Models…this is him.

First off let me say that I am currently one of the girls represented on the LA Direct site. I’m not going to say who I am cause I am afraid for my career in the adult industry as well as my own personal safety. EVERYTHING that comes out of this mans mouth is a lie. He swears up and down that he is not envolved in an escort site called he has some friends of his that are a couple name Karen and Dave. Karen..(known as Adonia) is the person in charge but her husband is named Dave He takes care of all the computer stuff.

Derick cant be envolved cause he is afraid to get in trouble for violating California Labor Laws. Nearly every girl that is part of his Agency is told by him that if they want to make extra money that we can work for his escort company. If we dont want to be openly publicised on the escort site Karen will put us on her VIP password protected site.

I have been told by Derick personaly that I had a video shoot and then I show up at a hotel in the valley and there are no cameras. I was upset the first time this happened but I was new and needed the money.

The second time I was TOLD what it was upfront. I refussed to go to the job cause it wasnt something that I was really into. I was asked by Karen if i was sure I didnt want to go….I said yes. 5 mins later I get a call from Derick telling me that if I didnt go on the date that I wouldnt be working in the adult industry at all anymore.

He would Blacklist me with every production company in the valley. That I needed to do my job and “stop fucking with my money” I of course did the date but was very upset as this was the same man that sat at his desk a few months earlier as I was about to sign my contract telling me how he would always look out for me and my best intentions.

Im not complaining about being a pornstar…or an escort. Ive made my choices and I guess someone has to do it so it might as well be me. There are multiple pornstar escort companies based in the LA area but nothing as terrible as the way Derick opperates his company.

If your one of the lucky girls and Derick likes you maybe he will date you…like he has done with girls like Amy Brooke….Tasha Riegn and his current girlfriend Teal Conrad. Then you will always get booked for Video work. Maybe he will call you one day and have you come over and give him a handjob so that you can stay in his good graces. Its fucking so wrong his britsh ass needs to get fucking deported.

So many of the models that have left and went to other agencies are scared to speak up cause Derick will just call the production companies and tell them they can’t book any of the LA Direct girls if they work with someone that speaks out against LA Direct.

He has an evil grip on the adult industry and it needs to be stopped. Ive had production companies contact me directly through my twitter account and ask why Im not available. I would respond WHO told you Im not available….its always Derick or the agency…he pushes his favorit girls and they get the most work. I book more stuff for myself than he does…but i always have to pay the agency commision or I will get balck listed and get no work at all.

Your known for calling out piece of sh*t people and their terrible business practices….Im hoping that you will post this and let the rest of the world know just what a piece of sh*t this man and BOTH his companies are.

NEW Protocol for gay pimp Derek Hays hookers of and

NEW Protocol is any porn hooker on any of Derek Hays sites or will be getting a blog post, forum thread, and wiki all SEOED for top of google search with there name and the the keyword “escort review” for when johns google them and escort review. These pages will not be pretty and will warn johns about these faghags and there gay pimp and all the STDs they have including possibly HIV from the faggot homosexuals they like to fuck.Other members will be able to add there own reviews and have fun making ones up also. Your escorting days will be numbered and you will lose tons of jobs.



illegal hooking ring also owned by gay pimp Derek Andrew Hay

This is from Donny Long something he posted on the forum but forgot to post it here.
“For those of you that dont know 3 and a half years ago not only did I expose the fact that Derek Hay owns illegal hooking ring where he is pimping and pandering porn hookers but I also exposed the fact he owns doing the same thing READ THE OLD POST HERE

Does this mean Derek Gay and Mark Spiegler gay Jew child rapist will be gone?

Gene Ross posted this below and I am wondering if it means gay pimp Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler gay Jew child rapist will be gone? Jailed? Or Sued out of business? Would be nice to see all 3 happen to both of them.

This is no joke, and Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition will be dragged into this thing for depos, mark my words. Man, is this going to get ugly but for the better.

Things are about to change in this industry. Agents are going to be held accountable for sending performers into harm’s way. Agents won’t be allowed to run escort and prostitution rings; the issue of workmen’s comp is going to be placed on the table, and the fear of a performer speaking out will be no more.

I can only hope this will be the dawn of a new and better porn industry once Manwin and its fleet of pirate ships are shown the door.

By the way, Peter Acworth, Princess Donna and can prepare themselves because hell will be coming to breakfast for them as well. Or so I hear.

A speeding Karma swerves into LA Direct?

This was just posted on our forum just a little bit ago and it sounds for real. We will let you be the judge whether or not Derek Hay from LA Direct Models is about to get his…

Discuss this Derek Hay getting his here

“”I know for a fact, that several girls met with investigators from the CA DOJ and IRS Fraud Investigation unit this week… I know cause I drove I sat and listened as my best friend and her coworkers showed documents and played AUDIO captured on voice recorders in purses of him threatening, offering blatant lies for missing earned income, forced and coerced women into escorting jobs they didnt want… and my personal fav… referred to his employees as “nothing more than slaves, like the chinks who come over in container ships, I own em until they pay off the debts I create for them” I know the names of the DOJ agents who came all the way from Sacramento for this very special meeting too, cause I do silly things like pay attention. Derek Hay and his minions will spend so much time with wood up their asses over the next 20 to Life that they forget they werent born as MOPS and BROOMS I heard terms like human trafficking, forgery, fraud, racketeering and conspiracy, kidnap, assault, threats of bodily harm…

this by the way is the same DOJ team that swept up the Armenian fraud rings just last month, so Id say they are on quite the roll and seem to take joy from a vibram sole placed against the back of a suspects neck. Mmmmm chills of joy for whats coming! Oh and on a very personal note.. you wouldnt believe how excited they got when they figured out Derek Hay isnt a US citizen.. and how the Constitution doesnt apply to him and how he can be held without charges on “insert anything you want here” forever while officers coax and encourage him to talk through enhanced interrogation tactics. Man oh man… did I mention Im excited??””
Discuss this Derek Hay getting his here

It was posted here anonymously Derek Hay going to jail?

WARNING: Christianx is fucking untested trannies in Hawaii – PROOF INSIDE

Well, it looks like porn god Donny Long was right again for warning people about this high risk homo Christianx and his gay crossover ways for years now.

Christianx got right back on the tranny train and ran to Hawaii after we posted a story about him being fired as a director and performer for Naughty America for being a crossover fag in straight porn.

Christianx’s tweet from June 15 confirming he is in Hawaii

If anyone has any doubt about him still fucking trannies or wonder why he is in Hawaii we have the scoop exclusively right here at

It was leaked to us that a company called TGA Inc, which calls itself the “The Internet’s Premier Transsexual Affiliate Program!” which is based out of Hawaii, is hiring Christianx to fuck untested fags with tits in Hawaii and that’s why he is there.

Get this, you want to know who setup the gig for Crissy? Christianx’s boyfriend Derek Hay sent him over there! You know the same guy that forces girls to fuck his high risk HIV queers working on the straight side.

Christianx featured on LA Direct models website before they went underground with their business relationship

Well if you are female talent in the business, CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!!

If you fuck Christian XXX or anything that has fucked him when he gets back and you get HIV then you deserve it!

By the way, watch what happens to the wikis, twitter accounts, and reputations of the whores that work with Christianx or invlove themselves with this HUGE HIV risk to our industry!


Look at the 4th and 5th addresses in Honolulu Hawaii on their websites 2257 statement here:

Also, check the link below and you will find this listing of their company address:

Grooby Bucks
Address: 770 KAPIOLANI BLVD STE 60
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 USA,+INC-HONOLULU-HI

If you go the website of the tranny he is pictured with in our forum thread from our board you can see that the website is under construction because they are shooting new tranny content for it right now.

Another example of Derek Hay and Christianx ruining the straight porn business and risking the lives of others.  No wonder CAL-OSHA was forced to police the industry.

When will the straight porn industry stand up get rid of these fags?

Discuss and see photographic proof here: Christianx back on the tranny train