Does this mean Derek Gay and Mark Spiegler gay Jew child rapist will be gone?

Gene Ross posted this below and I am wondering if it means gay pimp Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler gay Jew child rapist will be gone? Jailed? Or Sued out of business? Would be nice to see all 3 happen to both of them.

This is no joke, and Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition will be dragged into this thing for depos, mark my words. Man, is this going to get ugly but for the better.

Things are about to change in this industry. Agents are going to be held accountable for sending performers into harm’s way. Agents won’t be allowed to run escort and prostitution rings; the issue of workmen’s comp is going to be placed on the table, and the fear of a performer speaking out will be no more.

I can only hope this will be the dawn of a new and better porn industry once Manwin and its fleet of pirate ships are shown the door.

By the way, Peter Acworth, Princess Donna and can prepare themselves because hell will be coming to breakfast for them as well. Or so I hear.

WARNING: Christianx is fucking untested trannies in Hawaii – PROOF INSIDE

Well, it looks like porn god Donny Long was right again for warning people about this high risk homo Christianx and his gay crossover ways for years now.

Christianx got right back on the tranny train and ran to Hawaii after we posted a story about him being fired as a director and performer for Naughty America for being a crossover fag in straight porn.

Christianx’s tweet from June 15 confirming he is in Hawaii

If anyone has any doubt about him still fucking trannies or wonder why he is in Hawaii we have the scoop exclusively right here at

It was leaked to us that a company called TGA Inc, which calls itself the “The Internet’s Premier Transsexual Affiliate Program!” which is based out of Hawaii, is hiring Christianx to fuck untested fags with tits in Hawaii and that’s why he is there.

Get this, you want to know who setup the gig for Crissy? Christianx’s boyfriend Derek Hay sent him over there! You know the same guy that forces girls to fuck his high risk HIV queers working on the straight side.

Christianx featured on LA Direct models website before they went underground with their business relationship

Well if you are female talent in the business, CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!!

If you fuck Christian XXX or anything that has fucked him when he gets back and you get HIV then you deserve it!

By the way, watch what happens to the wikis, twitter accounts, and reputations of the whores that work with Christianx or invlove themselves with this HUGE HIV risk to our industry!


Look at the 4th and 5th addresses in Honolulu Hawaii on their websites 2257 statement here:

Also, check the link below and you will find this listing of their company address:

Grooby Bucks
Address: 770 KAPIOLANI BLVD STE 60
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 USA,+INC-HONOLULU-HI

If you go the website of the tranny he is pictured with in our forum thread from our board you can see that the website is under construction because they are shooting new tranny content for it right now.

Another example of Derek Hay and Christianx ruining the straight porn business and risking the lives of others.  No wonder CAL-OSHA was forced to police the industry.

When will the straight porn industry stand up get rid of these fags?

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TJ Hart confirms Derek Hay is a gay escort

TJ Hart has told PWL and affiliates several times about Derek Hay aka Ben English’s gay porn and his being an escort in San Fransisco and his past as a gay hustler. She has told many stories about how Derek use to be a gogo dancer at gay clubs and gay escort and how he prefers trannies over women and men.

True story! No exaggeration!

TJ Hart spoke about being Derek “girlfriend” during his early porn career when he was hustling old fags in Northern California and commuting to Los Angeles on a regular basis.


Feel free to give TJ Hart a call to confirm our story at:

(815) 758-7972

After some research we found TJ Hart did 3 BI scene’s with Derek where he fucks a guy in the ass, gets his dick sucked by a fag AND stares into his eyes while he jerks off for 2 min. to cum on the dudes face.

Wow! Derek Hay of LA Direct Models is really a queer!

No surprise to the folks at PWL. Why? Because queers are always the most competitive, greedy and vindictive cunts in the universe.

As is Derek Gay.

Given these facts, it makes sense that Derek Hay has attempted to force his gay agenda on the straight porn business.

To see Derek in full action and watch him smile away at his gay partner sucking his cock but be sure to watch it to the end when they show Derek Hay’s face of joy. Click  here:

Derek Gay in action


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Email from LA Direct model is further PROOF Derek Hay is behind TLC prostitution

We got an email the other day from one of Derek‘s girls that provides further evidence that Derek rips off his girls and that he is the man pulling the strings behind prostitution ring.

Here’s a screen cap of the email:

Here is the text version of the email:

“Like so many of the girls to work for Derek, I have decided to break away from him. I should have listened to everyone. I don’t have addiction problems, I have done well in the industry and was thought to be a favorite straight out of the gate, but I have just never seen a person treat ppl like that before.

Derek is a drug addict, one of the girls that genuinely cared for him, that he lead on into thinking she and he would have a relationship, showed me the bag of script drugs she had picked up for him.

Another girl in the house came here leaving behind her 6 children after being section 8, she spent her last few dollars to fly herself here after being promised at least $10,000…meanwhile, he had never planned to do anything with her, he brought her here to pay his rent on one of his houses!! He booked her just enough work to cover the cost she “owes” him. I haven’t been paid in months, and have been told that they are keeping it all bc i owe them…but its “charges” that i never agreed to!!

We are forced to do the webcam for LAdirect cam, but never see a cent of it!

I would like to know how to report him to the IRS.

Also, after one of the “models” came here from Miami, she had been turning tricks off of craigslist….gross! and was told to give karen a call. after seeing one of the men from TLC she went back to the mans hotel room with a large black man to hold the john up for an additional $500, she was kicked out of the house within hours, they put her things in bags and dropped her off at a dirty hotel room….if thats not his business, how did he know and why did he care?”

end email

Porn Wikileaks has already proven that Derek Hay is behind and profits from aka TLC. You can read all about it here: LA Direct Models Prostitution Front.

When will Los Angeles prosecutors do their job and put an end to Derek Hay’s prostitution network and money laundering scheme?

Call crime stoppers NOW 1-800-222-8477

LA Direct Models is a prostitution ring

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AIM Closed, Gay Mafia going down, Derek Hay’s models are next

(Discuss this post here:  AIM Closed, Gay Mafia going down, Derek Hay’s models are next)

The first pillar of the porn industry’s Gay Mafia has fallen.

Who's pulling the strings?

AIM healthcare has closed for good among lawsuits and claims of leaked data that will have the owners of AIM filing for bankruptcy protection to protect the money its principals have already made off the porn industry’s roster of cock sucking, crossover, “lay down and take it in the ass” talent.

Is it true that AIM was started by a $13,000 loan to Sharon Mitchell from a bull dyke named Diane Duke that runs the Free Speech Coalition?

At its height AIM serviced upwards of 1,500 adult performers monthly; grossing in the neighborhood of $200,000 per month.

How much of that money went into the pockets of Diane Dyke, oops, Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition?

Why do you think Diane Duke is going after that money now in her attempt to form a porn performer “union’ that regulates and administers HIV testing?

$100,000 or more per month is a lot of money to let slip away with the closing of AIM.

It IS true that AIM Healthcare knew about Porn Wiki Leaks release of porn star real names for months but did not comment or take note until it became mainstream news.

It IS true that AIM calmly planned to reopen as PWL released real names and cared not one bit about the release of real names until mainstream news forced them to respond.

AIM healthcare deserves to be closed. Their reckless use of medical data and failure to keep industry crossovers from infecting the straight porn industry proved them worthless.

Porn is lucky to be legal at all in Southern California. Thanks to the liberal film industry and a lot of failed actors, models, and directors, the porn industry has been allowed to thrive under the guise that it is NOT prostitution.

But we all know money for sex IS prostitution and THAT is why no one will EVER take down PWL for calling porn stars, “WHORES and HOOKERS!!”

Sometime in the late 1980’s Los Angeles prosecutors attempted to shut down the porn industry based on the fact that money is exchanged for sex and therefore the porn industry is nothing more than “filming the criminal act of prostitution.”

The porn industry wasn’t “legalized” as much as it was “not made illegal.”

The porn industry was allowed to continue under a favorable interpretation of the first amendment. The problem with this narrow victory for the porn industry is it left the industry wide open to attacks in the future.

What does PWL mean by this?

When you have an industry that is barely legal (pun intended) and pushing pseudo underage porn on the masses while parodying Hollywood blockbusters in idiotic, unfunny parodies; and you add to that that 90% of the performers in the industry are currently active in illegal acts of prostitution (prostitution is STILL ILLEGAL in case you didn’t know) and you add to that agents like Derek Hay, pimping girls and laundering the profits through their agencies (LA Direct Models,) etc.

These things make for a thin line that the porn industry is treading upon. A very thin and illegal line. At this point the porn industry becomes very open to attacks based on interpretations of laws.

Remember, the porn industry is only legal because of a favorable “interpretation” of the first amendment. But other laws require interpretation too; Cal-OSHA guidelines for example.

When you have an industry based on very flimsy victories and interpretations, the legality of the business and its permission to continue operates “by agreement.”

In other words, it is allowed to continue because the majority of citizens “agree that it should be allowed to continue.”

Whether there is a vote put to ballot or not, citizens vote with their visa cards, and as long as porn appears to NOT be a public health risk, and fills the coffers of California, it will be allowed to continue.

This is where the problems begin and this is what Sharon Mitchell never seemed to understand.

With the economy failing, and online porn taking the majority of the porn industry dollars away from California coffers and into foreign tax shelters, any public perception of high risk or health hazards could make the porn industry an easy target for political attacks.

Enter AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Sharon Mitchell failed to protect the porn industry and its performers from the high risk crossovers that caused the latest HIV breakout and will cause the next HIV breakout.

Sharon Mitchell failed to provide any way for the industry to deal with the vast amount of gay crossover performers brought into the industry and promoted by Derek Hay, owner of LA Direct models.

The Porn industry can’t afford more than about one HIV breakout every 10 years; especially with it’s “barely legal” status and constant illegal activity in the form of escorting and prostitution networks run through porn “agencies.”

Sharon Mitchell failed and she deserved to be put out of business. If AIM healthcare didn’t want to become a “target” perhaps they should not have chosen this image as their logo?

AIM logo

Now that porn and HIV are often mentioned in the same sentence, and performing is now considered high risk, look for attacks on all fronts from opportunistic organizations seeking to make political points or a quick laugh off the gay baboons of porn.

Enter Porn Wiki Leaks.

In the state of California, where true “free speech” does NOT exist and felatio will soon be taught in schools by gay teachers, the porn industry is casting a bad light on California’s “gay agenda.”

Because of the irresponsible high risk behavior encouraged by the power players of porn, it is, again, now commonly accepted that:


No one wants to say it.

And the Politically Correct media will NEVER say it.

Porn Wiki Leaks just said it.

And you can thank PWL for resurrecting the word “faggot” when speaking of the high risk gay crossovers that endanger the lives of many everyday.

Some people aren’t too GLAAD about that.

But you can REALLY thank Derek Hay, the gay pimp who runs the illegal prostitution and money laundering front known as LA Direct Models and The Luxury Companion, for systematically destroying the porn industry by advancing his gay agenda and supporting the pillars of his “Gay Mafia” (Diane Duke, AIM, Christianx, his gay male talent roster, etc.)

It is due to Derek Hay and his aggressive and illegal business practices that PWL has taken shape. Derek Hay has put many many “straight shooters” out of business, both performers, directors, and companies. He has fully endorsed and promoted “gay for pay” performers in straight porn (including gay escort work and high end privates) also allowing their participation in high risk gay, bi-sexual, and trans-sexual scenes with untested and often HIV positive scene partners.

If you don’t like Porn Wiki Leaks you can thank Derek Hay.

At what point does GLAAD and the REAL gay mafia decide that Derek Hay and his “gay for pay” roster are a liability and NOT forwarding the gay agenda of California’s elite?

As the pillars of the porn industry’s gay mafia begin to fall, the future of the porn industry is in question. We at Porn Wiki Leaks are removing the gay mafia “pillars” of the illegally run porn industry one by one.

“If you don’t like Porn Wiki Leaks you can thank Derek Hay.”

Derek Hay and LA Direct models and his roster of high end prostitutes is next.

The gay mafia has been under attack by since PWL began as six months ago. PWL apparently struck a nerve as traffic and supporters grows daily.

What is the Gay Mafia you ask? It is anyone that is a high risk performer that works in the UNTESTED gay industry and then jumps the fence into the straight “TESTED” porn industry and risk the lives of straight performers.

Who else is in the gay mafia? ANYONE who does business with them or supports them.

PWL and our online army of members are here to put a stop to the gay mafia and their forcing of their homo agenda on straights.

Who are the biggest player leading the gay mafia?


Sharon Mitchell, Derek Hay, Naughty America, Christianx aka Christian Michael Wians, Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition and many more.

Sharon Mitchell the child porn performer and heroin addict with her mail-order doctor degree lost her company.

AIM Healthcare and was put out of business by due to her being a part of and supporting the gay mafia and Porn Wiki Leaks took her pillar down.

The media is reporting that AIM is gone due to the AHF but they had little to do with it.

PWL took her out and she is only one of many more pillars of the gay mafia that will fall.

ANYONE and EVERYONE that supports and or helps the gays that work in untested gay porn and jump the fence into straight porn will fall.

Our next target is Derek Gay, oops, Derek Hay from LA Direct Models and his roster of gay loving HOOKERS and WHORES.

Also, Diane Dyke, oops, Diane Duke from FSC, Trannyfuckerxxx, oops I mean Christianxxx and all his crossover butt pirate HIV loving friends.

How did PWL take out AIM Healthcare and how will it take out Derek Hay and the rest of the gay mafia ? Its simple, by telling the TRUTH.

We released nothing more than real names of porn stars which caused AIM to go out of business due to rumors that the names came from Sharon Mitchell. The sad thing is over 16,000 porn stars information had to go public for AIM to fall.

Derek Hay is a former San Francisco gay escort, gay porn star,  gay go-go dancer, and crossover performer aka Ben English. He is also an illegal gay pimp that operates the prostitution front known as LA Direct Models and hooking prostitution network known as The Luxury Companion.

We at Porn Wiki Leaks hereby call on the PWL army of members to update every single one of LA Direct Models wiki pages with as much info as possible on these gay-loving illegal hookers and to also tweet all their fans and families all the info, including a warning to them about law enforcement and their illegal prostitution activities, drug use, etc.

Tell them PWL sent you.

Whores and pimps can’t make money doing their illegal prostitution if their Johns are scared to do business with them.

What we nned is to do nothing more than expose the truth to make this pillar fall.

Follow the money and take it away and this pillar will fall just like Sharon Mitchell did.

Here is a list of current models on LA Direct Models website:

Addie Juniper, Addison Oriley, Adriana Sephora, Aleksa Nicole, Alektra Sky, Alexia Rae, Alexis Amore, Alexis Love, Alexis Texas, Allie Haze, Amy Brooke, Angelina Valentine, Ann Marie Rios, Annie Lee, April ONeil, Ash Hollywood, Ashton Marie, Asphyxia Noir, Athena Pleasures, Ava Devine, Ava Addams, Bella Rose, Blake rose, Brandy Talore, Breanne Benson, Brittany Harper, Brooklyn Lee, Brynn Tyler, Cali Lee, Candy manson, Capri Anderson, Carina Roman, Cassandra Cruz, Charisma Cappelli, Charity Bangs, Charity Love, Chloe Reece Ryder, Courtney Cummz, Daisy Marie, Daisy Cruz, Dani Jensen, Darla Crane, Diamond Foxxx, Eden Adams, Eden Von Sleaze, Evanni Solei, Faye Reagan, Gina Lynn, Gracie Glam, Heather Vahn, Indigo Augustine, Jackie Daniels, Jaelyn Fox, Jazy Berlin, Jenaveve Jolie, Jenna Presley, Jordan Kingsley, Joslyn James, Kagney Linn Karter, Katie Jordin, Kaylani Lei, Kerry Louise, Kimber Peters, Kirsten Price, Kita Zen, Krissy Lynn, Kylee King, Layden Sinn, Lela Star, Lexi belle, Lexi Swallow, Lylith LaVey, Mackenzee Pierce, Madison Fox, Maggie Green, Makayla Cox, Mallory Rae Murphy, Mary Carey, Mckenzee Miles McKenzie Lee, Melanie Rios, Michelle Maylene, Michelle Bombshell McGee, Missy Daniels, Misti Dawn, Misty Anderson, Monique Alexander, Nadia Hilton, Nella Jay, Nina Mercedez, Persia Pele, Phoenix Marie, Reagan Ross, Riley Evans, Riley Jensen, Rosemary Radeva, Sadie Swede, Sam Morgan / Samora, Sara Stone, Sara Jaymes, Sarah Jessie, Sarah Vandella / Sara Sloane, Sea J Raw, Sheena Ryder, Skylar Price, Sunny Leone, Taryn Thomas, Tasha Reign, Taylor Wane, Tori Black, Tory Lane, Tyler Faith, Vanessa Cage, Vanessa Veracruz, Vicki Chase, Yurizan Beltran

Please take these names above and start searching the PWL wiki for them and update them with any information you have about their past and present illegal activities.

Each wiki should have links to the girl’s twitter account, facebook, myspace etc… for easy contact of the models and their Johns.

Also, post any reviews of their hooking performances and escort profiles and what they charge for prostitution appointments, both UTR (Under the Radar) and through overpriced pimps like Derek Hay.

When enough of you work as a team and really pound on the issue we can get the industry cleaned up and Derek Hay SHUT DOWN.

We will also be exposing any Johns that use the prostitution services of ANY of these girls or LA Direct Models.

LA Direct Models will fall and Derek Hay will be put out of business.

Porn Wiki Leaks and the PWL army will make sure of it.

PWL is pissed...

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