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With all the racial hoaxes popping up in the news nowadays with black people spray painting KKK and Nazi messages and inserting President Trump’s name into all their crap and then getting caught and exposed and punished, could this have been what happened in the early days of PWL with racist N word messages being posted on the forum by blacks to make the site look bad?

The absolute worst thing you can do to someone is to accuse them of pedophilia and that is followed closely by accusing them of being racist. PWL would have been a perfect place for racist performers like Mercedes Ashley and Monica Foster to pull these hoaxes to try to get the site – and their wikis – wiped from the internet. What motivation would “White supremacists” have to post these messages on a porn forum? Also possible suspects are failed performers and porn hanger ons like Sean Tompkins and Mike South. Maybe some white knighting fans. Possibly gay people as they are all liberals and this site has always been strongly anti-gay due to the fact that gay performers cause all the porn shut downs and cost people money due to their selfishness. Regardless, who’s to know who is behind those posts? It’s real easy and convenient to blame Donny Long or straight white males but where’s the proof they are the ones that posted this stuff? It could have been bored kids or child like adults abusing the then open posting policy which has since been banished.

Obviously the posts we are referring to are old but this needed to be said what with all the fake news and racial hoaxes being exposed these days. Makes you think. In the days of Obama, where rioting and looting and lionizing of criminals was accepted and encouraged, this shit could fly but not anymore. We are wise to you now.

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