Eccentric world traveling porn guy Brandon Iron has signed on to blog FOR FREE over at Mike South’s blog – Which is struggling financially and looks like something out of 1998. The thick skinned Iron is famous for his work in porn and also going to war with performers online when needed – But only when provoked as Brandon is an even tempered nice guy. We believe this is just an oversight on Mr. Iron’s part. South usually has a falling out with most of his “friends” when they realize what a scumbag control freak he is so this should be short lived. But what a waste of good stories. The best part of Iron’s participation online was the no holds barred uncensored chat with fan bois and outsiders as well as insiders. Iron, all five feet six of him, handled himself as good as anyone – sticking to facts and staying clear of the ad hominem attacks employed by cowardly fan bois and whiny titty babies like Christianx. We will see what happens.

Fag Boy ‘Max Rhino’ exposed as one of the trash that posts on ‘That other forum.’

‘The other forum’ that used to be cool and used to be tied in with PWL but that has now devolved into a trash heap of faggotry, failed mopes, failed whores and loser fan bois since Donny Long stopped maintaining it, has been home to the dickless piece of shit that calls himself Max Rhino on that old, dead fag forum that straight male porn god Brandon “God” Iron still posts on for some reason. The little stupid faggot fuck Rhino exposed himself today by posting some of the same stupid shit there that he posts on the disgraced “other forum” that has been overtaken by faggots, niggers, the mentally ill and failures over the past few months. His obsession with Donny’s funding campaigns and DL’s former Thai wife gave the little shitbag away. So Rhino, just remember something when you post at that “other form” and trash God Long, he built that place for one thing and another thing, you only post there because you’re too much of a chicken shit to post here under a registered name. Sit there with the rest of the Unregistered trash and sit on Gia Jordan’s shit pile site where you are nice and safe, surrounded by faggots to back you up and where Donny gets unfairly censored. In the words of ‘God Iron’, “Donny is the donny Trump of porn, telling things as he sees it without a filter. I may not agree with what he says but I defend his right to say it!”

NOTE FROM MOD: This just proves even more that he is Mark Spiegler because Mark in real life likes Christianx and supports him and lets him fuck his hookers.