Racist black Alexandra Mayers = All her problems due to black people

This racist black porn fail Alexandra Mayers blames “White Males” for her problems and says they stalk her but all her problems in her shit life are due to blacks – this is from her own words. For one thing, she goes on methed out rants from time to time and throws her whole family under the bus and blames them all for the way her life turned out. Also, her legal problems, you can’t blame the attorney who was just protecting his family. Any real man would have done the same. She is to blame for that situation for opening her fat mouth and libeling a housewife, mother and private citizen. And her enabling racist black fan bois do nothing to help her situation. These cucks agree with everything she says which keeps her poor, jobless and living with mama – who is also an enabler for letting her live there. Kick her out with no pot to piss in and her priorities will change real quick. She’d be begging for any White Male to take her in as a “roommate (They pay all the bills in exchange for her giving them sex).” She’s done it before and she will do it again if it gets to that point.

So blacks are to blame for every problem in her life. She blames White Males because it gives her an excuse to be the bigot that she is with no fear of punishment, hiding behind her computer on left leaning social media platforms that tolerate and endorse her crap. Also due to her failed relationships with White Men and bitterness over the situation. Those White Men are gone and she is no more than a bitter, racist, aging, overweight whore that does not contribute to the world. Is that photo of her that has been circulating around here recent? She appears to be wearing some type of support garment and her tits are still going south. More reason to be bitter.

As mentioned in an earlier blog about her calling people cowards, she never showed up to any of her court dates or met Donny Long when he was in her area. She would get into it with people and then call for mediation with another person involved but would never meet anyone one on one. Even the mediation sessions would not resolve anything except to waste people’s time. Put this old racist cow out on the streets and she won’t have time to be on the internet spreading hate because she will be too busy trying to find out where her next meal is coming from.

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