Scumbag libtard Homosexual gay child rapist Eric Matis does it AGAIN


For several years now since Lensman left playboy/ICS/GFY and homosexual coward Libtard loser with AIDS Eric Matis that Donny Long confronted and almost beat the fuck out of at Internext [[a porn industry event]] has taken over the adult porn webmaster forum GFY and ruined it. It has been ruined and over run with homosexuals and Trump hating Libtards posting Fakenews and all real business people ran elsewhere.

See Eric banned straight male porn god Donny Long for simple fighting back against The Gay Mafias lies and Fake News and bebunking it which Eric wouldnt allow. The leftist Libtards are soooooooo famous for silencing anyone that speaks the truth or debunks there bullshit and Eric is no different.

Its funny to watch homosexuals be so dumb to kick themselves OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Most of the industry knows not to kick the bull and knows PWL is here because of faggots trying to kick the bull. After all these years on dumb half retarded scumbag losers like the cock eyed bucked tooth monkey check taking failed hooker Alexandra Melody Mayers and Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial the gay child rapist hiding in Athens Greece are about the only ones dumb enough to kick the bull. Eric has had GFY ruined countless times over the weekends by spambots posting links to places like the Eric Matis Wiki. Think its time it gets some updating again!

Anyways most recently his latest move is not only to still allow libel and lies to be posted about straight male porn god Donny Long [[which will only end in him getting kicked]] but posted by a bunch of Libtard faggot gay mafia scumbags and now he has even blocked the URL and whenever someone post a link to this site it gets automatically changed to This is a perfect example of the kinds of censorship and silencing the left do when they post there fakenews and dont want anyone to debunk it with FACTS!

Take a look at a famous homosexual troll on GFY that likes to post gay porn and his gay fantasies posting a Fakenews thread claiming “Donny Long is in the news again, got in trouble in Thailand Donny Long is in the news again, got in trouble in Thailand ” and then he post a video of a guy that looks nothing like Donny Long getting beat up by faggots in dresses in Thailand! yea Sean tried that with this same video ten years ago asshole and it FAILED! Your 10 years later idiot! The idiot is username “Bladewire”. Then later in the thread someone says “Turns out donny was right about a lot of things” and then a link is posted here with the text “THE END OF DEREK HAY? Derek Andrew hay of LA Direct Models taking it up the ass because of Donny Long and PWL Army and much more to come” but if you click u will will see it doesnt go to where it should go but has been changed to go to

this is the kind of Leftwing Bias criminal Libtard censorship done by faggot Jack Dorsey of Fagitter, Mark Zuckerburg on Fagbook and Instafag and Susan Wojcicki of Youtube and countless of leftist Libtard criminal gay child rapist faggots in FagValley! Its funny because they all live and work in San Fagsisco Fagafronia! This is the reason the government needs to and will make some laws about restricting censorship but again the law made might not favor us all. As always these fags are going to make problems and laws made because of there bullshit much like Prop 8 and Fagafornia’s condom law that ruined porn there and drove it to Vegas that DONNY LONG PREDICTED COUNTLESS TIMES PUBLICLY A DECADE BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENED!

Better yet what should happen that never will is faggot scumbag gay child rapist like Eric Matis need to be locked in cages in jail cells and have the keys thrown away after they get the electric chair! This would be a much better law to be made than a law that will affect the normal sane people of the world! Weather it be Fakenews faggot scumbags from CNN like Anderson Cooper, Nigger child rapist faggot scumbag Don Lemonhead of CNN or closet case with AIDS Jack Dorsey or gay child rapist Eric Matis! They all need to be put down into the same fucking pile of shit!

In other news coming out I hear gay child rapist Eric Matis is now dating HIV positive gay porno scumbag FSC faggot ERIC PAUL LEUE story coming out soon! Remember Eric Matis works in AVN offices not far at all from the FSC offices so they must share HIV buttholes for lunch! FUCKING GROSS! Eric go die of AIDS already you criminal gay child rapist piece of shit shitbag of aids faggot! FUCK YOUR MOTHER ASSHOLE. MAKE SURE YOU DONT APPROVE NO NEW ACCOUNTS ON YOUR FORUM BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE ONE OF OUR SPAMBOTS GOING TO SPREAD YOUR WIKI LINK ASSHOLE!

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