Ron Jeremy comments on Monica Foster

This needs to be added to Monica Foster’s wiki! Ron Jeremy got tagged in a couple of Monica Foster’s psychotic tweets & it was enough for the king of porn to make this comment about her! Ron Jeremy even stated that Foster is violating Twitter’s policy by making these threats and that she needs to be suspended, but Twitter won’t do it because Foster paid some good money to get her 13k followers aka bots.

god long travels through countries while the trolls keep being miserable, monica foster awaits her may 31 court date, eddie dzial takes his aids meds and mikey south lives with mommy

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@blue_balled @heatherdeepxxx that stupid monkey will never learn! We will have our feet in the sand sipping on a Margaretta laughing at her

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Good morning! Life’s great as always!

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Donny Long Pornstar ‏@XXXCAMJOBS

I on the road for a week on holiday while these fags try to smell my ass, AAU FAGS WILL ONLY KICK YOURSELVES STUPID HOMOS

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Got another faggot this time Eddie Dzial running around saying I have HIV & posting a bad photoshop job test Lol someone make him one please

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What the difference between a fag, a fag with tits, and a faghag? NOTHING! ALL THE SICKOS COST US MONEY IN STRAIGHT PORN & WILL DIE OF AIDS!

Donny Long Pornstar ‏@XXXCAMJOBS

HIV infested gay porn mope flunked out of porn Eddie Dzial wants attention popping off at his fag hole …

Donny Long Pornstar ‏@XXXCAMJOBS

In other news a birdy told me @shylove has been using a fake ID and SS number cause she owes tons in taxes and more soon to be made public

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Living off mommy wtf the fag @MikeSouth1226 is like 60 years old and failed broke loser living with and off mommy #KINGFAG

Donny Long Pornstar ‏@XXXCAMJOBS

For all his online shit talking and lies he likes to post about people on his no traffic blog and he is flat ass broke for years now

Donny Long Pornstar ‏@XXXCAMJOBS

In the hospital, it was no accident as some guy went to his moms apartment where he lives in the basement and they kicked the shit out him

Donny Long Pornstar ‏@XXXCAMJOBS

Its funny watching my jealous hater faggot loser trolls make up shit about me while I’m living large, TRYHARDERHIVINFESTEDFAGGOTS

Donny Long Pornstar ‏@XXXCAMJOBS

I’m on a week holiday and you will get to see a lot of pix and video of how a porn god laughing at the world lives

Donny Long Pornstar ‏@XXXCAMJOBS

I got a laugh last night by the way talking to someone who told me the truth why flunked and failed at everything in porn MIke South was

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Britney long and god long and me going to have a hell of a time.

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Going on a 7 day holiday traveling across counties with God Long 🙂


Man Disguised as Woman Recorded “Hours” of Mall Restroom Video: Investigators

Well PWL warned you about faggots causing condom laws years before it happened and just a few days ago we warned about problems in women’s restrooms cause of faggots and sickos and here it is. WE TOLD YOU SO!

The suspect was wearing a wig, women’s clothing and bra when he was found in a mall storage area, according to deputies


Jason Pomare, 33, is suspected of dressing like a woman and carrying a camera inside her purse to allegedly film customers at a Palmdale Macy’s store while they were changing. John Cadiz Klemack reports for the NBC4 News at 11 p.m. on May 14, 2013. (Published Wednesday, May 15, 2013)

Charges were filed Tuesday against a man who wore a wig and women’s clothing to disguise himself as he allegedly used a concealed camera to record “hours” of video of women in a Los Angeles-area department store restroom.

Jason Pomare, 33, of Palmdale, was arrested Saturday after customers contacted security officers at a Macy’s store to report a man in the women’s restroom. The security officers contacted a deputy, who was on patrol at the Antelope Valley Mall (map) when he saw a man matching the subject’s description leave the store.

When the deputy found the man hiding in a mall storage area, the subject was wearing a wig, women’s clothing and bra, according to a statement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“The deputy noticed he was wearing a wig and appeared to have breasts,” said Sgt. Brian Hudson, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Pomare (pictured, right) was charged Tuesday with six counts of unlawful use of a concealed camera for purposes of sexual gratification. After his arrest, investigators said a video camera found in his purse had “hours” of video of women using the restroom inside the store.

The suspect pointed the concealed camera under restroom stalls, but one woman recognized the camera’s red recording light and contacted security officers, investigators said. Pomare told detectives he had been in the restroom for about two hours, said Hudson.

Anyone with information about the case can contact detectives at 1-800-222-8477.

Misty Stone vs Monica Foster

Well, this really isn’t a comparison because there is no comparison. One is an in demand, accomplished young performer and the other, an aging, obscure, bitter, black balled, old maid that creates little cartoon videos that get around 50 views. But since Foster takes the liberty of bashing Misty all the time since Misty is more successful and isn’t a black supremacist like Foster, we thought we would list a few reasons that Foster is jealous.

iafd: Misty Stone, 346 titles, Monica Dumpster, 32 titles. Misty 1, Dumpster 0.

Fleshlight: Misty: 3 “Fleshlight” sleeves to the tune of probably hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get her to put her name on their product, Dumpster, 0, but you can “Get a cam show” with Dumpster and watch her pretend to play with herself for around $5/min. Misty gets an extra point here since Dumpster is so pathetic. Misty 3, Dumpster 0.

Twitter: Misty 139,000 followers, Foster 13,000 bought and paid for followers – the number never moves. Oh, but NYCFUNK aka Barry Nelson is real at least (Old black supremacist loser) Misty 4, Foster 0.

Websites: Misty Stone’s is a membership site that looks like it was designed in 2016, Foster’s looks like it was designed in 1994 and she uses it to pop off at her fag hole about social and political issues and post little cartoon videos that no one watches or links to the failed grandma hooker that she is teamed up with. You will NEVER hurt the porn industry. Give up. Misty 5, Dumpster 0.

Awards: Misty Stone:

AVN Awards
Nominee: Female Performer of the Year
Nominee: Female Performer of the Year
Nominee: Best Actress, Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Oprah (2011)
Nominee: Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene, Taxi Driver: A XXX Parody (2011)
Nominee: Best Supporting Actress, Men in Black: A Hardcore Parody (2012)
Nominee: Female Performer of the Year
Nominee: Best Group Sex Scene, Official Hangover Parody (2012)
Nominee: Best Solo Sex Scene, Men in Black: A Hardcore Parody (2012)
Nominee: Best Three-Way Sex Scene: G/G/B, Sex (2013)
Nominee: Fan Award: Favorite Female Porn Star
Nominee: Best Supporting Actress, Magic Mike XXXL (2015)
Nominee: Fan Award: Favorite Female Porn Star
Nominee: Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene, Lesbian First Dates (2014)

Nominee: Best Body
Inducted: Hall of Fame

RogReviews’ Critics Choice Awards
Winner: Best Female Performer
Nominee: Best Female Performer

Sex Awards
Nominee: Porn’s Best Body
Nominee: Porn Star of the Year
Nominee: Sexiest Adult Star

The Fannys
Nominee: Ethnic Performer of the Year
Nominee: Most Underrated Star
Nominee: Ethnic Performer of the Year

Urban X Awards
Nominee: Best Couple Scene, Seduction (II) (2011)
Nominee: Female Performer of the Year
Winner: Best Couple Scene, Horizon (2011)
Nominee: Orgasmic Oralist of the Year

Virtual Awards
Nominee: Female Porn Star of the Year

XBiz Awards
Nominee: Female Performer of the Year
Nominee: Female Performer of the Year
Nominee: Best Actress – Parody Release, Men in Black: A Hardcore Parody (2012)
Nominee: Best Scene – Parody Release, OMG… It’s the Spice Girls XXX Parody (2013)
Nominee: Best Scene – Vignette Release, Naughty Office 37 (2015)

XRCO Awards
Nominee: Unsung Siren of the Year

Foster Awards…..wait for it…….0.

Misty 6, Dumpster 0.

Misty currently being sued: NO. Foster: yes, to the tune of a whopping $167,000.

Misty 7, Dumbshit 0.

OK, that’s enough. There isn’t any need to go on even though we could for days and days. Even we feel embarrassed for the Dumpster at this point but now you know why the jealousy.




Faggot druggie Jon Felosi beaten by benham, ky faggot Pig Ryan Shepherd

As much as I hate cowardly punk ass faggot pigs that were bullied around in high school and got a badge and a gun to feel like a man and bully people around I must say that this fag beating a fag is well deserved. Remember the server admin that was paid good money to run the PWL server and desiced to sell the PWL passwords to the gay mafia so he could make a buck to pay for his drug habbit? Yup that was Jon Felsoi. Hey Jon what comes around goes around eeeeehhh Jonny boy? KARMA FAGGOT! Read this little fag crying on his facebook and twitter with this story below.


Jon Felosi's photo.


I’m going fully public with this. There is nothing more to this story. The officer’s excuse is he found me this way despite witnesses including the postmaster seeing me moments before he arrested me. They seen me normal and not half beat to death. This officer is a dangerous sociopath and will end up killing someone if he is not stopped.

I plan to keep telling everyone I can until something is done. On Dec 23, I was beaten half to death while handcuffed in the back of a cop car and charged with a slew of trumped up charged including felonies. This all started with a cop arresting me for suspicion of PI. I have not found anyone in my area that will even touch it and mayor will not respond to email or return calls.

He pulled over and beat me with those plastic knuckle gloves on because I was demanding he take me for a blood test.

The officer’s name is Ryan Shepherd and this happened in Benham, KY on dec 23 2015.

I recorded on phone but they formatted my phone while i was in jail.

This is much more than my word against his. The statement he made is full of easily refuted facts, witnesses who seen me before and also contradictory lies but never the less, beating someone while handcuffed and then claiming you found them that way isn’t gonna fly. I will not stop until this guy loses his job and never works as a cop again

UPDATE: Thanks to all who are sharing this. I really appreciate it. I’m going to go all out and get as much attention to possible to the situation.

UPDATE 3-18-16: I was indicted of the charges and Ryan Shepherd threatened to charge me with slander over this post. An officer threatening such a charge over a brutality complaint alone shows he is guilty and trying to silence this. Also claims he will have multiple officers from multiple agencies come to court on his behalf to say that they too seen me beat up before he arrested me. He claims I fell down stairs… Also claims the sheriff of harlan is one of these people who will come lie for him.

Now on Copblock!…/benham-police-chief-beat-handcu…/

Jon Felosi's photo.
Now wouldnt it be interesting if some people pretending to be Jon stalked this pig online!!!!! FUN TIMES!

Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial HIV Positive failed porn mope still kicking himself

Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial hiv + !!

Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is an aids carrying piece of shit using pornwikileaks to bash other porn actors and industry people because aim healthcare outted him as his pcr/dna test results came back + so he’s using pornwikileaks not to ‘expose’ the industry or fight the alleged ‘straight mafia’ he’s getting even for being a scum bag druggie loser and sucking dicks and taking it in the ass and getting infected… now he’s feeding that hiv to woman in Los Angeles California. I hope Los Angeles authorities are aware this guy is there doing porn on cam websites claiming he’s making so much money. Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is white trash if there ever was… he is the reason porn has a bad name. punks like this always need their ego stroked calling himself “King Gay”… what an egotistical moronic buffoon. is there is anything more pathetic then Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial? Eddie you’re garbage. coward. YOU WILL ONLY KICK YOURSELF YOU STUPID FUCKING FAGGOT!
meet the many faces of Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial, convicted felon, burglar & thief, woman beater, batterer, disorderly intoxicator, gay Jew child rapist & king of the shit stains…
does anybody trust this gay? seems a bit fishy to me…

“these people hiding behinds fake nicknames have some real issues and must be really jealous haters that wish they could be like Eddie gay god. ”
ahh, yes. This is how it’s started on every website he’s been banned from. which is most of them. check out his threads on google if you want a good laugh.
 speaking of which, did that guy from google ever come knocking at your door, faggot? you know, the guy you tried to fuck over by passing out flyers to his neighbors saying he shot kiddie porn? whatever happened with that? lol… douche.

Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is a convicted felon for drugs, domestic violence, pedophile charges and recently in may 2016 he was arrested for having child adult films in his company, he cyber stalks many adult stars and even models singers and actresses breaking into there emails tracking them down, he is a failed adult star adult producer and model he recruits underage girls in the adult industry sells drugs and pushes drugs on talent, one of my friends has been cyberstalked by him and is pressing charges and filing restraining order on him and suing i think many others should be warned of him and if they are victims do the same!
Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial, yes it is obvious that chasey was on drugs. but it is also obvious that you were still more than willing to shoot the scene.
 is it your standard practice to shoot performers who are obviously intoxicated? 
is it your standard practice to make coercive threats like you did to carly parker in order to get your scene?
 you state in this interview… ”i don’t take well to threats.” well one day Eddie, somebody is not going to take well to your threats. what goes around comes around, or so they say.
 and to whoever conducted this interview given Eddies’s actions and his own words over the past few months, this was a pretty fluffy softball interview. if the real luke was dead, he would be rolling over in his grave. this was the most no balls “interview” since larry king interviewed tammy faye baker. what a joke.

…and the comment, “Donny has no balls”. really? if that’s true he’s sure squirting a lot of juice all over the porn starlets in los angeles from the stuff i’ve seen about the guy… wtf are babbling about Eddie?

he can’t work in porn anymore as he is hiv positive
Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is a criminal
he’s a washed up wrinkled ugly hideous donkey faced ex xxxpornstar
that is miserable due to his disease he carries and wants to stalk, harass
and cyber bully whoever he can… just because he feels empty and unhappy
doesn’t give him the right to bother others. anyone, has more info of his friends and family location it would be a help as authorities are looking for him.
he is a complete loser. typical white trash faggot from California. i think he is a fag just like christian but Eddie hates christian because he doesn’t have to shoot with midgets. both should really just put on some booty shorts and start working santa monica blvd. maybe they should do a porn video where they take turns shaving each others assholes just pounding each other bareback with big facial endings. 
they hug and cry on each others shoulders at the end.
he works for a porno company he does try to recruit girls into that industry, or he wont let you know he’s in it and use your images and name putting false info on spam sites. he’s a f-u-g-l-y pedophile that goes for underage girls as well…
“i’m planning on buying a yacht… ”
i’m calling bullshit.
 “when i lived in florida with my wealthy nigger-rich lifestyle”…”
Eddie, you might make decent money for a young guy but wealth is something you’re not even close too. ”rich” isn’t even the proper word to describe you. perhaps “well off” would a good word, but wealthy, give us a break.
 i know i’m worth at least 10 times what you are and i would never describe myself as wealthy, hell, i barely qualify as rich. nigger-rich, not the same thing asshole…

his email is…he has been spotting stalking my cousin at starbucks locations in beverly hills,also showing up at random locations..he lives at jonathan location or at his parents. he’s a sicko that needs to be dealt with by the law…

the best way to solve this is to take action against these criminals…
this article is pathetic. everyone knows Eddie uses meth, coke and every other fucking drug known to man. he’s a convicted felon (battery, burglaries, dui’s, grand thefts, drug possessions) and known women abuser. why this piece of garbage who can’t even spell correctly in porn is exactly the reason why porn is in the shitter.
way to give a violent misogynist a platform and credibility.
he posted on his website another porn star has hiv… but Eddie is hiv +.
Eddie retired from porn in 2010. his pcr/dna is Positive and aim healthcare
database files say so… when Eddie found out he was hiv + is when he attacked aim, the straight mafia, christian x and monica foster… as well as other people in the adult film business.
 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial Brother as this cunning lying man likes to switch his name around is no good for nothing scum…
if your a model or anyone in the professional arts industry think
twice before ever working with him he has a known criminal record for stalking girls.
he has a restraining order on him by a few in california. he will stalk and cyberstalk
you for years if you don’t keep in contact with him or stay friends with him or stay his friend.
i think he has several different mental illnesses. he’s one sick puppy… its disgusting.

he poses as a political supporter doing all the bad doings he does

 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is a pedophile he sleeps with underage girls after getting them drunk…
like his sister who is now 17 but went with her when she was only 14 years of age…
he has done many gay x-rated films he cyber stalks good people who don’t want him as friend
putting false info of them on websites.
…out of jealousy and frustration.
his bisexual side makes him very jealous of pretty girls.
he is satanist and mentally ill he states everyone is a satanist when they are not.
the kind of things he does a satanist points out to be him…
he also sleeps with men.
i think this individual should be tracked down and locked up from by authorities.
or tracked down by individuals he stalks.
don’t let this con get away with what he does…
wow, from reading the comments here i see a couple things. first off there is a lot of people in this article that are bitter about porn directors and talent. second these people hiding behinds fake nicknames (pornwikileaks) have some real issues and must be really jealous haters that wish they could be like Eddie. i read all this off the wall total bullshit you guys have posted and it makes me feel good to know people are so jealous of pornwikidix that they have to make these false rumors. if anything you guys just posted what is true then damn everyone should be like that and do all those bad things because it made me Eddie a pariah.
 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial you are such an incredible douche bag that there are just not enough adjectives to fully describe you. why should anyone believe your bullshit any more than you say we should not believe Whores? reading what you have just said about Whores in particular and women’s organizations in general lead me to believe that you are just another one of those California jerks that get arrested on “cops” every week.

“cops”? what about “to catch a predator”?

guys,  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is a piece of shit, unworthy of hate, unworthy of anybody’s time, unworthy of anything. let him talk and eat shit as he always does, eventually he will be cast out of the adult industry just like that other white trash moron kid vegas. let him be happy to shoot cheap scenes with scumbags in his trash can studio, if this is his 15 seconds of fortune, let him fucking have it. he’s a piece of shit, and he knows that better than anybody else. just ignore this pathetic little clown, we don’t have to bother ourselves every time a leper dog barks.
if i see polo all over pornwikileaks you are going to see more videos of you on the internet more fake videos
like web cam videos, nude pixs porn videos, and spam webpages.
i aka ??? 🙂  have all your info all your info tips… don’t ever go to
trackers get all your info 🙂 let polo be polo you be you ok thanx u BYE!
i think this cyberstalking bi pedophile needs to be dealt with once and for all his con artistry.
real name is  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial he changed it to be on the run to polo high his website is
he hides out at a.c killers aka  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial place or at his sister
who also cyber stalks and stalks individuals like him at or other family members
don’t let this con get away with what he does… and now more on Eddie HIV…
Eddie, why don’t you answer the legit questions posted online? i think its because you don’t have the balls to be honest, like most of the loudmouths in the porn biz.
 how often do you shoot intoxicated performers, and how often do you use the coercive tactics like you did with carly parker?
 very simple questions actually. do you have the balls to answer them or not?
 no just because someone thinks you’re a dirtbag doesn’t meant they’re a jealous hater (isn’t that a term that, like you know, seventh graders make???
 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial is a pornstar best known for being the operator and “front man” for the website Pornwikileaks (a racist and homophobic hate speech website which illegally released the personal information of thousands of adult industry performers).
january 8th, 2016 –  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial  began posting color copies of pornographic industry performer’s government issued drivers licenses & copies of their social security cards complete with the number on the website he has admitted to owning,
 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial has been known to physically assault, stalk, cyber bully, and harass a multitude of women (from adult entertainment industry professionals to men and women that have nothing to do with the adult entertainment industry). As of current he & his associates are illegally utilizing the data from the hacked ashley madison website to draw traffic to pornwikileaks & extort the subscribers of
 Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial has created a multitude of twitter accounts over the years – most which have been suspended due to his habitual abuse of the social networking platform.  as of current, his primary twitter account is  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial (the official account he has linked to his website – which is rumored to be a scam that very few porn industry professionals actually utilize).

you should’ve asked  Eddie Dzial real name Edward Bernard Przydzial about how much he enjoyed physically assaulting whores.

Sicko men in dresses with tits want to go potty with your young daughter WTF USA is so fucked up

The bathroom issue, should no questions asked, just not be an issue. If a faggot or sicko that fucks men or women wants to put a dress on to look like a women in order to fuck other women or other men should not be let into a womens bathroom with small female children, end of story. WTF is wrong with the USA?


Get Desi Foxx Suspended From Twitter

Report Desi Foxx and all of her other Twitter accounts to Twitter. This failed hooker, who pimped her own daughter, is violating their guidelines and policy in creating catfishing accounts. Every tweet that mentions Desi Foxx, she accesses these other accounts to favorite and retweet the tweets in order to trick people to believe that she has strong supporters for her bullshit. Keep reporting her and her other accounts until they all get suspended.