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Pierre-Andre Adam is a 38 year old ex-swimmer living in the Seychelles. He is a disgrace to the sport and to men in general. He launched his amateur gay porn career in 2014. Videos and photos are spreading all over the internet and social-media platforms like wildfire:




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anybody knows Reagan Foxx real name?

Does anybody know Reagan Foxx real name?
She is Arizona native for 20 years, born in Kentucky 12/31/1975 and has an 18 years old daughter. She is camming since 2011. The last month started shooting with big porn companies and is said that would be the new MILF phenomenon.
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Ryan Smiles aka Ryon Cherry ‘s brother is sex offender

Pornstar Ryan Smiles aka Ryon Cherry real name is Kaylin (or Kaylen) Renee Maglaris is child of irresponsible parents, James Nathaniel Maglaris (48) and Marcia Lee Hyde(48).
Not only Kaylin has been arrested for multiple crimes (regularly cocaine use and prostitution, still under surveillance until 12/12/2018)!!! She also has a big brother name Patrick James Maglaris (b. 1992) which has arrested multiple times for sex offenses!! http://florida.arrests.org/Arrests/Patrick_Maglaris_5766062/