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SOURCE: Monica Foster a shitty performer.

As reporter earlier, an anonymous source paid $1,300 to Porn Wiki Leaks to assure that Monica Foster’s wiki would never be removed. The following was posted on the forum by that anonymous donator.

“I’m the guy that paid the fee. She called me a “white faggot” when I went cam2cam with her on Streamate. She is one of the rudest, nastiest, arrogant, most racist hookers alive! By the way, she hooks in Vegas for $140 a pop – that’s just to get you in the same room with her and then she upsells the shit out of you. My friend hired her and she showed up drunk and vomited on his cock during BJ. Nasty whore.”

And then:

“She hates white people with a passion and doesn’t hide it. I was in the middle of a steamy session with her on Streamate when I got the urge for a little cam2cam action. Up to this point all was fine. She was absolutely going to town on a 7” dildo, sucking and fucking the shit out of it and talking dirty. When I turned on my web cam she stopped the show. She rudely told me that I should have mentioned that I was white because she doesn’t serve white customers. I told her it said nothing about this on her profile and how was I to know when she cut me off, said “fuck off you small dicked white faggot” and booted me from the room and blocked me from her room permanently. Streamate support was of no help and told me I must have done something to offend the model and that I would be banned from the site if I continue harassing models. WTF?

I will talk to my friend tonight and ask him about his hooking session with her in Vegas. I am sure I will be able to get lots of juicy details out of him. This chick’s a bitch!”

And finally:

“Well, I talked to my buddy about his experience with escort “Monica Foster.” So here is the full story.

He was in Vegas for the Mayweather-Guerrero fight not long ago and went online from his hotel room looking for some “companionship” one of the nights. He found Foster’s advertisement online (Monica Foster was not the name she used in the ad) and gave her a call. She agreed to the price in the ad – $140 for out-call to his hotel room. They agreed on a time and around a half hour later he went down to the casino to meet her and take her back to his room. He noticed immediately that she reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. And he said her attitude was poor. She seemed to act like she was doing my buddy a favor by just showing up. Now, he is a pretty good looking guy, under 30 and Hispanic. He does OK with the ladies. There is no reason that she should have been giving him attitude.

They get to the room and he hands over his $140 and insisted that she shower. She flatly refused telling him she already showered today, wouldn’t be told what to do and that the $140 was just to get her up to the room. He can have another 15 minutes of her time just to talk or whatever, or he could hand over more money if he wanted a BJ, or sex. $300 for a BJ and $500 for sex and she made it clear that he is lucky to be getting this rate and lucky to even have her in his room because she is a former major XXX star. She also started naming a few of the titles she was in.

He didn’t like her attitude but at this point he was horny and didn’t feel like finding another escort at this hour, so he paid the additional $160 for the BJ. My buddy said he wanted to grab a quick shower and so off he went. He was only away for around 10 minutes but during this time she helped herself to several minis in the honor bar (Without his permission). She downed 2 Grey Goose, a Jack Daniels, a Johnny Walker Black, and a Bacardi and Coke and when my buddy got out of the shower the bottles were strewn all over the floor and bed. This woman is a pig and her little alcohol binge cost my buddy to the tune of over $50 in mini bar charges.

So now it was on to the BJ and my buddy was more than ready at this point. Not a good blow job by any standard much less by someone who claims to be a “Major XXX star.” Buddy said that no effort was being put in, she was boring, wandering around the shaft and biting too much and causing pain instead of pleasure. Too much hand and not enough mouth, too much teeth, and at one point, stopping and asking my buddy to hurry and up and cum or pay an additional $160 (This was about 10 minutes in). At some point she must have gagged on his cock accidentally because she vomited all over his cock and balls, the bed and the hotel room floor. At this point, he decided to throw her out and order one of those $15 hotel room porn movies to finish him off because this chick was just nasty. She picked her things up and made a racial slur (Spic) to him as she exited the room. Again, this woman is EXTREMELY racist and hates anyone who isn’t black – and even people who are black but might not be “black enough.” She is straight out of the 60’s and the black panthers.

Anyways, sorry for the long story but this should serve as a warning to anyone who is thinking of hiring her – as an escort or cam hooker. Don’t even think about it if you aren’t black and extremely racist, just like her, because she won’t even give you the time of day. She will take your money (And BTW, she is EXTREMELY expensive both on cam and as an escort) but if you don’t fit her criteria she will give you attitude every step of the way.”

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