Homosexual Mike South aka Michael Thomas Strother accuses Donny Long of being gay

Well, well, well, the southern fag Michael Thomas Strother that shoots bukkake films featuring untested guys he finds on the streets and who even installs himself in these films sometimes has taken a cheap shot at Donny Long:


“I know that Donny Long and Sean Failkins were sitting in a love seat, holding hands and masturbating each other at the thought of someone purchasing this site and it falling into their hands….I guess they will just have to go back to thinking about Nick Manning or whomever when they fellate each other now.”

This was in reference to South tucking tail and running away now that 1) He’s about to get the shit sued out of him and 2) His little begging campaign failed and he will not be able to hire an attorney to fight this. As for what he said, South just proves he’s the fag with these types of graphic, lewd, gay descriptions. Why the Nick Manning reference? I guess Mike dreams about Nick “dropping loads” all over his frozen (Bells Palsy) face.

The fact is that South couldn’t even give his site away, no one wants it. If he was as powerful and influential as he claims, he would be able to sell it but to no avail. As he said, porn is dead – no one will buy a porn site that is based in L.A. much less Atlanta in this day and age. Go away, old man, treat your bells palsy (Frozen face) and go take a face plant off your little motor scooter.



Mike South is a fraud and a failure. “One of the most powerful men in porn,” our ass. He has recently put up a campaign begging for $20k to help him fight the guy that is now suing his ass in court and all he has to show for it in 9 days is a measly 200 bucks. Face some facts: Mike South was never powerful, never influential, was never a rocket scientist for NASA as he has claimed and most of porn doesn’t know who he is. The clown doesn’t even live in L.A. That’s the way it has always been. This donation scam campaign he’s running just drives these points home. He is now deleting blog posts, rarely updates his site and his readers don’t post much anymore. Who posts there anyway? A bunch of pseudo-intellectual fan bois, cam whores no one has ever heard of and D list performers that no one cares about. South is all done. Finished.

Mike South sued, tried to lowball Luxury Companion Dave and was told to fuck off, longtime South contributor Matthew Harris: “This is not a good situation for you, Mike.”

This is not a good situation for you, Mike. I hope you have liability insurance attached to this blog to help pay for your legal defense (that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and I suspect his goal may be to gain a quick financial settlement and statement from you saying whatever he wants it to say, using the cost of an adequate defense being more than whatever settlement offer he will make to obtain it from you). I also hope since you published from the Atlanta area that will be the nexus for the hearings and trial, making Dave fly out to Georgia and pay out the nose for meals, hotel, etc. rather than you having to fly out to LA to defend yourself. Finally, I hope your sources will all give you permission to disclose them to the court if it becomes necessary (for those new to this blog Mike has said many times he will not disclose a source unless he has been explicitly told that he has that person’s permission to do so). – mharris127

Piece of shit rapist Mike South compares Donny Long to Omar Mateen

As much as I wanted to avoid writing about the tragedy in Orlando, FL, I just can’t. Everyone thinks they have a fix for the problem of violence like this, be it limiting guns or immigration or burning candles or whatever, but the truth is that it simply isnt that simple.

Think about it how many of you reading this right now would be surprised to learn that next week Donny Long did the same thing at an industry awards show? Or Dw#$#@#$ Cun@#$@$#@? They both already have violent felonies in their past, they are both arguably psychopaths and it isn’t limited to them, there are others I am sure.

How psychopathic are YOU, Mike, to act like an important part of the industry just to lure women down to Atlanta and promise them things just so you can fuck them bareback, UNTESTED in a hotel room while shooting low quality footage on a tripod? Donny isn’t hurting anyone but YOU ARE.

As for violent felonies, South was charged for battery of a woman in Dekalb County in Georgia:


Untested shooting, eh Mike? Not too psychopathic is it?

Mike South shoots without even testing talent!!

Clean up your own behaviors, Mike, and stop insinuating that performers that you don’t like will pull the same shit that this violent Muslim homosexual did. For one, Mateen was a self-hating homosexual that couldn’t accept what he was and that is why he killed all those fags and got himself killed in the process. Donny doesn’t hide what he is and has not one but TWO hot young hot girls that he performs on cam with every day. Who do you have, Mike?

If anyone in porn is gonna do this it would be closet homosexual Eddie Dzial or some of those losers and fags that used to post on the trannyfucker forum and call PWL contributors gay because THEY’RE gay and projecting.

Find another way to fill your narrative, will you, ya 60 year old crippled mama’s boy?

Michael Thomas Strother 3399 MISTY HARBOUR TRL, UNIT 3, ATLANTA, GA 30340 Stalking and Lying again

This fucking bitter sore old moron just doesn’t know when to quit. Michael Thomas Srother the porn industries biggest loser and LIAR STORY TELLER and FAILURE at everything from talent, cameraman, photgrapher, set crew, Bukkake Boy, Scammer, Thief and just about anything you can think of that someone in porn can fail at Mike has FAILED.

This fat old gay Jew for those of you that don’t know lives in his dying mothers house at 3399 MISTY HARBOUR TRL, UNIT 3, ATLANTA, GA 30340 Phone: 678-245-2430 and sits in mama’s basement writing total bullshit lies about successful people in the porn industry that he is jealous of. Some people might run past his no traffic website and read some of his crap and think its true but it NEVER is. Michael loves to make shit up.

Michael is famous for claiming to be a industry insider and knowing the scoop when in fact he is a nobody outsider fanboi stalker blogger that never really seems to get anything right and just makes shit up. Every time this fat old fucking gay loser opens his mouth I made a promise to stick his foot in his mouth for him so here goes.

“Michael writes:

Dave was in court today.”

DUUUUU Everyone knows that you stupid fuck.

“I am working on the details now….”

What are you having another dream Michael? Like the one that you took down http://www.pornwikileaks.com which is still there 6 years later. LOL

“y’all remember that shot he says he didn’t fire at John from Metro? Well today he plead nolo (guilty) to one of the three charges stemming from that arrest that he said never happened. In the plea deal he will have a firearms related charge and a second felony strike on his record, one more and he is a lifer, if that turns out to be true. I am working on it now but It is all panning out to be correct.”

LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE AS ALWAYS! There was no plea put in yet, Why don’t you ask your little buddy and industry scammer and back stabber Shy Love aka Buck Tooth suitcase pimp Real Name Sheelagh Blumberg a.k.a. Sheelagh Patricia Albino-Gonzalez because she thought she was smart and sent in someone to spy and record the court session for her and thought nobody would know. FAILED JUST LIKE YOU MICHAEL!

“There is an awful lot that goes with this story including felony charges against his wife Karen on what appears to be illegal immigration charges (she isnt the immigrant) I am working on that as well.”

MORE LIES MICHAEL! The only person getting some surprise felony changes is you but I cant say anything about that as of yet but trust me its coming Michael.

“Dave is highly radioactive right now, I would be very careful about any association with him, Karen or TLC from now on.

More as I get the full details.”

Michael the only thing “radioactive” is that herpes sore with HIV puss dripping out of it on your lip. So basically as always you know a lot of nothing and pound your chest claiming to know something when you don’t. Someone is working on getting those letters out around to your neighbors at your mamas house and the Home Owners Association but we have not done it yet for good reason as we have some more surprises coming for you Michael so keep popping off at your faghole case I enjoy watching you dance.

Thanks, Fag Stomper