Happy New year to all you crazy ass readers and pathetic jobless fags, closet fags, whores, hookers, washed up hookers and whores AIDS patients, Hep-C carriers and faghags who are just begging to catch the bug.

With that said, hopefully in 2017 we get rid of more bottom feeders of the industry. Mike South has said goodbye in 2016 and hopefully Monica Foster is the next to be shown the door. Porn is a changing my friends and those that can’t keep up with the changes and the newer technology are being left out in the cold. Those that we want gone in 2017:

Monica Foster: (Court date March 3 that could see her lose her online presence.
Mark Spiegler: Bad health, could succumb to diabetes, cancer, heart attack or stroke
Christian Wians: Could this be the year? Will he fuck an HIV+ tranny and catch the big himself?

PWL keeps rolling even as it was left for dead more than five years ago and while its adversaries drop left and right.

And with that, Happy New Year to ALL!

This is how homosexual ChristianXXX treats his fans

So, homosexual ChristianXXX claims that he makes a shitload of money with his trannyfucker web site which is surprising considering he’s an ugly, bald, alien looking piece of shit that fucks some of the most hideous piece of shit faggots with tits in existence. But some out there have weird fetishes and enjoy watching his disgusting videos, I guess. To each their own. The problem with this big queer is in how he treats “fan bois.” One of these fans contacted him on Twitter recently and here is how that discussion went:

[email protected] Hi @christianxxx1, while in England would like to see @Ts_Pixie on http://com 😉

[email protected] @jack22065013 are you a member?

@jack22065013 @christianxxx1 been a member, not now though.will be back soon I hope 🙂

@christianxxx1 @jack22065013 i could care less what non members have to say. either join and stay joined or don’t ask me for favors.

So basically, this bald retard just kissed a future subscription goodbye because he felt like acting like an asshole to that poor, gay fan boi. He’s probably surprised that a subscription to his site isn’t at the top of some people’s priorities for the month. Consider that a sub to watch this faggot fuck dudes with tits costs more than a Sirius subscription, Netflix subscription, Hulu subscription and so on. This is shades of Mercedes Ashley who publicly berated her fans that dropped their subs or Mariah Milano who runs around boasting about her wealth while calling people “losers.”

Oh, and no mention by the fag of the 5 police officers that were killed in his “great” state of Texas. The faggot is oblivious and simply continues to spam his links and pictures of homosexuals in wigs and tits while the rest of the world mourns. This fag can’t get AIDS fast enough.

Christian Wians AIDS controversy: Positive, negative, undetectable or unknown?

Can anyone confirm that this high risk HIV trannyfucker has AIDS?

Wians has just admitted to returning from fucking trannies in the same location that Darren James caught HIV from a tranny and he even admitted that several of the models he was to shoot with tested dirty, forcing the cancellation of shoots. Now there are two reports on this page of him “trying to get AIDS” and one that says he definitely does have it. Can anyone confirm?