Faghag and Faggot liberal American dumbasses still dont tell the truth about HIV infested faggots ruining porn

After all these years of straight super hero porn god Donny Long exposing fags and throwing them from there closets and posting and proving how fags are straight porns every problem to this day the Faghag and Faggot liberal American dumbasses still dont tell the truth about HIV infested faggots ruining porn. I ran across a video the other day of of that faghag Cameron Bay crying about her HIV and how the porn industry didnt protect her and how there needs to be condoms laws bla bla bla and still she nor anyone else seem to mention her live in sicko faggot boyfriend Rod Daily which gay her the HIV was activity taking it up the ass in UNTESTED gay porn AND BAREBACK GAY ESCORTING and thats where it came from. So sad that only Donny Long and this site seem to tell the truth about these sick fucks. Youtube cameron bay gay and you dont get anything but her and others whining about porn but nothing about her gay porn star live-in boyfriend that gave it to her which you can see whining next to her in this video below!

Here is a video of the sick fuck talking about his untested and unprotected bisexual 3somes with whores and fags and gay escorting.





Lotus Laine and Jonny Chorizo are in the same situation as Rod Daly and Cameron Bay!

These two are an industry HIV outbreak waiting to happen. Lotus Lain’s real name Dalilah Christina-Marie Lewis lives with and is the baby’s mama of cross-over gay/fag male talent Johnny Chorizo.They both are originally from Bakersfield and Chorizo is a veteran of the U.S.Navy and was put out on a medical discharge and is currently getting VA disability every month. They live together at 12632 Oxnard St. Apt.#A , North Hollywood, CA 91606 . Lotus’s/Dalilah’s phone number is 661-345-2986 and she uses the emails [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] . Her twitter is twitter.com/lotuslain and his is twitter.com/JohnnyChorizo .If you look at who he follows on twitter it is all gay/fag profilesmostly.. By Lotus’s/Dalilah’s own admission he is bisexual in his personal life and engages in gay/fag encounters all the time.The gay/fag Johnny Chorizo

This is the fag hag Lotus Lain

I have more info on this if needed. The truth needs to be out on these two and they need to be run out of the industry before they become talent zero!

Shelley Lubben on Cameron Bay hooker name Cameron Adams

Shelley Lubben also forgets to mention that Cameron Bay’s homosexual faggot boyfriend that works in gay porn gave her the HIV.

I am sickened to report that ANOTHER porn star has tested positive for HIV. Cameron Bay, only 28 years old, released a statement through the Free Speech Coalition, the industry trade group that mandates regular STD testing for performers:

“As difficult as this news is for me today, I am hopeful that no other performers have been affected,” she said in the statement. “I plan on doing everything possible to assist the medical professionals and my fellow performers. Following that, my long-term plan is to take care of myself and my health.”

The porn industry halted production AGAIN while sex partners of the performer are now undergoing tests. Among the sex partners who are being tested is Xander Corvus and Sydney Leathers, the sexting mistress of politician Anthony Weiner. Leathers had unprotected sex in her debut porn film “Weiner & Me” with Xander Corvus, an adult-film star — and three weeks ago, Corvus filmed a sex scene with Cameron Bay who recently tested positive for HIV.

Cameron told adult news AVN, “I don’t sleep around, I don’t do anything crazy, and I keep track of the people that I’ve worked with.”

Unfortunately we’ve all heard that one before. I did a little research on Cameron Bay who advertises herself as Cameron Adams and found several of her escort ads offering services such as Girlfriend Experience, Couples and Porn Star Experiernce. I can’t imagine what kind of “Porn Star Experience” she offers but if any indication is a scene she recently shot for Kink porn company, which was a violent gangbang, that is probably what she offers as a porn star “escort” or should I say porn star prostitute because that’s what porn star escorts really are: prostitutes.

Cameron Bay isn’t just a porn star prostitute though, she is also a convicted felon and has a wrap sheet of more than 17 charges to her name according to MailOnline, some of which were dismissed. She also spent more than a year in prison in Arizona 2007 for forgery which she was convicted for a felony. Her other charges range from traffic violations to aggravated assault.

But of course nobody wants to believe that porn isn’t glamorous. They want to imagine nice law abiding female citizens who come from good homes that enjoy making porn. But a closer look into the lives of porn stars reveals the dirty truth beneath the glamour. Porn is NOT glamorous.

Please pray for Cameron as she has a LOT on her plate. My heart breaks for her and I pray she will give her life to God and let Him make something beautiful out of her life before it’s too late. Cameron, if you are reading this, I would love to help you. You can email Pink Cross Foundation at [email protected] You still have your whole life ahead of you. YOU are made for greater things than porn, prositution and HIV!

If you would like to donate to Pink Cross to help women escape porn you may do so at www.thepinkcross.org. Be sure to read over 20 stories of ex porn stars who escaped and are now in recovery thanks to generous people who donated to Pink Cross Foundation.

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Is Jim Powers to blame for 2013 HIV breakout?

Is Jim Powers to blame for 2013 HIV breakout? Jim hired a bunch of guys off the street and gay crossovers like Jay Ashley about 4 days ago and now now word is that Cameron Bay got her HIV from her faggot boyfriend that works in gay porn that she worked with in a 50 man gangbang anal creampie also. Did Jim Powers shoot it and hire that faggot to creampie her dirty faghag ass? Jim we want answers here. You should know better. Next you will be hiring Christianx WtF

JimPowers@JimPowersXXX 18 Aug

50 creampies. KAPOW

And here is the 50 guy anal creampe this faghag worked in with her homosexual faggot boyfriend where she  got HIV.

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