Happy New year to all you crazy ass readers and pathetic jobless fags, closet fags, whores, hookers, washed up hookers and whores AIDS patients, Hep-C carriers and faghags who are just begging to catch the bug.

With that said, hopefully in 2017 we get rid of more bottom feeders of the industry. Mike South has said goodbye in 2016 and hopefully Monica Foster is the next to be shown the door. Porn is a changing my friends and those that can’t keep up with the changes and the newer technology are being left out in the cold. Those that we want gone in 2017:

Monica Foster: (Court date March 3 that could see her lose her online presence.
Mark Spiegler: Bad health, could succumb to diabetes, cancer, heart attack or stroke
Christian Wians: Could this be the year? Will he fuck an HIV+ tranny and catch the big himself?

PWL keeps rolling even as it was left for dead more than five years ago and while its adversaries drop left and right.

And with that, Happy New Year to ALL!

Keep kicking the fags and Stinking porn fag hags.

Wanted to send out xmas and holiday cheers to all the PWL and straight porn gods and say Happy and safe holidays to all and to my true and special friend Donny Long, the straight porn god of the world. Keep kicking all the fags and even the homos over at Evil Angel where they cast and film fags having butt hole sex with HIV infested fag hags and kicking the fags at Wicked and fag hags like stormy daniels who cast and shoots faggots and fag hags with major std’s and perform with fatass fag supporters-directors.

Keep kicking you all and lets get ready for the AVN 2016 where I will make some news kicking a major players ass in the LA gay mafia scene along with Christopher Farkas (Fartgas) and kick the shit out of some of those fags like Michael Vegas and maybe Christian Winas
who is a real tranny/fag fucker and loves dicks up his ass. Lets getting ready to roll. I might end up fucking up fag Seth Dickens with super suction mouth jaw. Seth would love sucking my dick along with other straight performer dicks.

So onward PWL troops. Lets keep the fags in check.

Jack Vegas