Monica Dumpster whore name, real name Alexandra Melody Mayers has to be in court next week and again in January to face Las Vegas attorneys Ronald D Green and Marc Randazza because she popped off at her fag hole about Randazza’s wife, lying, libeling and slandering the innocent housewife and mother. Very bad things are going to happen to Mayers in the next 3 weeks. Enjoy her blogging and vlogging while it lasts because it won’t. Seems all the bad guys, Mike South, Alexandra Mayers and others are dropping like flies these days. She’s all done in the world of adult blogging – Next stop: The mental ward. Will the men in the spotless clean white coats come and pick up this sack of shit and transport her to her padded cell and equip her with her straight jacket? Thank you.

A message for Monica Foster

Hey Foster, just to give you a heads up, none of the shit about will EVER be taken down! Everything about you here on PWL, adultfyi.com, and TRPWL will be up forever. You keep fighting and yet you keep losing. People keep turning against you, most recently Mike South and Desi Foxx, and you have been exposed as to buying your Twitter followers and your YouTube views. Even your own family is against you.

What, you think that by doing an interview with the guy who took Melana Trump’s nude pics well over a decade ago is going to help you in some way? Bitch, even Desi Foxx pointed out how you keep getting ignored after 8 years! After 8 years of your online BS, what have you really accomplished? I forgot, you keep doing this because a few losers like Barry Nelson keep supporting you. We now realize that we will have to go after him and the few others who support you, hell, you do it to others that you hate, so we’re just playing your game.

Reading your blogs from 2007 is so funny, your life just keeps getting worse with every passing year, now we’re bringing it to the light so when people Google you, they’ll see that along with everything else about you that’s factual!

What did Monica Foster want Tristan Stadtmuller agree to in Mediation?

Well Monica Foster sure won’t talk about it, so I think that it would make a good posting. It turns out that Fostard wanted Stadtmuller to agree not to communicate with Donny Long (despite him being a grown man & he can communicate with whoever he wants), but most of all, she wanted him to agree that he wouldn’t get involved in the lawsuit against her! Wow, that really says a lot! Especially since Randazza has been getting depositions from people to testify against Foster (Sean Tompkins recently went to Vegas to provide his against her), and yet no one is testifying on behalf of Foster. I’m sorry, Desi Foxx submitted an idiotic affidavit that got tossed out of court for being stupid and Foxx lying that she trains law enforcement in sex trafficking. Of course Stadtmuller didn’t agree to neither, he just agreed that he wouldn’t talk to her directly, but he didn’t agree that he wouldn’t talk about her. Foster also agreed that she wouldn’t talk to Stadtmuller directly, of course, if she creates any of her fake accounts on harasses him, she still violates it. Wow Foster, you’re truly winning!!!!

Tristan Stadtmuller is within his civil rights talking about Monica Foster

According to the retarded logic of Monica Foster, freedom of speech only works one way, & it’s the way that benefits her slanderous & stalking ass.

Tristan Stadtmuller agreed not to talk to Monica Foster directly during MEDIATION, but he never agreed that he wouldn’t stop talking about her. Stadtmuller speaks the truth when he wants people that Goster is a psycho & a failed hooker. He warned team Jenna, but they ignored him only to realize the truth about her themselves about a month later & they 86 Foster from their social group.

Foster is a public figure! So Stadtmuller is within civil rights of making fun of her because she says stupid shit and she does stupid shit! Stadtmuller has never slandered Foster in any way, everything that he has ever said about her is true and he backs it up! Foster on the other hand twist facts around and other shit! Who is being sued for defamation & in $167G in debt?

Stadtmuller is within his civil rights using Foster’s pictures because it’s covered under Fair Use. He needs to put the face to the woman who stalks people and tries to ruin people’s lives.

As we all know, Stadtmuller backs ups his shit with what he says about Foster and he’s within his civil rights. Foster can call it stalking all that she wants, but she’ll NEVER stand in front of a judge with him nor get the cops on him.

Monica Foster’s Failed Music Career

Fostard failed as a porn actress, failed as a stripper, failed as a hooker, failed as a sex worker all together, failed as a painter, failed as a blogger, failed as a webcam model, failed as a YouTube personality, failed at everything in life that she has ever tried to achieve. Now she’s already off to a bad start in her music career (if you can call it that), lol! Just like her books, her music won’t sell for shit. Tons of people are already making fun of her and how horrible she sounds. They compare her music to that of pans clanging together and a cat being tortured to death.


So in one corner we have “Aunt Esther,” the iconic 70’s Sanford and Son character played by LaWanda Page and in the other corner we have Monica Foster played by Alexandra Mayers.

On the one hand, Ms. Page was 53 years old when Sanford and Son started and Ms. Mayers is more than 15 years younger than that but somehow, Mayers looks older and worse. Also, Ms. Page was usually shown in her Sunday best and had her hair done and actually had a little pride in her appearance. Mayers appears to have completely let herself go now, has the Buckwheat fro and shops at Walmart for her clothes – which admittedly is a step up from the Salvation Army and Goodwill mentioned in a previous article about her.

There are some similarities between the two women. For one thing, they are both religious nuts. However, Esther Anderson was not afraid to get off her ass and go door to door for donations and we assume, turned them over to a good cause. Mayers never leaves the house, she looks like she smells bad, we know she looks bad and has let herself go, and uses religion as a way to cover her ass when she threatens to physically harm people, kill them and maim them with things like battery acid. Also, Mayers does XXX web cam shows which is something that no real Christian would ever do.

Esther had no problems challenging men to a physical fight TO THEIR FACE while and Mayers will only do it while she hides behind her computer, another win for Esther. Esther looked taller than the 5’10” Redd Foxx which means she not only towered over the tiny 5’6″ Mayers but could also back up the things she said. Mayers is all talk and worthless without a mediation session with judges, guards and bailiffs watching over her.

Esther wins this one easy but Mayers is right about something – Black doesn’t crack for the black people that look after themselves. Mayers smoking, drug use, heavy exposure to radiation from use of electronic equipment and self loathing, anger and constant drama have worn her down and out and caused her to hit the wall before the age of 40. Oh, and there’s a reason that we haven’t seen a dirty bathroom mirror bikini selfie lately from Foster – The weight and stretch marks are creeping up and gravity has come knocking for those boobies. 😀


ALEXANDRA MELODY MAYERS who used the moniker MONICA FOSTER, during her failed porn career, likes to call people pedophiles. As a matter of fact, she’s obsessed with the word. She has used this ugly label on everyone from former performers to attorneys to fan bois even after she popped off about an attorney’s family and was SUED and LOST her ass. Here’s the sickening part – She’s got no proof at all that these people are pedophiles and none of them have been convicted of anything. She’s just talking out of her ass, saying the most vile, disgusting, libelous thing she can about people she doesn’t like. Most likely she’s projecting as she is obsessed with youth and young boys and most likely has thoughts of molesting young kids herself. She has been BANNED from seeing her nephew and hasn’t seen him in over FIVE years so what does that tell you?

Now, what do you suppose she has to say about ALTON STERLING, the black career criminal and CONVICTED PEDOPHILE that was killed for fighting with and threatening the police and is currently being paid tribute to by certain sick people in a sick and dying country? My guess is NOT A GODDAMN THING. *Crickets*


You know this bigoted piece of shit scumbag is somewhere, alone, locked up safely, celebrating this tragedy. This cunt is no more than an online terrorist – online because she doesn’t have the guts to say shit to anyone’s face unless she has a mediator present. But she is an anti-white, anti-authority, pro-black piece of shit nigger that couldn’t make anything of herself and so she enjoys watching people get hurt and lives ruined – just as her life was ruined in 1993 when her pile of garbage father kicked her, her sister and mother to the curb and told them to leave because he prefers dick – AFTER he got married and created these monsters – one a single mom, drunk driving piece of shit and national TV embarrassment and one a black militant piece of shit coward scumbag. I really hope you’re proud, Ivan. Well done, good man, well done. Golf clap. Your daughter inherited your weak backbone, that’s for sure.

Here is what the general public is posting about this disgusting story on Yahoo:

The media encourages this. Any time there is a shooting of a black male criminal they find it necessary to point out that a “WHITE COP” did it. But when a criminal is on the loose they give a description like “Tall man with a hat” and completely leave out his race or ethnicity. The media subliminally tells the audience whites are bad and blacks are always victims. They’re disgusting.

The BLM protesters ran and hid while letting the police officers go towards the shooting. The very people they call murders are the ones they cower behind when something bad happens.

This is why I stay away from urban areas. When you get a dense population of people who are out of work and frustrated at the world, violent nonsense happens. If anything, these snipers just gave police officers even more reason to be cautious and use force when dealing with uncomplying suspects. But alas, people like to delude themselves into believing that consequences have no precedent.

We have regressed back 60 to 70 years…the rest of the world is laughing at this so called superpower.

This is sickening. it solves nothing and will only cause more death. RIP to the officers.

This country and society is so messed up! Obama stand BEHIND THE POLICE and STOP feeding these thugs! You have made this country turn back 50YEARS!!

Thank you Media for stirring up the unrest that has ended in the death of innocent police officers!

BLM owns this, egged on by the most racially divisive president since Woodrow Wilson.

Funny these protesters were probably looking for a cop for protection when hearing these gunshots.


So even though she’s the world’s biggest bigot, and that can be confirmed by either looking at her Twitter feed or by looking at all the bigoted shit she has posted here under anonymous names, this dumb cunt MONICA FOSTER aka MONICA DUMPSTER aka ALEXANDRA MAYERS aka MATTHEW HOLDER’S ONE NIGHT STAND goes ahead and makes a video (About voice mails she received) where she again claims to be the victim, talking in a calm voice (God, her fucking voice is annoying), acting innocent and claiming to be the poor, oppressed, little black choir girl that was targeted for no reason other than the fact she was black. The reality of it is that she dishes out lies, libel and slander every day and expects no one to return the favor. Hell, she’s been sued and LOST because she ran her hole to the wrong person but she never learns and won’t until she loses her access to the internet. See, this is a woman that has completely given up on life and has no other goal now except to try to make people as miserable as she is. This woman absolutely despises herself.

As for the voice mails being “racist,” again, she plays the victim. It is a known fact – and even honest black people will tell you this – that there is a difference between blacks and niggers. Not all blacks are niggers but she sure is one so save the tired race card. You play the permanent victim, you refuse to work, you refuse to better yourself, you blame everyone else for your problems, honey, THAT is a nigger. Why not take a page out of your dad’s book and go to work. That guy was born poor, black and gay – every possible disadvantage and he still managed to make something of himself but you continue to play the victim. You are NOT going to land a wealthy man that’s going to take care of you. It’s not going to happen. You’re NOT young anymore, you’re not nearly as cute as you think you are or cute at all for that matter, you’re a miserable, nasty stuck up racist cunt and that can be verified with a Google search, no man needs that headache in his life. Shut the fuck up and go to work – at a REAL job, not sitting alone in your, wherever you live and making silly cartoon videos. You’ve got only 3,000 YouTube subscribers, you aren’t making much revenue from that and you’ve been at this for years. It isn’t working. Time to try something new.

Once again, is there any chance to get her ugly ass face removed from the background of this page? Many of us can’t stand to look at her – She’s that vile and disgusting.