Sophia Mayers 3 time shop lifter and food stamp fraudster – Aunt of Alexandra Melody Mayers?


So criminal stalker terrorist failed hooker Alexandra Melody Mayers aka failed porn hooker Monica Foster called her family member Sophia Mayers FAT when in fact Alexandra herself is also gaining weight by the minute looking pretty bad at 40 years. On her drunken meltdown attack on her family she tweeted:

This was the epic weekend she melted down drunk on box wine mother Joan bought her and attacked Alice Mayers Ivans Leecock Mayers mother, Noah Mayers Joan Rucker Mayers brother, Marjorie Mayers Joan Rucker Mayers sister, Christine Mayers fat singing Mayers, Mitchell Mayers Alexandra Melody Mayers Cousin, Lance Mayers & Laurence Mayers, Sophia Mayers, Christine Mayers and threatened to kill herself for the 2432343984395809 time in a decade but much like her whole life that was a fail also and just another empty threat.

Well after looking up this scumbag Sophia Mayers online it turns out she is scum just like much of the Mayers and a criminal with 3 shop lifting charges and a food stamp fraud charge and has 4 kids on welfare and foodstamps! WTF Is there one single Mayers thats normal? No surprise here folks because Joan Rucker Mayers Alexandra’s mother that feeds, houses and supports her was the dumbest teacher in the history of the world that got fired for not stopping for a fucking school bus after the police caught her and Joan’s other daughter Victoria has 2 DUI’s and child abuse charges and Ivan Leacock Mayers is a gay child rapist.On top of all this this women Sophia Mayers is a fucking fat hippo elephant!

@alexmayerslive you keep popping off and as always we will keep putting your foot into your mouth and making a fool of you and your whole family. We hope Sophia Mayers sits on you at the next family gathering! Here is her Facebook if you would like to talk about Monica Foster with her LOL

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