“since I’ve rebuilt my life outside of the adult entertainment industry..” BULLSHIT DETECTOR GOES OFF, PWL RESPONDS TO MONICA FOSTER’S LIES


Just a few of MONICA FOSTER’S recent lies. No reason to call her anything else since she has done nothing outside of her paltry 35 scene porn “career.” So Monica Foster it is.

since I’ve rebuilt my life outside of the adult entertainment industry

This is funny because Mayers doesn’t have anything close to a life which is why she can stay up all night and well into the morning. When most people are on their morning commute she trolls Twitter and play the victim with her morning coffee. She FAILED to build a life after porn which is why she never has anything else to talk about. There has to be something productive this piece of shit can do with her mom’s internet connection. She claims to be high IQ but can’t come up with anything to do outside of slamming porn peeps and accusing them of being racists and pedophiles? Her attacks on a man’s wife landed her in insurmountable debt. That would have been a good time to shut the fuck up but she continues to double down.

I’m making it clear today that the stalking, death threats & doxing I & my family have dealt with over the years is not only stemming from the adult / pornography industry. There are white supremacists behind the situation I’m contending with as well (who I believe may have taken issue with my father for many years).

She ISN’T BEING STALKED, she’s dishing it out and getting it right back in return. Folks, this is what happens when you raise kids and NEVER tell them no. They think they can treat people however they want with no consequences. WRONG. People get sick of the bullshit and eventually they fight back. She still doesn’t learn even after being sued for bullying and losing. Still playing the victim when it has been proven in a court of law that she is the bully? Enough.

As for the white supremacist angle, yawn, another racist playing the white supremacist card because they can. When someone has nothing else, they pull their trusty race card. We still get no answers to how PWL can be racist if the majority of people profiled here are white. No one ever answers this and never will because it busts up the narrative. An asshole is an asshole. Race has nothing to do with it.

No one has a problem with her father. He’s just a sad little man that was a success professionally but a total fail as a human being and “father.” He’s got 2 daughters over the age of 35 that live with their mother and contribute nothing to the world.  Ivan’s poor job as a father speaks for itself. He raised an angry future school shooter or acid attacker. She’s the prototypical angry, sexless loner that will goes off when she can no longer take it anymore. GET LAID. Celibacy is not healthy. The black community better get their own house in order and the fathers better stop walking out on their families before they start pulling their race and politics cards.

To those reading this who believe harming me & those I love is acceptable – I’m not like anyone or anything that’s ever existed, so it’s very important that I do exist.

Oh, please. People like her are a dime a dozen on the internet today. She’s doing nothing new or innovative. Go to any comments section on any mainstream site and there are thousands just like her. The angry and the unhinged. One more lazy freeloading failure that plays the race and politics card when things don’t work out for her. It’s why we have Trump now and will again in 2020. People are FED UP! And we’re fed up with her “People I love” bullshit. She has thrown each and every one of her family members under the bus PUBLICLY on Twitter which is bullshit because they are not registered there that we know of and can’t defend themselves from her comments about them. Yeah, they’re being abused alright but it is HER abusing them, not PWL or anyone in the porn industry. Stop using the family members you obviously hate to push your victim narrative, asshole.

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