Michael Thomas Strother getting OWNED HARD by Rob Black

Now lets remember Mike South was a absolute nobody with a shit Alexa ranking until Donny Long went to war with him calling him all the things he is being exposed of now by Rob Black. Mike South is truly a nobody loser fanboi scumbag gay Jew just like his boyfriend Mark Spiegler. They are both jealous of all the success Donny Long had in porn with over 1000 scenes and then owning a successful company and studio, while they couldnt get a job as a bukakke mop. Read Rob rip this queer a new one below.

“has been nothing more than an internet terrorist for a decade and a half. He has posted lies and slandered people in the business because he was ostracized back in 1997″

“After no one else wanted to distribute his garbage and he was excommunicated from Porn Valley”

“Since he was a non factor and a failure at porn, he never had real sources or accurate information, so he would just make shit up, often contributing his info to anonymous emails.”

“Since I started The Rob Black Show a year ago, I have exposed this piece of shit for what he is, a lying piece of shit and a vile human being. Every time he pokes his head up, I deliver a right left cross and an uppercut. Now I just keep pummeling him and I’m gonna keep pummeling him until he goes away. He thinks this heat on him is gonna die down. It’s not gonna die down. He is Jim Bakker, he is Jimmy Swaggart, he is Ted Haggard, he is the toe tapper Larry Craig times ten. he is the hypocrite faggot who campaigns against homosexuality and gets caught with a dick in his mouth. That is who Mike South is.”

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Ash Hollywood’s mommy Complaines

Failed Mother Erin Eckerberg. Mother of Whore Ash Hollywood had this to say to PWL.

I thought I would let you know that your information, while properly referenced is completely incorrect and slanderous on your page http://www.pornwikileaks.com/wiki/Ash_Hollywood

I will be turning the page over to her attorney, and you should be expecting to hear from them regarding a lawsuit for libel.

Thank you.
signed Epstein’s mother

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Monica Foster “The wikis are still there”

At 1:23:45 Monica Foster says:

about Mike South “Things he took credit for didnt seem to have stuck pornwikileaks being down Its not really down” Then she goes nuts yelling

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Tristan Stadtmuller vs Monica foster

Monica Foster is an idiot! This piece of shit is accusing me of operating an illegal escort business, trying to start my own porn production company called BIG DADDY T films and etc. She has no proof of her allegations against me. This moron claims that she has notified the FBI and the LAPD about me. If the allegations against me were true, why have I not been arrested? Sex Trafficking is a serious federal offense. Also, even if I was doing these things, it’s not considered to be sex trafficking if the women do it on their own free will!

She has accused me of trying to pimp porn actress, Nikita Denise, who has been in the sex industry since she was a teenager and a porn star since I was in high school. I tried to talk to Monica Foster on Twitter and she attacked me and insulted me. I fired back at her and she obviously didn’t like it. This moron is so unprofessional that she got my fellow cast members and the Indie comedy film, Live Nude Girls, involved in our feud. Monica Foster claims that porn actresses and escorts are in danger of me. This woman is a hypocrite who attacks people for working in the sex biz, yet she still does it herself.

Monica Foster is an angry middle ages woman who can’t find a good man to love her because she’s garbage. She has nothing to offer. She has no job skills of any kind other than fucking married men for money. She has no talent, no credibility, nothing! She now insults me with photoshopped pictures of using my pictures, which violates copyright laws, and is nothing more than a CYBER BULLY! Monica Foster is NOT a legit reporter, she is a “blogger” that bullies people because she has nothing else going for her in her life.

The porn biz didn’t kick her out because she was black, it was because she couldn’t fuck a man good, no one liked her, and she couldn’t draw in any fans. She should have had her father teach her how to fuck a man good!

Monica Foster is a good example of kids that are raised by piece of shit parents!

Anyone that believes anything that she reports when she has no proof of anything is an idiot!

Monica Foster needs to do herself and her family and everyone else a favor and go kill herself. She made Twitter threats about killing herself. NOBODY WILL MISS YOU MONICA SO DON’T HOLD BACK FROM DOING IT!!!

Monica Foster keeps calling me a looser yet I was a mainstream film riding the front seat of KITT from “Knight Rider” with Bree Olson as my groupie and sitting on my lap. I have also been published in “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” for both of my feet being fractured for 7 months in the Marines and I still did my training without any medical help. YES I AM A REAL LOOSER! She fucks married men for money and is a major hypocrite, yet I’m the looser. I don’t see why anyone would waste their time with a WHORE that doesn’t deserve to live.

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Tristan Stadtmuller testimony against Porn Actress Nikita Denise

I was very upset and hurt by this woman. Nikita Denise not only hurt my feelings and broke my heart, but she has lied on me and done all that she can to make me look bad. I apologize for calling her nasty names like she’s a piece of shit and saying nasty things like she doesn’t deserve a good man. I met this woman for the soul purpose of networking. I made a public apology to her on Twitter, but I will never get an apology from her. All I wanted to do was network with her and possibly work with her in the future, she was the one that chose me to treat like shit.

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Faggot Mike South real name Michael Thomas Strother

Will you guys stop copying the stupid faggots calling Mike South by his stage name and refer to him by his real name Michael Thomas Strother. Also dont forget super hero porn god Donny Long was the first to expose Mark Spieglers gay Jew hillybilly boyfriend as the loser fanboi lying scumbag that he is and and bought his domain name 5 years ago as just now all the fags finally realize what a fake lying loser Strother is.


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Candle Boxx’s real name is Canadce Lauren Royall.

She married a guy named Robert Thomson, who’s the only one who touches her in her clips. They’re in debt and she had a house forclosed on.

Happy hunting, Donny.

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Mike South shoots without even testing talent!!

Multiple eyewitnesses confirm that Mike South, an amateur pornographer from Georgia who regularly lectures the mainstream adult business about health and safety issues, is shooting boy/girl and multiple partner sex scenes without requiring full STD screening — even from amateur male talent “off the street”
South is also accused of not providing his own test results to females before performing condom-less vaginal and oral sex with them; not requiring performer panel testing from female performers hired to have oral sex on multiple men in one scene; and not offering to wear a condom in scenes in which he will engage in vaginal penetration.
Participants in his shoots also claim that the only testing they have seen South require of the males in his bukkake scenes is an ELISA-based OraSure home HIV “swab” test, which the men purchase themselves and bring to set.

Over the years, Georgia gossip blogger and amateur pornographer Mike South has opposed every system of adult performer testing protocols and test result verification — from AIM Healthcare to FSC/PASS.

But it’s guys like South who are the reason the adult business needs such a system.

Mike South in an undated photo

Last week, a dancer and amateur performer from Ohio named Jessica Chase came forward in the wake of an ugly post written by Mike South that referred to her as “Bimbo” and a “dumb bitch.”

Chase demonstrated that South was a vindictive liar and hypocrite, but in the course of researching that article we discovered there was much, much more to this story.

Jessica Chase

Jessica Chase had met South when he worked as a manager of a strip club in Dayton. Eventually, South released three scenes starring Chase, all of which were shot in Atlanta, Georgia (South’s neck of the woods): a boy/girl scene with South as male talent, and two bukkake scenes featuring multiple males.

On January 6, 2014, before driving to Georgia to work for South, Chase got herself tested through Talent Testing Service.

She recalls, “I went through Talent Testing on my own accord (he had actually told me not to waste the money because he tests everyone with an OraQuick HIV test).

Chase arrived in Georgia on January 10, 2014, and stayed in a room South got for her at the Embassy Suites Atlanta – Perimeter Center.

The Embassy Suites – Perimeter Center

That day, the two taped a condom-less boy/girl scene, including oral and vaginal sex, in her hotel room.

South posted this scene on his stripperfacials website in January, but suspiciously the clip disappeared last week after Jessica Chase’s story appeared on another porn blog

“He did NOT offer to use a condom,” says Chase.

Socks on, condoms off at the Embassy Suites

“He told me he had been tested, and having known him previously [i] did not think he would lie about it. Obviously he did. He NEVER showed me lab results.”

Chase’s first bukkake scene was shot the following day, in the same room. The scene included oral sex with multiple men, and facial pop shots.

Chase says she was never shown lab test results for any of the other participants. The guys came in and were swabbed with an OraQuick test, then South logged the results and ok’d them to work.

As for the actual swab tests, Chase says South “did not provide them. The guys brought them.”

“All the guys apparently aren’t properly tested. I realized this when my partner Brian who was in the bukkake said he saw a written log that looked like testing dates and all were just handwritten OraQuick results. This was when I was in bathroom getting cleaned up after shooting so he and I could leave. I feel like an idiot for having trusted [South].

Just to make sure I have this 100% correct: Are you saying Mike South did not require talent (including yourself) to be tested for other STIs — gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, Hep C, etc…?

No sir, he did not. I’m not kidding. He keeps written notebook records.

How many performers were there?

Including him, 8 or 9. And NOT ONE showed me lab results.

Jessica Chase and Mike South, 2014

On her next trip to Atlanta, Chase shot a second bukkake scene for South on Feb 12 or 13th. But by then her January 6th TTS test result was out of date.

“I was going to get tested again for the second one, and he told me not to because there wasn’t going to be penetration.”

“Penetration” meaning vaginal or anal sex. More on this later….

Once again, Chase was never shown any STD test results for the group of men who participated in the scene.

“I asked if they were tested — he replied yes. I didn’t ask how. I honestly think it’s a money thing. He had made the comment to me to ‘not waste my money.’”

“These guys aren’t getting paid. These are basically shoots he sets up at a hotel — fly-by-night BS. He has a button on southernbukkake. Guy sends pic of himself and [driver's] license. South checks it, if the guy is good, he performs. He gets the date and time a bit in advance and room info same day.”

The scenes involved oral sex, not just ejaculation on you, correct?
Yes, oral sex and facials.

Chase had brought her partner Brian along to perform in the bukkake shoot “because South didn’t think we had enough guys.”

But Brian had never tested at TTS or through FSC/PASS, and is not listed in any performer testing database.

So Brian only tested with the OraQuick, correct?
He [South] didn’t bother to test Brian, even though we asked, because “I knew him.”

Brian was completely untested.

When Brian was asked to confirm the circumstances of his performing in a Mike South bukkake scene.

He replied: “I was not asked to provide or take any test for STDs or otherwise, as I was vouched for by the talent.”

Someone vouched for him, and that was good enough for Mike South.

Lots of people would have vouched for Marc Wallice in 1998, and Mr. Marcus in 2012.

Jessica Chase (Source: Twitter)

As reported previously, when South and Chase traveled to Florida to supposedly do “a bunch of shoots” later in February, South suggested himself as the male talent in an oral sex scene with Chase.

On that trip, did South ever show you a current test or ask you for a current test before he suggested that he do a BJ scene with you?

No, he didn’t show one or ask.

Did he state that the wanted to use condoms?

He DID NOT state he wanted to use condoms.

Did South require condoms or an STD lab test for you, Lindsey Lovehands, and whoever else was involved in the material you shot?

No, he did not.

Victoria Quinn’s bukkake scene, as posted on Mike South’s website[/center]

Victoria Quinn is a dancer and amateur performer from Georgia who performed in a bukkake scene for Mike South in the fall of 2013. Quinn says she had no current STI test at the time of the shoot.

Quinn described the circumstances to:

“He [South] had the guy talents — well, random guys that have shot with him … bring in that ‘at home HIV swab test’ that you can get at local stores,” she recalls. “I saw each of them get swabbed and if they passed they were good.”

“From what I recall I was not asked by Conor [Coxxx, an unlicensed talent agent whom South endorses] nor Mike to get tested.”

In advance of the shoot, one of Coxxx’s “recruiters” asked Quinn if she had a current test.

“I honestly answered no because . . . I wasn’t told [to] and I just was, ‘uh was I supposed to be?’”

“The recruiter’s question got me worried — but Conor had told me in the past that girls weren’t tested (or were [for their pro shoots] since it’s required with Talent Testing), but he told me they do HIV testing [on South's set] and the girls who had done it like XXX and XXXXX said it was fine and never noticed anything internally wrong with themselves or positive test results in the near future.”

Asked if she had ever been swabbed with an OraQuick test for the shoot with South, Quinn replied:

“I was not swabbed on set or asked to provide one to get swabbed.”

He has a notebook,” says Quinn. “He noted down if they passed and put the slip in the binder. Then he returned the used box back to the men, thinking he didn’t want trash in the hotel room.”

“It was a bukkake, so I only did oral, so no condoms were involved, and since I knew the guys were only HIV tested I never swallowed or let anyone shoot in my eyes or mouth.”

The Risk to Performers

Should every partner in a multiple male oral sex / blow bang / bukkake sex scene be tested, as the adult industry’s PASS testing protocols require? And if so, at what kind of risk does Mike South place performers by shooting in this manner?

To answer this question, we reached out to Sixto Pacheco, President & CEO of Talent Testing Service (TTS).

Pacheco kindly referred our questions to Dr. David Smith, M.D., M.A.S., an infectious disease specialist who heads TTS’ Internal Medical Council and Outreach Program

Dr. Smith confirms that there is indeed a risk of transmission of “mucosal STIs: gonorrhea, chlamydia, HSV, HPV and syphilis” during a male/female oral sex performance: to or from the male or the female, from the oral sex itself — and to the female from ejaculation into the mouth or eyes.

When asked whether within a multiple male / single female oral sex performance there existed a possibility of transmission of an STI between males, based upon the males sharing the same female mouth/throat, Dr. Smith answered “yes”, adding that “the woman would also be infected.”

Could an on set transmission via oral sex could make it possible for genitals that come in contact with that mouth/throat to become infected?

Dr. Smith again answered yes. “If [the] genital come into contact with an infected mouth, then it is possible that the genital would become infected.”

And this is precisely why the adult industry testing protocols have required regular testing for multiple STIs for well over twenty years.

The question is: why doesn’t Mike South, who has been shooting porn content for over twenty years, understand this — or care?

While he takes to his website every day to lecture California adult producers — his competitors — about condoms, STIs, performer testing, and Cal/OSHA, Mike South is in Georgia shooting sex scenes without condoms and without STI lab tests.

It’s an outrage, and one might wonder what Georgia OSHA would have to say about it?

Discussion here http://www.pornwikileaks.com/forum/porn-news-porn-talk-porn-leaks-porn-gossip/110313-mike-south-shoots-without-even-testing-talent.html

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Fag Loving Porn Whores Everywhere

Fag Loving Porn Whores Everywhere


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it could be Monica Foster. She’s a psycho bitch that attacks people in the sex biz and she still works as a hooker & does live webcam shows! Yet she condemns others for doing this.

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