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Suitcase pimp scumbag Riley James Reynolds aka Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models kills another model – Roxy Nicole Dies from Overdose

Closet homosexual gay porn star Suitcase pimp scumbag Riley James Reynolds aka Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models kills another model. This time its Roxy Nicole real name Shannon Nicole Hartman that Dies from Overdose.Its a well known fact that Closet homosexual gay porn star Suitcase pimp scumbag Riley James Reynolds aka Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models like all other homosexuals is a meth head and druggie and feeds all his models drugs also. This guy needs to be locked in a cage with Monica Foster for real. This dirtbag is a real piece of shit and we are wondering now many models must loose there lives before the FBI locks this guy up where he belongs. Maybe its time to contact some feminist groups around his area about this suitcase pimp sex trafficker. Anyone have the addresses of his model houses? Make and model and plate number of his cars? Lets go after this scumbag and put him out of this business once and for all.


Even is reporting about his loser suitcase pimp scumbag ass:

Adult starlet Roxy Nicole, a member of Hussie Models‘ roster, died of an apparent accidental drug overdose in California, Saturday November 18, aged 22.  A GoFundMe drive has been established to help her family.

Roxy Nicole

Born Shannon Nicole Hartman, she entered the adult business in 2016 and performed for a variety of production companies. Her Twitter account, however, has never been very active and, as a performer, she appears to have been largely inactive for some time.

Courtesy: Brazzers

Roxy Nicole dead


Insult to injury

When it comes to Hussie Models, most of us no longer maintain the ability to be shocked. Hussie and its owner Riley Reynolds have faced numerous credible charges from models relating to allegations of coerced sex, and the use of illegal substances at the model house; Reynolds’ own questionable past; his use of an invalid model contract (one that is not approved by the state of California); and claims that Hussie has booked shoots during production moratoria and sent models out for “privates”.

Not to mention, Riley was the idiot who allowed a group of anti-sex work filmmakers into his atrocious model house. Starting off with the proposition that porn itself was to blame for harming the women of Hussie Models, not Riley or his sleazy clients, the resulting anti-porn documentary, Hot Girls Wanted, went on to create a PR nightmare for legitimate professionals in the adult business.

Reynolds’ latest revolting act: he has seemingly ignored his client’s tragic tdeath. No press statements, no social media posts, not even a public donation to her parents’ GoFundMe campaign.

And the Roxy Nicole profile page is still viewable on the Hussie Models site more than a week after her death.

Hussie Models did find time, however, to offer these condolences

You can help

Roxy Nicole’s parents in Virginia currently subsist by living from paycheck to paycheck, and would like to go see their daughter one last time before they have her remains cremated and returned to Virginia for services.

The family’s GoFundMe campaign is open, and any support would be appreciated.

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