PWL shouldn’t talk about Monica Foster-Alexandra Mayers anymore. Here’s why…


Hear us out and then decide if it is worth continuing the feud with a porn failure and menace that has been dragged into court and ordered to pay almost 200 grand for shooting her big mouth off, ruining every relationship with men she ever had, getting disowned by her family and considered a leper and parasite by the porn business.

First, what would happen if PWL stops posting blogs about her? She wins? Let her believe that as her main wiki here tops 300,000 views and her assortment of other wikis have tens of thousands of views. Unless those are coming down, she loses every day, blogs or no blogs.

Second, if you look at a forum like ‘Whore Hunting’, the members want to talk about current performers, most of them being between the ages of 21-30. Rarely is a retired performer mentioned and they don’t talk about old, washed up whores that are approaching the age of 40. Those kinds of women get no attention on the street and they shouldn’t get attention here. In the hey day, her forum threads got some play but that time has past.

She is involved with several mentally deranged, bored black fan bois. Black men commit the majority of violent crime in, frankly every country they live in, let’s face it. Who’s to say one of those nuts won’t end up targeting those that Mayers mentions are her enemies? Tompkins, his kids, Long, Heather Deep, their kids, Kellie Roberts, Stadtmuller, The Randazzas, Will Ryder, Matthew Holder, Dennis Hof, Desi Foxxx, Ana Foxxx, Misty Stone, Bobbi Dylan and who knows who else is being put at risk. Her own family is at risk as she has trashed them on Twitter too. We aren’t PC here so well just speak the truth. Blacks have poor impulse control and act first and think later if at all. All of the above are in danger if this continues. This is not to say PWL fears her or her goons, we’re just saying the wikis, blogs, forum posts are enough and these animals have nothing to lose. Gays and blacks are particularly violent and angry and these are the same type of animals that danced on August Ames’s grave because she said something about not working with crossovers.

Don’t get us wrong, Mayers is a coward and won’t do shit to anyone’s face. She won’t even come here and post anything on the forum here which, if she wanted to say anything to PWL, would be the first place she should go. She just sits on her echo chambers and barks like a little rat dog, never doing a thing. Even Eddie Dzial isn’t afraid to show his face here but Mayers is. But she has goons with nothing to lose who she leads around by the nose. Soy boys with low T that support her even as she is a man hating feminist bull dyke. Who knows what she is asking them to do and we’re sure they’ve spent time in the correctional system before.

She’s a miserable woman and she will stay that way until she draws her last breath having accomplished nothing in her life. What does blogging about her do? Wastes space and sends fans out of here because they’re sick of reading about someone that is not attractive and that they have never heard of. Enjoy your lives, live well, bask in Trump’s historic Presidency, vote for him again in 2020 and watch her tears flow. You will win.

Keep in mind, her sell by date is long over. She has long been forgotten in porn circles. Her porn blogs don’t crack the top 6,000,000 in traffic. If she was interesting, she could get her own traffic on her site. Like a bad stench, her name turns off readers here and drags this place down. Does PWL want that? What other porn blogs give her any play?

8 years ago, homosexual Christian Michael Wians had this to say to her:

“Your only chance at relevancy was in 2008. your career is over. good luck to you.”

“I wouldn’t hire Monica, because she isn’t that pretty, she doesn’t have a fanbase, and she isn’t that great of a performer.”

“Monica, lets be honest: It can’t be fun to be staring at your phone hoping some trick calls you for a $300 private so you can keep the light on in your studio apartment. It can’t be fun to wake up knowing you need a day job because you literally can’t find anyone who wants to hire you for a porn scene of any kind. How much fun can it be to wake up and know you need to webcam for at least 8 hours to make $200-300 in order to pay your rent? Monica, it’s tough to be angry at you, because you are so downtrodden and pathetic. I actually feel sorry for you. You had hopes and dreams of making a career out of the porn industry, but instead you are broke, destitute, and almost out of options. I actually want to wish you good luck in 2011……’re gonna need it.”

Why are we posting this homosexual’s words from 8 years ago? Because her life is actually WORSE now if that is possible. Keep in mind that she was at least living in Hollywood at that time, living on her own and was barely out of her 30’s and active on web cam. All gone now. And it will be worse in another 8 years, if she is still on the streets and not locked up. Randazza is watching her and itching to put her away.

Think it over and decide if it is worth wasting more time on a walking, soulless dead woman that gave up on life many years ago. Let her have the last word on the echo chamber that is Twitter. PWL will have the last word via the wikis and all the old blog entries which get more traffic than she could ever get.

This era should end now. Mayers is the turd that hasn’t been flushed and PWL should finally flush this piece of shit and let her wikis, blogs, recorded phone calls of racism and death threats and threats on the forum under her REGISTERED PWL username do the talking. Let PWL live rent free in her head as she checks back here daily hoping for attention only to find none and her infamous wikis still up and going strong.

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