PWL called MAYERS a POTENTIAL pedophile, not Will Ryder


RE: The last blog on the homepage here, and this part of that post:

Monica is over there making up even more lies saying Donny called Will a child pornographer when in fact Donny said nothing of the sort. As a matter of fact my the post here on PWL said nothing of the sort and another one of bloggers here at PWL wrote it not Donny you dumb failed hooker.

What you need to understand and what we told the readers in our last blog was that a judge in a court of law ruled against Mayers for calling a civilian a prostitute. She has big legal debts to show for it. She is a liar, plain and simple and can’t be believed. Secondly, we called her the pedophile, not Will. He cast ADULTS in that film series and actually responded somewhere (Luke is Back?) to her claims that he was a pedo for making those films. He owned the shit out of her calmly and factually. Also, what someone else said about those films within that discussion (We will look for it and maybe post it later) is true: The films won’t appeal to pedos because those playing the characters in those films were are all adults. Pedos don’t want adults. Mayers knows this too well being a pedo herself. Again, she is projecting. Why did Ms. Mayers participate in such films and take payment for them if she felt this way? Because she doesn’t feel this way, enjoyed performing in those films and only now tries to libel and slander Will because he didn’t pursue her off camera. Perhaps she has some remorse about her porn career but she made her bed. No one forced her.

Will is a directing legend and it’s a shame he has been victimized by a stalker, predator and potential pedophile (And we stress the word POTENTIAL as we aren’t big on libel. We just want her investigated.) and just a mean, nasty woman such as Mayers.

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