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Tag: ben english

Which Agent is worse…?

Which agent is worse. Jim South who pimped underage minors not to mention cross booking? Sandra from OC who continually allows gay dudes to come back and forth then threatens to sue anyone with lawsuits all the while the faggots girlfriend is turning tricks for Ben English? Ben English gay foreign national who runs illegal […]

TJ Hart confirms Derek Hay is a gay escort

TJ Hart has told PWL and affiliates several times about Derek Hay aka Ben English’s gay porn and his being an escort in San Fransisco and his past as a gay hustler. She has told many stories about how Derek use to be a gogo dancer at gay clubs and gay escort and how he […]

Derek Hay has enemies in Florida

Derek Hay, the most hated man in porn aka the gay pimp who runs LA Direct models, is already having problems in Florida after trying to expand his prostitution ring there since late last year. As we all know, Derek Hay is a pompous cunt who will stop at nothing to fuck over everyone, including […]

AIM Closed, Gay Mafia going down, Derek Hay’s models are next

(Discuss this post here:  AIM Closed, Gay Mafia going down, Derek Hay’s models are next) The first pillar of the porn industry’s Gay Mafia has fallen. AIM healthcare has closed for good among lawsuits and claims of leaked data that will have the owners of AIM filing for bankruptcy protection to protect the money its […]

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