PWL pays absolutely no rent to be in Mayers’s head 24/7


Mayers is having a fun time tonight trolling PWL on Twitter until she gets these blog posts written in response but we enjoy it too so it is no problem. But it would be interesting if PWL just focused on relevant performers instead of this washed up hooker troll, would she still post about PWL? She seems to live in the past and hold onto a lot of baggage so we think, yes, if PWL quit posting about her, she would still go on her rants about this place from time to time. We aren’t threatening to do that we’re just asking.

The Mayers wikis are a huge thorn in her side and will show up in anyone’s search for her. Old classmates, potential employers (LOL, she doesn’t work), potential lovers, god forbid she ever have kids (Not looking likely unless she froze eggs), they would all have access. It bothers her. And it bothers her that Donny Long has a better life than her. I mean really bugs her to death. She was reporting him as dead a few years ago, exiled from the US, HIV positive and he shows up and knocks her dick in the dirt with video proof that she is lying.

On top of all this, she is likely HIV+ herself and on meds which makes her all the more crazy to see the DL HIV fake news put to rest. Donny is married with kids (She can never have this) and posts videos from all over the country and she is stuck in a town in Florida where old people go to die and she can only post videos from the drive thru, the gym and the beach which is free to anyone that wants to walk on. Her life sucks. We know it and she knows it.

As for her calling people losers and whatnot, yeah, $166,000 in legal debts and living with mom at 40, getting your jollies sitting home at night trolling PWL and loving all these blogs we write, you didn’t exactly set the world on fire yourself.

The Tompkins stuff is just a bad trolling job. He’s old, he’s bald, you’re just not into him. Try something new. We’re not blind, he isn’t attractive and never will be. Polish that turd all you want, he isn’t getting any easier on our eyes. Had you talked up Holder, who was no prize himself but several steps up from Tompkins, maybe, even say someone like Mr. Pete or some other average looking performer it would maybe believable. The Tompkins game has been played before and you’ll be back to trashing him in a week. Even if what you write is your true thoughts, he’s not into you. He made it clear when he rejected your offers to room with him at the AVN (He pays for room, you give him sex for free room and meals.)

Get out of the house, meet new people, there is more to life than a couple porn bloggers and wiki authors that ruined you, some porn lawyers and former stars. There’s like maybe a dozen people that live in her head all the time and she probably has a dart board with all their names on and throws a dart in the morning to see who she will focus on that day.

P.S. Stop the photoshopped selfies. Not a great look at age 40. Going to the gym is good. Keep that up and spend less time on the computer talking about porn peeps that were rude to you in 2009.

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