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PWL Legal Analyst: Alexandra Mayers “Legal Document” is FAKE NEWS!

Our legal source has informed us that Alexandra Mayers is so desperate to sue anyone and everyone that she has resorted to posting bogus legal documents online. This is a woman that claims to have many friends in the legal field but for some reason she had to represent herself in court vs Marc Randazza which was pretty much an automatic loss and lead to the huge $166,600.00 judgement against her. Then again, she once claimed that PWL should stop talking about her because she had law enforcement friends and scumbag strip club friends that would hunt them down and hurt them. Seven years later and nothing. She has no friends and her pictures are proof. Always alone, never around people. She has zero connections anywhere.

Our legal source claims that there is no injunction on court records for anyone to see and as such, there is no injunction, period. We have also been informed that her little hand written note on the document that claims the court date was moved due to the hurricane would not be there if the document was legit as changes in court dates are done by the judge and sent by mail. What she posted was an application for an injunction. An application, not an actual injunction. She is completely #FakeNews.

Now she will of course spin this to show off for her 12,995 fake followers and her 5 real followers, all fat out of shape lonely old men that can do nothing to help her cause but cheer her on from behind their computers. But at the end of the day, November 7 will come and go and nothing will happen just as nothing ever happens with any of her threats. She is still $166k and change in the hole, folks and the butt hurt is strong and will remain that way.

Do not believe her lies about PWL committing “hate crimes” or “stalking.” More fake news. She is the one that threatened to maim people with acid (Which led world famous Ron Jeremy to call for discipline against her right on his Twitter) or disfigure them and it is ALL ON TAPE on the top of this web site. She has stalked and harassed porn camera man Matthew Holder for a decade. She has harassed many, many porn people and threatened to sue performers who never even spoke to her. Moreover, her and Mike South were the ones that tried to smear PWL with racist allegations in the early days when they themselves posted racial hoax messages on the forum here using unregistered usernames. There is a good reason she is $166k in debt and it is because she attacks innocent people and families but she fucked with the wrong bull’s wife and got his horns. Do not believe her victim act. This is an evil woman who herself is the criminal, stalker, racist and hate monger.

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