Happy New year to all you crazy ass readers and pathetic jobless fags, closet fags, whores, hookers, washed up hookers and whores AIDS patients, Hep-C carriers and faghags who are just begging to catch the bug.

With that said, hopefully in 2017 we get rid of more bottom feeders of the industry. Mike South has said goodbye in 2016 and hopefully Monica Foster is the next to be shown the door. Porn is a changing my friends and those that can’t keep up with the changes and the newer technology are being left out in the cold. Those that we want gone in 2017:

Monica Foster: (Court date March 3 that could see her lose her online presence.
Mark Spiegler: Bad health, could succumb to diabetes, cancer, heart attack or stroke
Christian Wians: Could this be the year? Will he fuck an HIV+ tranny and catch the big himself?

PWL keeps rolling even as it was left for dead more than five years ago and while its adversaries drop left and right.

And with that, Happy New Year to ALL!

Homosexual Mike South aka Michael Thomas Strother accuses Donny Long of being gay

Well, well, well, the southern fag Michael Thomas Strother that shoots bukkake films featuring untested guys he finds on the streets and who even installs himself in these films sometimes has taken a cheap shot at Donny Long:


“I know that Donny Long and Sean Failkins were sitting in a love seat, holding hands and masturbating each other at the thought of someone purchasing this site and it falling into their hands….I guess they will just have to go back to thinking about Nick Manning or whomever when they fellate each other now.”

This was in reference to South tucking tail and running away now that 1) He’s about to get the shit sued out of him and 2) His little begging campaign failed and he will not be able to hire an attorney to fight this. As for what he said, South just proves he’s the fag with these types of graphic, lewd, gay descriptions. Why the Nick Manning reference? I guess Mike dreams about Nick “dropping loads” all over his frozen (Bells Palsy) face.

The fact is that South couldn’t even give his site away, no one wants it. If he was as powerful and influential as he claims, he would be able to sell it but to no avail. As he said, porn is dead – no one will buy a porn site that is based in L.A. much less Atlanta in this day and age. Go away, old man, treat your bells palsy (Frozen face) and go take a face plant off your little motor scooter.



Mike South is a fraud and a failure. “One of the most powerful men in porn,” our ass. He has recently put up a campaign begging for $20k to help him fight the guy that is now suing his ass in court and all he has to show for it in 9 days is a measly 200 bucks. Face some facts: Mike South was never powerful, never influential, was never a rocket scientist for NASA as he has claimed and most of porn doesn’t know who he is. The clown doesn’t even live in L.A. That’s the way it has always been. This donation scam campaign he’s running just drives these points home. He is now deleting blog posts, rarely updates his site and his readers don’t post much anymore. Who posts there anyway? A bunch of pseudo-intellectual fan bois, cam whores no one has ever heard of and D list performers that no one cares about. South is all done. Finished.


Eccentric world traveling porn guy Brandon Iron has signed on to blog FOR FREE over at Mike South’s blog – Which is struggling financially and looks like something out of 1998. The thick skinned Iron is famous for his work in porn and also going to war with performers online when needed – But only when provoked as Brandon is an even tempered nice guy. We believe this is just an oversight on Mr. Iron’s part. South usually has a falling out with most of his “friends” when they realize what a scumbag control freak he is so this should be short lived. But what a waste of good stories. The best part of Iron’s participation online was the no holds barred uncensored chat with fan bois and outsiders as well as insiders. Iron, all five feet six of him, handled himself as good as anyone – sticking to facts and staying clear of the ad hominem attacks employed by cowardly fan bois and whiny titty babies like Christianx. We will see what happens.


PWL is back with a new server and gets 10,000 uniques a day. Our sister site AdultFYI.com does well too, but PWL is king and always has been. And now this tool will be used to kick Monica Foster, who insists on disturbing the bull. And now the bull will kick back harder, faster and longer than ever before and won’t let up.

We would like to remind our friends to remain private on Twitter because Foster doesn’t have a life and is deeply affected by the blogs written about her. That equals a very lonely, very bored woman with nothing but time on her hands, reporting every tweet as they get posted, getting our accounts flagged and suspended and causing her to jump for joy – Mind you this is the highlight of her life while most women her age are busy caring for their husbands and children and doing some traveling.

Welcome back PWL and let the fun begin!

The Real Mike South

On March 13th Mike south decided to make a blog post about me under his Stripper stories section on Mikesouth.com . He rudely calls me a dumb bitch, among other things; Which is pretty funny considering the proof I’m showing shows the items were never delivered to anyone, as it busted in transit and was sent back to Mr. South. Mr. South still has not even given UPS his address to get the items, as they are already in Georgia . The address he says I gave him doesn’t even exist, as the numbers on the street only go up to 2100. He also fails to mention the girl girl scene I shot with Lindsey Lovehands, that was supposed to be sent to me with my company tanning items. He has yet to pay me for the scene or return my content to me as he promised per the pic of the email he sent me acknowledging the situation. This man makes a living off of blasting others for the same things that he himself does to girls that work with him. Then, won’t even post the rebuttal with clear proof that he is lying to simply drum up business for his dwindling blog site. Surely, a Man of his stature has better stories than posting one of what he calls, a, “Dumb Bitch” But, I digress. All I wanted was help with my site from someone I thought I could trust, what I got was the real Mike South.