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Press release!! For immediate release to all media!! PWL FAQ

This will be our FAQ so please look them over because I bet a lot of this stuff you didnt know.

PORNWIKILEAKS “You Can’t Handle The Truth”

Q. What is pornwikileaks?

A. “PORNWIKILEAKS is a web based media organization that is currently in it’s beginning stages of development. It’s one part pornography, one part shock media, one part wikileaks expose’, and one part parody.”

Q. How did pornwikileaks begin?

A. “PORNWIKILEAKS began as a website devoted to exposing Derek Hay and his high risk HIV gay agenda, his illegal pimping operation, his thievery, and his international money laundering scheme. The website became hugely popular in the wake of Derrick Burts HIV positive status last fall. We were the first to break the name of Derrick Burts as the official “Patient Zeta” when NO OTHER media outlet, adult or otherwise, would print any details. Go through our forum and check the dates. We were at least 4 weeks ahead of any other mention of Derrick Burts name. AIM Healthcare even refused to provide a quarantine list to performers, a huge betrayal, and we called them out on it. Eventually, people started calling us the “Porn Wikileaks” and so PORNWIKILEAKS was born.”

Q. Who is behind pornwikileaks?

A. “PORNWIKILEAKS has grown to 5 active participants, with several more quiet investors and behind the scenes characters. We have funding when needed but we are seeing how things develop in a grass roots word of mouth type way right now.”

Q. Is pornwikileaks racist, homophobic, misogynistic?

A. “No. But you’d never know it would you? We believe straight people have the right to defend their territory against predatory closeted homosexuals who bring HIV into straight porn and impinge on our safety and our rights. We have nothing against homosexuals in particular, we just believe that gays belong in gay porn because they do not test for HIV in gay porn and many of the gay performers already have HIV. It doesn’t matter if a crossover performer is tested. Derrick Burts proved that. Working in an HIV positive gay scene one day and a tested straight scene the next day does not work for us. We also reserve the right to use all words in the english language, including the word fag, when expressing or venting our frustration over the current state of affairs.
As for racism, we all have foul mouths, but the behind the scenes players and members on our site represent a wide selection of colors, races, religions and sexes. Internet forums are a medium of words. Foul mouthed words have power and we allow for their use; especially when dealing with hysterical individuals who threaten us.”

Q. What is the main goal of pornwikileaks?

A. “To entertain people. To shock people with the truth. To expose secrets that hinder intelligent, well-informed choices. To make people laugh. To expose phonies and bullies in the porn business. And to make the biggest and best place on the web to find out information, gossip, news and humor about the porn industry and it’s stars.”

Q. Does pornwikileaks hate women and pornstars?

A. “No. We like to fuck hookers like everyone else. (smiles) But we think the wannabe celebrity whores in the porn business deserve a little attention, or shall we say, “parody.” We see that the porn industry has butchered just about every famous movie or tv show in their attempt to exploit the media and use shock value to make a few sales. Perhaps it’s time the tables were turned? Porn stars and porn industry news is an area the main stream media largely ignores but the general public craves information about. Adult industry news outlets are terribly biased and bland. People want to know who did porn and who’s fucking who over and what “straight” porn actor is really a fag. We provide a service.
If you think you can spread your pussy on camera, gay escort on the side, be a world class traveling hooker, or a macho “straight” tranny dick sucker (embracing your pseudo celebrity on cum stained red carpets) and NOT be known by your real name too? You are greatly mistaken in this age of google.”

Q. Don’t you care about the safety of the girls?

A. “What’s more dangerous? Someone knowing your real name? The same name you use every day in every public encounter, at the grocery store, at the bank, at the gym? Or snorting cocaine off your closeted gay pimp’s cock and getting fucked in the ass by all his gay friends that you didn’t realize we’re gay? Being pimped and trafficked illegally and internationally to criminal organizations worldwide and then having your money stolen from you? Only to be sent home crying? We see it every day in this business. It might look like we don’t care. But I’d say it’s more like we don’t give a fuck. One day you’ll hear a story about the porn girl who was saved from her downward spiral by her parents due to her family finding her name on our list of real names of porn stars.”

Q. So pornwikileaks is ANTI-PORN?

A. “Hell no! We didn’t say that. We’re very pro porn. Do your thing. Fuck it. Lick it. Knock it. But porn is not for everyone. We’re equal-opportunists. But don’t tell us revealing a girls real name is harming her. It could just as easily be saving her life.

Q. Did pornwikileaks hack the AIM database?

A. “No. We’re not sure where the real names came from, but if they did come from the AIM database it would not be necessary to hack anything. From what we understand and have read in the media, AIM Healthcare’s database was publicly available until recently and only protected by a few easily obtained passwords that AIM gave out to hundreds if not thousands of people and companies. AIM apparently kept an online database of the names and medical history of thousands of people who left porn many years ago. We obtained these names from an anonymous source.”

Q. Why do you attack some people so harshly?

A. “We don’t generally. But our members sometimes do. The only people who are treated so harshly are people who threaten the lives of our crew and who try to make big with legal threats. Nothing we do is illegal, and we don’t take kindly to threats. If you threaten anyone on our team all bets are off.”

Q. Does pornwikleaks hate Derek Hay?

A. “Of course. What’s there to like about him? Derek Hay is a gay pimp who gives wannabe starlets cocaine and makes them fuck all his gay porn buddies, causing straight guys in porn to risk catching HIV. He threatens girls and ruins careers of business owners, directors and straight porn actors. He pimps his girls out internationally and then threatens them and steals most of their money. He’s also a British cunt and the the most hated man in the porn business. His operation is highly illegal and unwanted and unneeded. He’s arrogant and he has made many threats. Essentially, Derek Hay is a piece of shit that needs to be stepped on and squashed. PORNWIKILEAKS is not well liked in the porn business right now. But we intend to change that. When Derek Hay is no longer in the porn business and Sharon Mitchell is retired, the porn industry will thank us for making porn fun again.”

Q. You’re putting Sharon Mitchell out of business?

A. “No. Sharon Mitchell is doing a very good job of putting herself out of business. She’s not a doctor. She a former junkie and hooker and kiddie porn performer who began in porn at 14 years old. She’s a phony and she adds two years to her age to hide her kiddie porn past. She does nothing for the people in porn but protect the greedy company owners and people like Derek Hay. She will not be missed.”

Q. What about Mark Speigler?

A. “Mark Speigler is a joke. He pretends to be in the porn business and tries to be a suitcase pimp. He spends most of his time on his couch scratching his balls and hustling free blowjobs from wannabe porn starlets and runaways he picks up on Topanga Cyn Blvd. We here at PWL do owe him a big thanks for promoting PORNWIKLEAKS so well by impersonating Derrick Burts, the HIV positive “Patient Zeta” from last summers porn HIV breakout, after we revealed Burts’ name on our message board. We all thought it was really Derrick for several weeks and this brought tons of media attention and interest in our site. We want to thank Mark for being a contribution to our success.”

Q. You guys are big time gay bashers aren’t you?

A. “Not at all. We just expose closeted gays and crossovers in straight porn who risk the lives of others. The gay and transexual performers operate in a world where HIV is common and unavoidable. HIV is not tested for in Gay and Tranny porn because many of the participants in this field already have HIV. It’s unfair for the girls and the straight men in porn to have to mix with these high risk players and we intend to expose it.
We operate by the policy of “sticks and stones.” We don’t make physical threats. Words are words and we use them freely. If you’re a fag who sucks tranny dick in your private life and does gay escort work and then you come into straight porn and act like a tough guy and talk shit and start threatening people and potentially give people HIV, we are going to humiliate and embarrass you and show the world what an idiot and a fool you really are.”

Q. Does Donny Long own pornwikileaks?

A. “Donny posts on the board once in a while and Donny is good for business. People love to hate him. He’s comfortable and taking a lot of the heat, but other than that we’d rather not say.”

Q. Who are you guys?

A. “We are a collection of people that extend internationally and have been involved in many web based media projects, inside and outside of the adult industry. Other than that we shall remain nameless.”

Q. What is the future of pornwikileaks?

“We live in a world of chaos, fakes, wannabe celebrities and parody. A world where many people will sell their bodies and souls for a shot at riches and fame. A world where the Internet and information rules all. A world where GOOGLE never forgets. PORNWIKILEAKS will continue to stand up for the underdogs and the straight shooters. And we will continue to take down the tyrants, and the liars, and shame them before all. And we will have fun making light of this madness, exposing a lot of phonies in the process.”


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