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STUDY: “Black women in general face a greater threat of morbidity from weight-related chronic diseases”

Seems that it is in Alexandra Mayers’s nature as a black woman to accept that she is a fat, disgusting pig as this study shows:


Of 729 women enrolled, 689 women (95%, N=145 Black, N=544 White) were included in these analyses. Even though the average BMI was higher for Black women compared to White women (33.1 vs. 29.2, respectively, p<.0001), Black women were less likely to report that they weighed too much (RRR (Relative Risk Ratio) [95% CI]: 0.4 [0.2, 0.9], p 0.022) and more likely to think that they did not weigh enough (RRR [95% CI]: 14.2 [1.8, 110], p 0.011).


Although Black women in general face a greater threat of morbidity from weight-related chronic diseases, they are more likely to be accepting of their weight at higher BMI’s, relative to Whites. Weight-loss interventions and counseling about healthy body size may influence healthy behavior and reduce chronic disease risk.

Body image refers to an individual’s opinion of their external appearance. Understanding body image is important because it potentially can influence an individual’s behavior. Given that Blacks are more likely to suffer from obesity-related medical conditions such as hypertension and noninsulin-dependent diabetes, understanding ways to help curtail unhealthy behavior that leads to these conditions are essential.1,2 Body image has been studied extensively in relation to disordered eating (although typically a restrictive eating pattern) in teenage and young adult women.3, 4 Results from these studies show that Black women have a more positive body-image when compared to their white counterparts, that persists with weight loss and weight regain.5 In contrast, qualitative work suggests that premenopausal obese Black women are dissatisfied with their body size.6 This study used a more in-depth analysis of body image by conducting interviews that were often 40–60 minutes in length, and noted that for these participants, body image satisfaction often fluctuated depending on social factors such as community resources, opinion of loved ones, ability to find clothes that fit, etc.

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