Free Speech Coalition attempts to silence Porn Wiki Leaks!!!

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Free Speech Coalition attempts to silence Porn Wiki Leaks!!!

Unbelievable. You heard it right. The Free Speech Coalition is attempting to quiet the voice of Porn Wiki Leaks and shut PWL down. (click link for info)

Free Speech Coalition???

This is the same organization that “supposedly” champions free speech rights and stands behind controversial decisions such as Hustler Magazine vs. Jerry Falwell, the landmark decision that allowed for Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine to print it’s “parody” liquor advertisement that had preacher Jerry Falwell talking about the first time he had sex…with his mother!

Hustler's landmark "parody" advertisement

Included in the Supreme Court’s decision were these words:

(from the wikipedia)

“At the heart of the First Amendment is the recognition of the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas and opinions on matters of public interest and concern. The freedom to speak one’s mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty – and thus a good unto itself – but also is essential to the common quest for truth and the vitality of society as a whole. We have therefore been particularly vigilant to ensure that individual expressions of ideas remain free from governmentally imposed sanctions.” The First Amendment envisions that the sort of robust political debate that takes place in a democracy will occasionally yield speech critical of public figures who are “intimately involved in the resolution of important public questions or, by reason of their fame, shape events in areas of concern to society at large”. In New York Times, the Court held that the First Amendment gives speakers immunity from sanction with respect to their speech concerning public figures unless their speech is both false and made with the knowledge of its falsehood or with reckless disregard for the truth of the statement. Although false statements lack inherent value, the “breathing space” that freedom of expression requires in order to flourish must tolerate occasional false statements, lest there be an intolerable chilling effect on speech that does have constitutional value.”

Another law website explains further:

“Hustler Magazine v Falwell considered the constitutionality of a Virginia decision upholding an award against Hustler for publishing a parody advertisement featuring Moral Majority leader, the Rev. Jerry Falwell. The ad in question, a parody of Campari Liquor’s ads running at the time, suggested that Falwell’s first sexual encounter was with his mother in an outhouse. Because no reasonable reader would believe the ad was factual, the award was based on an “intentional infliction of emotional distress” rather than defamation theory. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the jury award violated the First Amendment. The Court saw no principled standard for separating the Hustler ad from, for example, hard-hitting political cartoons.”

If anyone thinks that Monica Foster’s wiki page is ANYTHING but a joke; a critical attack of Fosters agenda to close down Porn Wiki Leaks; they are hugely mistaken. This wiki page was created from a user submitted forum and is protected by free speech and parody laws. Monica Foster is guilty of being and has admitted to being active as a prostitute and therefore is a criminal. For your information, prostitution is still illegal in California. While the staff of Porn Wiki Leaks believes that prostitution should be legal, we and our forum members reserve the right use free speech, parody, and hard hitting commentary in our effort to keep our voice alive.

Monica Foster in turn has made repeated and well documented death threats, legal threats, and has used her race and sex as a form of grandstanding to promote her illegal prostitution efforts.


“California law clearly states that,

Despite the fact that prostitution is known as the “oldest profession in the world,” it is still prosecuted aggressively as a criminal act. Prostitution, simply put, means to engage in a sexual act in exchange for money or other consideration (that is, other goods or services).

California prostitution law under Penal Code 647(b) PC prohibits,

  • engaging in the act of prostitution, and
  • offering or agreeing to engage in a sexual act (otherwise known as “solicitation”).

There is often an enormous amount of political and social pressure to arrest those involved in prostitution offenses. As a result, law enforcement agencies typically invest substantial resources into vice squad operations.”

All across America parents are standing by as their teenagers and young adults move to Los Angeles to pursue their “15 minutes of fame.” Behind the scenes is a predatory business known as the porn industry, which falsely portrays itself as “a sexier version of Hollywood.”

We at PWL believe that the full picture needs to be put forward:

For example:

1.Do the teenagers and young adults entering porn know that they will be encouraged and often forced to engage in illegal activity such as prostitution once they enter the porn business?
2.Do they know that prostitution is illegal and that charges can mean a permanent criminal record and jail time?
3.Do they know that in the age of Google, anonymity is a thing of the past and that their porn career will follow them their entire lives?
4.Do they know that the current protection of health records in the porn business is a sham?
5.Do they know the many of the male performers in “straight” porn partake in high risk gay activity both in untested HIV positive gay and transsexual porn and gay escort work, therefore causing a high risk of catching HIV themselves?
6.Do they know that prominent agent, Derek Hay, is involved in illegal pimping and pandering activities and will most often coerce his girls into prostitution to supplement his income?
7.Do they know that although HIV is tested for monthly, that no tests are made for HPV, Herpes, Hepatitis C, and many other sexually transmitted diseases? And they are at a high risk for receiving any or all of those STD’s during the course of their career?
8.Do parents and families know what their teenagers and young adults are getting involved in before they stand idly by watching their teenager pursue their “15 minutes of shame?”
9.Are new porn actors healthy enough, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally to handle the physical requirements and the onslaught of attention and sexual admiration they will surely receive after their first movies come out?
10.What type of exit strategy has been made for the performer to leave porn and lead a regular life once they have had enough of the sex industry? How will it affect future career plans and goals? How will it affect their social status and level of happiness. Are they emotionally ready to handle porn as a choice?

Pornography has become mainstream in many respects, but the porn world is also a dangerous world that engages in criminal and high risk behavior openly. Much like a high speed car chase, being a porn actor is dangerous. Perhaps there should be more protocols in place to insure performers know what they are getting into, and underage performers are NEVER allowed to get past the front door.

We here at Porn Wiki Leaks LOVE pornography. We would like to see it continue and thrive. But with the gay mafia and Derek Hay’s gay agenda putting many of the straight shooters out of business, all we are left with is a VERY high risk list of male performers and directors and a sham of a health agency that leaves female performers and their straight male counterparts at a very high risk for HIV infection.

Until there is a system that addresses these issues openly and honestly and that includes some form of dialogue about what the gay male crossover talent are doing in their off days and their private lives, PWL will continue to expose the lies of Porn Valley.

"Gay for Pay" crossover performer Criss Strokes

Rather than vilify Porn Wiki Leaks for calling your daughters, your girlfriends, and your porn stars a “hooker” and a “whore,” perhaps you might want to look at the fact that THEY ARE HOOKERS AND WHORES and ask “HOW DID THEY BECAME THAT WAY?” and “WHO TURNED YOUR GIRLS INTO PROSTITUTES?”

Why does the porn industry continue to lie to the girls, telling them they are not “whores” or “hookers?”

Because a huge and very disposable talent base is at risk!

Without the constant influx of young teens entering the porn industry believing it’s a “cool summer job,” porn producers would be left only with the career hookers and strippers that dominated porn in the 80’s and 90’s. The porn industry needs your young girls to feed it’s machine and remain relevant. Long gone are the days when the porn watching public will purchase porn that has only “career whores” and “seasoned pros.” The porn industry NEEDS younger and more innocent girls and LOTS of them to remain in business.

Thinly veiled behind the Free Speech Coalition’s attack of PWL is a voice screaming,

“Don’t scare the talent!”

Perhaps the porn industry, like NASCAR and Drag Racing, is not for Americas teens at all and should be regulated and licensed just like alcohol, tobacco, and firearms?

We at PWL would HATE to see it go that way. But with the high risk “gay agenda” advancing proudly, we suspect that the porn industry will either be SHUT DOWN OR HIGHLY REGULATED.

“We here at Porn Wiki Leaks ask that the porn business be made safe again, and that the people entering the business and the people who give emotional support to family members entering the business, understand fully what they are signing up for.”

From one of our administrators:

“Is Porn Wikileaks responsible for what it is accused of?

The answer is NO and there are many many many reasons why. We are simply a news publishing website that lets people speak freely and openly about the criminals, drug addicts, illegal pimps, gay mafia, hookers and many others in the world of porn that want to try and ruin porn and or risk the safety other others in the business. If anyone would like to post on our website and state their case they are more than welcome and can even have their name or other info removed if they can show that they are not part of one of the above groups.

Just like the real wikileaks or 4chang or many other world famous sites that publish user submitted content we are protected by freedom of speech laws. The fact that the porn industry would like to take our free speech rights away so we can not expose these kinds of scum is shocking. All of what has been said about models on our site from any of the owners or administrators is 100% fact and true and if you feel otherwise you are welcome to challenge it.

The models listed as “Whores” and “Hookers” are whores and hookers and that is how they make their living and if they are not they can simply come here and prove different to have that removed. The gay mafia and the part of the adult industry that supports the gay mafia has tried everything under the sun to shut us up and try and accuse us of doing something illegal and/or wrong but we have done no such thing. The list of names that was given to us has been accused of being stolen from AIM to try and make us look bad and try and shut us down when in fact no one has proven anything came from AIM in the first place and we wouldn’t be liable for posting it even if it did anyways because we just post what people submit. They have tried to accuse us of extortion, and many other things which is 100% false. We have not extorted anyone into doing anything now have we? Didn’t think so.

We have been accused of posting medical records and blood tests which again even if we did we would not be liable for but again we have not posted a single one. We have been accused of posting address’s but again our members post it on Porn Wiki Leaks and this information is always public and freely available through google’s search engine. We have been accused of posting ID’s of models but again our members do this but we have a strict rule that any ID’s must have the models address and ID number blocked out for the safety of the model.

The gay mafia that is speaking on behalf of the adult industry trying to fight us claims to be for the models, but that’s a lie. Our website is all about the safety of the models and cleaning the business up.

For the ones that don’t know why we are here and what the site is about and why it was started let me say this. Porn Wiki Leaks started out as which is the full legal name of the biggest gay suitcase pimp in Los Angeles that owns LA Direct Models which is his front for his illegal prostitution ring of and

We are not against the gays but see in gay porn it is not mandatory for blood testing and most of the gay models are “known positives” with HIV. In the straight world of porn everyone gets tested every 28 days and doesn’t like to take the risk that the gay side takes without testing. Just about every HIV breakout in porn for the last 15 years has been from a male model that was jumping the fence including the last break from Cameron Reid aka Derrick Burts.

The gay mafia does not care about anything but their pockets and the people that support the gay mafia like the Free Speech Coalition and Paul Armstrong and his lawyer that are trying to shut us up. See we have a lot of dirt on Paul and what he has been doing, which will be updated in his wiki page very soon, and you will be able to read all about. We get stuff on people everyday that people think was buried in a closet so stay tuned for more.”

And finally, from our message board a reader posted this today:

“Free speech means you have a right to call a whore a whore and say she’s degrading the whole family. Free speech includes the freedom to not be nice. If you can’t call a whore a whore how can you feel free to call a politician a whore? And guess what? The court has ruled over and over again that you CAN call politicians whores.

PWL is frickin’ brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has managed to turn “free speech advocates” against free speech and used their own arguments against them. THEIR SHOULD BE BOOKS WRITTEN ABOUT THIS. This would make a great PHD dissertation.”

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Hunter Bryce aka Kathryn Johnston is dead. Rest in Peace.

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Hunter Bryce never awoke from her sleep the morning of April 13, 2011. She was 30 years old.

The adult press has been using the term “passed away” as if she were a 90 year old grandmother and not the hard partying porn star hooker that she was.

In the new politically correct porn world, the same industry that regulates you to MILF scenes at the ripe old age of 25, death at the ancient age of 3o years old is considered a long life. No doubt Hunter lived in an old folks home and knitted in her spare time when she wasn’t taking visits from her grandchildren.

Hunter Bryce may have been only 30 years old when she died two days ago, but she was ancient in porn years; an aging hooker with the “currency” that is her pussy losing value by the day.

NO women wants to be a 40 year old hooker much less a 60 year old porn star; taking cumshots on her face by a bunch of young uneducated punks; being bossed around and threatened by greedy pimp agents; giving “freebies” to director friends in exchange for a boxcover; or simply being overlooked for younger, finer meat.

And with porn and hooking being considered a “good summer job” by Generation Z (compounded by the current state of the economy) the price for a piece of ass has fallen considerably. Just look at Humaniplex or any Internet escort site and see the many ads for $80 quickies and “daily specials.”

Not that Hunter Bryce lacked for porn work or hooking gigs. She had good friends in the business, and although she bounced from porn agent to porn agent, she had no trouble securing jobs; doing mostly MILF scenes when she wasn’t modeling or servicing one her “regulars” locally, or on one of her “hooking” world tours.

But she had to be growing weary, seeing all the young girls entering the business and seeing the work load sliding; and seeing the payouts drop; and wondering what happened to that girl she used to be. A girl named Kathryn Johnston.

What did happen to Kathryn Johnston?

Kathryn Johnston died a violent death on November 21, 2006.

Shortly after that Hunter Bryce was born.

No, we’re not talking about the same Kathryn Johnston. But it is worth mentioning that this Kathryn Johnston was a 92 year old black woman. Her obituary should have read that she “passed away” of old age being that she was a great-grandmother. Instead it stated that she “died in a hail of bullets” as Atlanta police officers mistook her residence for that of a drug dealer and kicked her door in with guns drawn.

She didn’t go down without a fight. She pulled her revolver and fired at the officers once before they fired back with a firestorm of 39 bullets, hitting her six times and killing her.

Maybe they should have gone to the other Kathryn Johnston‘s home? The police may have at least found some drugs at this Kathryn Johnston’s home.

How ironic is it that Kathryn Johnston, the 92 year old grandmother, would die a violent death like some kind of drug dealing gangster? And the porn star, drug inducing, international hooker aka Kathryn Johnston would “pass away in her sleep?”

The younger Kathryn Johnston was a college graduate and a fan of Hunter S. Thompson. She was pleasant but tough and aspired to work in the field of literature, possibly as a school teacher. She was considerably better read and educated than your average porn whore and started doing porn at the ripe old age of 26.

It had to weigh on Hunter Bryce that she had killed her old self.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a porn star or hooker. But Hunter Bryce had an education. Porn was a fun adventure for her. But too many girls get sucked into the porn lifestyle and hooking to the extent where it’s too easy to forget that girl they once were. And the longer you stay in the “sex for money” industry, the harder it can be to go back to your former self.

Partying often, drinking, pills, cocaine, cumshots on your mouth, lines on your face, botox, waxing, international hooking expeditions and more partying, and bending over, day after day, renting your pussy while “selling out” your soul.

This had to weigh on an educated girl like Hunter Bryce.

No doubt Hunter enjoyed the lifestyle in many ways and enjoyed having fun and partying with her friends. She was a rocker. But she had become a cartoon character, a shell of her former self, and for her there was no going back.

Kathryn Johnston was dead.

Perhaps she fantasized about writing novels like her hero, Hunter S. Thompson? These novels would be filled with wild tales of drugs and debauchery (no doubt true,) international hooking adventures, and narrow escapes from boyfriend hell, as told from the point of view of a hard living porn star prostitute.

Hunter Bryce knew her days as a porn star were numbered. But she didn’t know how to get out.

The porn industry retirement plan goes kinda sorta like this:

First, your scene rate drops. Then you start getting offered lower caliber scenes for less pay from smaller and cheaper companies and websites. If you appear desperate directors will call you for more degrading scenes or ask you to fuck them during a $200 blowjob scene. If you stay in porn long enough they’ll have you fucking midgets or doing 50 man gangbangs. Or, you as the porn girl, may start letting your escort customers film you with a camera while they fuck you for a couple of hundred dollars.

Not that Hunter Bryce was desperate. She had dignity. She was still beautiful. But her future couldn’t have looked too bright. She was tired of the scene. She was sick. And she was having a hard time even considering a transition to something else.

Her death was probably an accident. An accidental overdose? Suicide? Too much GHB or Oxycontin? Cocaine and Xanax?

Or any combination of the above mixed with alcohol?

It doesn’t matter. She’s dead now. Hunter Bryce is dead. That other girl died a long time ago.

She would be mourned on twitter for a full 12 hours by her loyal porn friends and fans before the booze and bumps began to flow again in porn valley, as the industry headed out to the XRCO awards later that night.

One of Hunter’s friends on twitter, a porn director, would accuse her good friend and driver of providing her with drugs.

Hunter Bryce with friend Tucker Slain aka Nelson Martin

But if you’ve ever known a Los Angeles porn star hooker, then you know that no one can keep them from getting the drugs that they want.

The porn factory moves forward. It’s no longer a boom town. It’s become a scavenger business that sells well known Hollywood trademarks draped with pieces of ass and a cumshot or two (adding shock value and titillation to well known brands, hoping that enough idiots and fans of the original Hollywood movie or TV show will purchase the “porn parody” version for nostalgia rather than download it for free off one of the many torrent sites available.)

The porn industry has become very much like Hunter Bryce feared she may soon become. An aging hooker, cast aside and unwanted, used once in a while but not held in high regard.

Many porn people with their cartoon character names and their “parody” ripoffs will continue to believe that they really are the character they invented when they entered porn. Many still secretly believe they may one day be discovered by mainstream Hollywood for their performances singing cock muffled versions of Broadway tunes into a skin flute.

These porn “characters” have become so disillusioned by their porn realities and movie star fantasy that they are horrified that anyone would even mention their real names –let alone publish them on a website named Porn Wiki Leaks.

These porn characters actually place themselves among the super rich and famous, complete with stalker fantasies and red carpet events.

After all, most of these porn girls have taken rides in private jets, and spent nights in Hollywood mansions, while servicing high end clients.

But those feared stalkers would never appear. Those “would be stalkers” would instead simply call the phone number advertised in the porn girls escort ad and proceed to fuck her for a price.

In the porn industry, they’re not called stalkers. They’re called “customers.”

It couldn’t have helped Hunter’s state of mind that Porn Wiki Leaks printed her real name online and linked it to her stage name. Hunter Bryce was now being haunted by a former self she thought was long dead and gone.

Not that her mother and her family didn’t know what she was doing. But perhaps there was some mumbling amongst old friends or an ex-boyfriend that still hadn’t known about her new career until now?

Even so, she probably wouldn’t give a shit. She was a tough broad. But maybe she didn’t like being reminded of who she used to be, her former dreams, and her inability to shake off Hunter Bryce and move on with her life.

Death became the only way to lose this cartoon character, rock and roll lifestyle. There was no turning back.

If only Kathryn Johnston hadn’t died back on November 21, 2006, maybe Hunter Bryce would have had something to go back to.

Instead, she would die in her sleep on April 13, 2011.

Your friends will always remember you. Your industry will soon forget. Your “Fear and Loathing” has ended.

RIP Hunter Bryce. We hope you have no regrets.

Porn Wiki Leaks suppository – a tough pill to swallow

The Porn Wiki Leaks suppository has landed on your desk.

A tough pill to swallow?

What will the porn industry do?


Call the police?

Hello, I'd like to report a crime..

Who is Donny Long?

And who’s really behind all this madness?

google me

Is the gay mafia invloved?

Play me a tune

And what do those Porn Wiki Leaks people really want?

Go directly to jail

Is it true what they say?

Truth or lies?

What’s Monica going to do next?

Hmmm, I don't normally do anal

Where are they getting their inside information?

Deep under covers

..and what’s going on at L.A. Direct Models?

"We're fucked"

Is Grandma really going to try to clean up this mess?

Pick it up...we dare you

Who’s really getting fucked here?

Where's my seven gram rock?

Perhaps it’s time to take your medicine?

Bend over....PWL will drive

..and admit your fucked.

"Relax mom it's a parody"

After all, life is a journey.

With a few bumps along the way…

Is AIM Healthcare closed for good?

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AIM healthcare has closed their doors for remodeling? They can’t be serious. Could this be the end of the sham that is AIM Healthcare and Sharon Mitchell’s reign as a fake doctor?

Did Porn Wiki Leaks have anything to do with this?

Maybe next time there is an HIV outbreak (and it WILL happen) the doctor in charge will let performers, the people that fuck on camera, see the quarantine list?

Will AIM Healthcare ever re-open again?

What is this referral for performers to use your “online testing services?”

is AIM Healthcare closed for good?

Is this the HIV van that AIM owns where one of your “doctors” comes out to a performers house and sticks a needle in your arm and draws blood in the back seat of Sharon Mitchell’s 1977 Pinto?

This must bring back memories from the good old days huh Sharon?

This sounds REAL LEGIT and HEALTHY!

We here at Porn Wiki Leaks would recommend that all Gay Crossover performers and Gay Loving Whores should go to Out of the Closet Thrift stores to get your testing done!

Crossover HIV Testing!

While your getting tested, you can buy some used clothing that used to belong to someone who died of AIDS!

RIP AIM Healthcare

This is win win for everyone!

Only time will tell what happens with AIM Healthcare. We here at Porn Wiki Leaks would like to think that it will end positively.

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A look at the legalities of

Porn Wiki Leaks is winning again! duh!


This is more info about laws and proof that all the threats we are getting are pointless and nothing can be done to stop us.

This is a great read even though again they skipped over the reason behind our site and the point of all this because they want to protect the gay mafia, but it does have a lot of good points about laws in the USA vs Porn Wiki Leaks. Too bad we are not in the USA hahahahha but even if we were looks like no one could do shit to us because nothing on our site was stolen and even if it was its not stolen by us. Also everything on our site is 100% true that “WE” have posted so libel is out the window but that’s a USA civil bullshit thing anyways. Some things that “OUR MEMBERS” have posted might not be true but we are not liable for that and we will never reveal who our members are so they are protected also.

It’s called freedom of speech. Ever hear of it?

Free Speech?

As far as where the site is hosted get ready because its going back to Sweden soon but a copy will stay right here and be going on several mirror sites once we hand out the database like candy for the public to start making there own wiki websites on thousands of domains.

It’s so funny to see the porn industry, an industry full of ex-cons, drug addicts, prostitutes, pimps and sex offenders that make their money doing “parody” movies that are full on rip-offs and thievery of Hollywood mainstream movies, would get so bent out of shape about having a few real names revealed. Damn!

What do you have to hide? Do you really think you can be world famous international criminals and thieves and no one know your real names?


Your industry seems to be really trying to get people to notice you by destroying Hollywood movies in real vile ways. It seems that your industry steals almost everything you own? What does Hollywood think of you guys pissing all over their movies and putting cumshots on their grandmas and children characters faces?

Who's Grandma is this?

We love how you make pseudo child pornography having girls dress up like 12 year olds before you gang fuck them in their ass!

Please fuck my ass daddy

I’m sure the US Legal System and politicians can’t wait to defend you!

Yabba dabba dooo!!!

PWL is just a parody right?

We here at Porn Wiki Leaks are just doing a “parody” of your pathetic illegal business practices and pimping and whoring activities. We LOVE your parodies complete with porn grandmas and brady bunch kids taking dicks in their asses. You porn people are SO TALENTED!

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE PORN and we LOVE watching you make fools of yourselves haha!

We here at Porn Wiki Leaks are equal opportunists!


We're really in it for the money!

Here is an article from sex and the 405 dot com:

Porn WikiLeaks: HIPAA, 2257s, defamation and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

There is a lot of misinformation floating around the web about the Porn Wikileaks story. In the interest of informing the dialogue and helping performers understand their legal options, we have summarized the four legal items that are getting the most attention in the Porn Wikileaks story and provided some information about what the law actually says in regard to HIPAA, 2257, defamation and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Much has been said about Porn Wikileaks’ violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), particularly due to misinformation in the media claiming that the wiki has made available adult entertainers’ STI test results. While Porn Wikileaks has a “High Risk HIV gay porn actors working in straight Porn” list and “High Risk HIV” list and makes claims within some pages regarding the sexual health of the listed performers, these appear to be — like much of the information on the site — merely cases of libel.
The site has not yet published any medical information, though the DailyBeast and Salon have both published the possibility that the creator of the wiki may publish performers’ health information in the future.
Even if Porn Wikileaks did publish this content, however, a close look at HIPAA shows that these regulations only apply to covered entities, such as health care providers, health insurance companies, HMOs, Medicare, and Medicaid, to name a few. There are several organizations and entities that are not covered by the privacy rule (employers, for example).
The short of HIPAA is, essentially, that any covered health care providers require your authorization to disclose identifiable health information (that is, health information that contains identifiers such as one’s name, address, birth date, or social security number), unless other laws require these providers to disclose it. Thus, because Porn Wikileaks is not a covered entity, they cannot be prosecuted for violation of HIPAA regulations even if they do release medical information.
The responsibility in this event, would fall on the entity that did not take sufficient measures to safeguard this information — or on any employee proven to have leaked the information to the site.
A note must be made here about the information that is actually available on the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) database. We spoke with AIM’s attorney Jeffrey Douglas this morning about the information made available by the Adult Industry Medical database:
The information on Porn Wikileaks that could have come from AIM are the legal names, the stage names and birth dates, correlated. But home addresses, IDs, numbers — all of that could not [have come from AIM].
Most likely, this information came from 2257s, forms required under the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988, that are collected to ensure all performers in an adult shoot are over the age of consent.
2257s, Also Known As 18 U.S.C. § 2257
By this law, any producer of explicit material must obtain and retain a 2257 form for every model involved in a shoot along with copies of their IDs (click to see what this form essentially looks like).
While the law itself does not require such stringent record-keeping of anyone who isn’t directly involved in the contracting of performers for shoots, the Department of Justice (DOJ) extended the law by designating a second class of producers, which involves “any person who produces, assembles, manufactures, publishes, duplicates, reproduces, or reissues a book, magazine, periodical, film, videotape, or digitally- or computer-manipulated image, picture, or other matter intended for commercial distribution that contains a visual depiction of an actual human being engaged in actual or simulated sexually explicit conduct, or who inserts on a computer site or service a digital image of, or otherwise manages the sexually explicit content of a computer site or service that contains a visual depiction of, an actual human being engaged in actual or simulated sexually explicit conduct.”
As it regards 2257 compliance, the DOJ makes the following specifications:
A primary producer must examine a government-issued picture identification card belonging to each performer in the visual depiction that demonstrates that the performer is 18 years old or older. The primary producer must then record the legal name, any aliases, and the date of birth of the performer, record the date of production of the depiction, and make a copy of the picture identification card. Once production is complete, a copy of the visual depiction must be maintained along with these records. All information on a performer may be redacted other than the name, date of birth, and information that identifies the type and validity of the picture identification card (e.g., driver’s license or passport number). All of the primary producer’s records for all its visual depictions must also be cross-referenced by name and alias of the performers.
If a secondary producer produces a copy of the visual depiction, the secondary producer must obtain from the primary producer the records associated with that depiction. Finally, the visual depiction must be labeled with the location of the records.
That essentially means that it’s not just studios that have access to these forms with performers’ identifying personal information, but that a number of middlemen receive access to the forms as well.
As Barbie Davenporte at LA Weekly‘s AfterDark LA blog notes, “There is no law preventing the sharing and distribution of 2257 documents within and outside of the industry.”
When we spoke with AIM attorney Jeffrey Douglas this morning, he elaborated on this point:
Adult is a highly competitive market. If you’re a distributor [of adult films], desperately trying to make sales, some guy calls you and says, ‘let’s set up a system where I sell your product, you drop-ship it for me, I make two dollars on every sale, you make six dollars on every sale, everybody’s happy.’ Federal law requires that I turn over all the performers’ information. There’s no guarantee people claiming to be a seller are not a stalker, a crazy or a hostile. Federal law and the market guarantee privacy invasion on a wholesale level.
In terms of protection of performers, the DOJ allows for the redaction of home address, social security numbers, and anything else other than the name, date of birth, and information that “identifies the type and validity” of the performer’s ID, such as a driver’s license number. The 2257s and copies of IDs do not have to be maintained in hard copy, but could also be kept and secured electronically. These two things, however, are not requirements and practices may vary across the industry. As such, there does not appear to be any basis for a claim regarding the disclosure of information contained in these forms.
This law was put into place to help prevent child pornography. Sadly, in the process of potentially safeguarding the exploitation of minors (which, Douglas rightly noted in our conversation with him, may still occur with the use of fake or stolen IDs), a gaping hole was left exposing the personal information of thousands of performers.
“Congress created a significant allocation of resources for hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the United States [with 2257 regulations],” said Douglas. “Did they hold a hearing? No. Do they have any idea what the implications are? No. Can anyone think of any other circumstances where Congress has burdened any industry in this way without holding a hearing to see what it would do? Did they ask law enforcement? No. There has never been a hearing on 2257 from its inception to its current form. All amendments are part of omnibus bills, budget bills, rewrites of the criminal code. They just toss in regulation without any dialog with the industry being regulated. And the people paying the price are small businesses and individuals whose privacy is being invaded. [This industry] is a very attractive punching bag.”
Douglas offers a solution on a state-level basis: to lobby to make it a crime to publish personal identification documents of any individual.
Without a doubt, much of the content of Porn Wikileaks could be classified as libelous. Libel is covered under defamation law (which in California, is written under Cal. Civ. Code §§ 45 and 45a but we include §46 as it brings up the sort of statements involved in the case of Porn Wikileaks which, given the information coming out about the man allegedly behind the site, may yet find some relevance):
§45: Libel is a false and unprivileged publication by writing, printing, picture, effigy, or other fixed representation to the eye, which exposes any person to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or obloquy, or which causes him to be shunned or avoided, or which has a tendency to injure him in his occupation.
§45a: A libel which is defamatory of the plaintiff without the necessity of explanatory matter, such as an inducement, innuendo or other extrinsic fact, is said to be a libel on its face. Defamatory language not libelous on its face is not actionable unless the plaintiff alleges and proves that he has suffered special damage as a proximate result thereof. [Editor’s note: Per §48a.4(b), “special damages” are all damages one can prove he has suffered or incurred as a result of the libel.]
§46: Slander is a false and unprivileged publication, orally uttered, and also communications by radio or any mechanical or other means which:
1. Charges any person with crime, or with having been indicted, convicted, or punished for crime;
2. Imputes in him the present existence of an infectious, contagious, or loathsome disease;
3. Tends directly to injure him in respect to his office, profession, trade or business, either by imputing to him general disqualification in those respects which the office or other occupation peculiarly requires, or by imputing something with reference to his office, profession, trade, or business that has a natural tendency to lessen its profits;
4. Imputes to him impotence or a want of chastity; or
5. Which, by natural consequence, causes actual damage.
Certain things are considered defamatory per se, meaning a plaintiff need not prove special damages. In his post detailing how much Wikileaks and Porn Wikileaks differ, Maymay brings up the case of James Jamesson, who posted his negative HIV results to counter information on the Porn Wikileaks site claiming otherwise.
This statement doesn’t simply potentially affect Jamesson’s livelihood by threatening his career, it could technically also be viewed as defamation per se if the statement or statements made also implied that Jamesson knows of his positive status, since the knowledgeable spread of HIV is a felony. Other statements that appear on the site alleging individuals are “child rapists” and “hookers” indicate the people specified are guilty of a crime, and thus, fall under the category of defamation per se.
In cases involving public figures (anyone who has achieved pervasive notoriety), the burden is generally placed on the plaintiff to prove the statements made are false and establish there was actual malice involved. In this case, “actual malice” has nothing to do with cruelty; it merely refers to the publication of information by one who either knows that the information is false or who is acting with reckless disregard for the truthfulness of the statement.
In cases involving private parties (and we are unsure of where the threshold of notoriety is exactly, so please seek legal counsel if you’re interested in pursuing this route), the burden of proving that the statements are true fall on the defendant. The plaintiff need only show negligence on the part of the publisher (that sources are not reliable, that statements are not verified for accuracy, etc).
Please note that as far as defamation cases are concerned the old and tired adage “truth will set you free” is 100 percent true. Truth is an absolute defense in any defamation claim; and by the same token, any statement that is proven to be true will not result in any damages even if the statement is horrifying, so please take this into consideration when considering this option.
“A civil suit gets you money or it doesn’t. If you sue someone without money, you just get a judgment against them,” Douglas said, bringing up another consideration. “That’s better than nothing. But you have to track them down and build a case first. A more systematic way is to hit up their service provider, make them take a look at the site and realize that it is way too much grief to keep up. But it’s bigger than that: if you can’t deter the next one down the line from doing this, it’s little good.”
(To learn how to reach the host of Porn Wikileaks in the Netherlands and the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA), see this post, which also includes some other options).
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
If it can be proven that the creator of Porn Wikileaks exceeded authorized access of AIM’s database or unlawfully gained access to it by exploiting a weakness, it is possible he can be held accountable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. However, as Maymay rightfully states, “Success with that hinges on whether or not it can be proven that PornWikileaks was not merely a passive recipient of the information but actively involved in the breach of AIM’s database.” That has yet to be proved.
According to Davenporte, AIM is currently investigating whether a breach occurred and combing through every access made to the database to find “one or more that features an information download that exceeded the allowed accessibility.”
“There are many possibilities we are exploring, but assuming we can show that somebody accessed essentially the entire database, that without question was a crime,” AIM attorney Jeffrey Douglas told AfterDark LA. “We don’t know whether or not it was a classic hack or whether [AIM’s] database had structured flaw that allowed it.”
It becomes apparent, given this overview, that the course of action for performers is grossly limited. The system, as we know it, is broken. For decades, the adult industry has survived on a code of honor as it regards personal information, but this code is no longer sufficient. Further, while concerns about protecting children from exploitation are justified, we cannot continue to do this at the expense of the safety of an already marginalized group of people. In order for things to change, we’re going to have to think bigger than this website and the people behind it.
Many thanks to Mark R. Matthews, visiting professor of law at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University, and AIM attorney Jeffrey Douglas for their insight on the laws at play.

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Press release!! For immediate release to all media!! PWL FAQ

This will be our FAQ so please look them over because I bet a lot of this stuff you didnt know.

PORNWIKILEAKS “You Can’t Handle The Truth”

Q. What is pornwikileaks?

A. “PORNWIKILEAKS is a web based media organization that is currently in it’s beginning stages of development. It’s one part pornography, one part shock media, one part wikileaks expose’, and one part parody.”

Q. How did pornwikileaks begin?

A. “PORNWIKILEAKS began as a website devoted to exposing Derek Hay and his high risk HIV gay agenda, his illegal pimping operation, his thievery, and his international money laundering scheme. The website became hugely popular in the wake of Derrick Burts HIV positive status last fall. We were the first to break the name of Derrick Burts as the official “Patient Zeta” when NO OTHER media outlet, adult or otherwise, would print any details. Go through our forum and check the dates. We were at least 4 weeks ahead of any other mention of Derrick Burts name. AIM Healthcare even refused to provide a quarantine list to performers, a huge betrayal, and we called them out on it. Eventually, people started calling us the “Porn Wikileaks” and so PORNWIKILEAKS was born.”

Q. Who is behind pornwikileaks?

A. “PORNWIKILEAKS has grown to 5 active participants, with several more quiet investors and behind the scenes characters. We have funding when needed but we are seeing how things develop in a grass roots word of mouth type way right now.”

Q. Is pornwikileaks racist, homophobic, misogynistic?

A. “No. But you’d never know it would you? We believe straight people have the right to defend their territory against predatory closeted homosexuals who bring HIV into straight porn and impinge on our safety and our rights. We have nothing against homosexuals in particular, we just believe that gays belong in gay porn because they do not test for HIV in gay porn and many of the gay performers already have HIV. It doesn’t matter if a crossover performer is tested. Derrick Burts proved that. Working in an HIV positive gay scene one day and a tested straight scene the next day does not work for us. We also reserve the right to use all words in the english language, including the word fag, when expressing or venting our frustration over the current state of affairs.
As for racism, we all have foul mouths, but the behind the scenes players and members on our site represent a wide selection of colors, races, religions and sexes. Internet forums are a medium of words. Foul mouthed words have power and we allow for their use; especially when dealing with hysterical individuals who threaten us.”

Q. What is the main goal of pornwikileaks?

A. “To entertain people. To shock people with the truth. To expose secrets that hinder intelligent, well-informed choices. To make people laugh. To expose phonies and bullies in the porn business. And to make the biggest and best place on the web to find out information, gossip, news and humor about the porn industry and it’s stars.”

Q. Does pornwikileaks hate women and pornstars?

A. “No. We like to fuck hookers like everyone else. (smiles) But we think the wannabe celebrity whores in the porn business deserve a little attention, or shall we say, “parody.” We see that the porn industry has butchered just about every famous movie or tv show in their attempt to exploit the media and use shock value to make a few sales. Perhaps it’s time the tables were turned? Porn stars and porn industry news is an area the main stream media largely ignores but the general public craves information about. Adult industry news outlets are terribly biased and bland. People want to know who did porn and who’s fucking who over and what “straight” porn actor is really a fag. We provide a service.
If you think you can spread your pussy on camera, gay escort on the side, be a world class traveling hooker, or a macho “straight” tranny dick sucker (embracing your pseudo celebrity on cum stained red carpets) and NOT be known by your real name too? You are greatly mistaken in this age of google.”

Q. Don’t you care about the safety of the girls?

A. “What’s more dangerous? Someone knowing your real name? The same name you use every day in every public encounter, at the grocery store, at the bank, at the gym? Or snorting cocaine off your closeted gay pimp’s cock and getting fucked in the ass by all his gay friends that you didn’t realize we’re gay? Being pimped and trafficked illegally and internationally to criminal organizations worldwide and then having your money stolen from you? Only to be sent home crying? We see it every day in this business. It might look like we don’t care. But I’d say it’s more like we don’t give a fuck. One day you’ll hear a story about the porn girl who was saved from her downward spiral by her parents due to her family finding her name on our list of real names of porn stars.”

Q. So pornwikileaks is ANTI-PORN?

A. “Hell no! We didn’t say that. We’re very pro porn. Do your thing. Fuck it. Lick it. Knock it. But porn is not for everyone. We’re equal-opportunists. But don’t tell us revealing a girls real name is harming her. It could just as easily be saving her life.

Q. Did pornwikileaks hack the AIM database?

A. “No. We’re not sure where the real names came from, but if they did come from the AIM database it would not be necessary to hack anything. From what we understand and have read in the media, AIM Healthcare’s database was publicly available until recently and only protected by a few easily obtained passwords that AIM gave out to hundreds if not thousands of people and companies. AIM apparently kept an online database of the names and medical history of thousands of people who left porn many years ago. We obtained these names from an anonymous source.”

Q. Why do you attack some people so harshly?

A. “We don’t generally. But our members sometimes do. The only people who are treated so harshly are people who threaten the lives of our crew and who try to make big with legal threats. Nothing we do is illegal, and we don’t take kindly to threats. If you threaten anyone on our team all bets are off.”

Q. Does pornwikleaks hate Derek Hay?

A. “Of course. What’s there to like about him? Derek Hay is a gay pimp who gives wannabe starlets cocaine and makes them fuck all his gay porn buddies, causing straight guys in porn to risk catching HIV. He threatens girls and ruins careers of business owners, directors and straight porn actors. He pimps his girls out internationally and then threatens them and steals most of their money. He’s also a British cunt and the the most hated man in the porn business. His operation is highly illegal and unwanted and unneeded. He’s arrogant and he has made many threats. Essentially, Derek Hay is a piece of shit that needs to be stepped on and squashed. PORNWIKILEAKS is not well liked in the porn business right now. But we intend to change that. When Derek Hay is no longer in the porn business and Sharon Mitchell is retired, the porn industry will thank us for making porn fun again.”

Q. You’re putting Sharon Mitchell out of business?

A. “No. Sharon Mitchell is doing a very good job of putting herself out of business. She’s not a doctor. She a former junkie and hooker and kiddie porn performer who began in porn at 14 years old. She’s a phony and she adds two years to her age to hide her kiddie porn past. She does nothing for the people in porn but protect the greedy company owners and people like Derek Hay. She will not be missed.”

Q. What about Mark Speigler?

A. “Mark Speigler is a joke. He pretends to be in the porn business and tries to be a suitcase pimp. He spends most of his time on his couch scratching his balls and hustling free blowjobs from wannabe porn starlets and runaways he picks up on Topanga Cyn Blvd. We here at PWL do owe him a big thanks for promoting PORNWIKLEAKS so well by impersonating Derrick Burts, the HIV positive “Patient Zeta” from last summers porn HIV breakout, after we revealed Burts’ name on our message board. We all thought it was really Derrick for several weeks and this brought tons of media attention and interest in our site. We want to thank Mark for being a contribution to our success.”

Q. You guys are big time gay bashers aren’t you?

A. “Not at all. We just expose closeted gays and crossovers in straight porn who risk the lives of others. The gay and transexual performers operate in a world where HIV is common and unavoidable. HIV is not tested for in Gay and Tranny porn because many of the participants in this field already have HIV. It’s unfair for the girls and the straight men in porn to have to mix with these high risk players and we intend to expose it.
We operate by the policy of “sticks and stones.” We don’t make physical threats. Words are words and we use them freely. If you’re a fag who sucks tranny dick in your private life and does gay escort work and then you come into straight porn and act like a tough guy and talk shit and start threatening people and potentially give people HIV, we are going to humiliate and embarrass you and show the world what an idiot and a fool you really are.”

Q. Does Donny Long own pornwikileaks?

A. “Donny posts on the board once in a while and Donny is good for business. People love to hate him. He’s comfortable and taking a lot of the heat, but other than that we’d rather not say.”

Q. Who are you guys?

A. “We are a collection of people that extend internationally and have been involved in many web based media projects, inside and outside of the adult industry. Other than that we shall remain nameless.”

Q. What is the future of pornwikileaks?

“We live in a world of chaos, fakes, wannabe celebrities and parody. A world where many people will sell their bodies and souls for a shot at riches and fame. A world where the Internet and information rules all. A world where GOOGLE never forgets. PORNWIKILEAKS will continue to stand up for the underdogs and the straight shooters. And we will continue to take down the tyrants, and the liars, and shame them before all. And we will have fun making light of this madness, exposing a lot of phonies in the process.”