To Mark Spiegler

To Mark Spiegler you fucking kike.

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The truth behind the AIM database leak – THE TRUTH ABOUT PWL

I am the previous and original owner of PWL and no I am not who you think I am. This is the truth I am about to post, that has been needing to be released for a very long time. How and who was behind the AIM healthcare database leak.

The AIM Database was gathered very simply by using a login username and password that everyone in the business had. There were a few logins I think one was something like playboy/ playboy123 or some shit like that which was playboys account. What happened is like 3 major companies including Playboy paid AIM Heathcare 250 dollars a month to have a login to access peoples personal medical information to see if there test was current which is 100% illegal and why they had to shut down and run and hide when shit hit the fans. Before AIM had a second company called LABDAT anyone remember that? LABDAT use to collect the 250 dollars and you use to have to go to that website until Sharron Mitchel didnt pay her domain fee and someone stole it from the crack whore. Anyways these 3 companies would check talents test on sets and the password would get shared with the talent and all other directors and companies so everyone just used those same 3 logins to check test.

Now for the dirt on the big question everyone wants an answer to as to how and who got a hold of this info and leaked it.


Here it comes….

See if you just think for a minute who would do such a thing you wouldn’t be accusing the people you accused like Donny or Joe or Michael or Jerry.

The person or persons who would do such a thing would be people that failed out of porn and got shit on by the industry. These people would be jealous of all other performers and want to cause them harm.

This person would not be someone who did 500 or 1000 scenes and would not be someone who had a successful company for years.

This person would not be someone still making a profit from porn.

This person would be someone that failed at all areas of porn and got shit on and embarrassed by the industry and someone like maybe even makes a profit taking advantage of talent or harming them. Sounding right so far?

Well here it is guys. Mark A Spiegler of Spiegler girls tried to be a performer in his start in the business and failed badly. Derek Hay of Direct Models was his agent and Spiegler couldnt get hired. This is many years ago before he became the fat turd looking scumbag he is today. After this Spiegler tried his hand at directing and produced 2 DVD’s with his dead mothers money and no distributor would buy them and no company would hire Spiegler to shoot more movies because they sucked. After this Spiegler started scamming girls in the industry and pimping them out to pay his rent money. Speigler was good friends with Mike South as Mike also failed at everything in Los Angeles and had to run back to Georgia after doing fuck all in porn. Mark had the password he got from his whores and gave it to Mike South. Mike South only had this password cause Mark gave it to him as Mike is in no way connected in the porn industry. Mike is nothing more than an angry outside wanting revenge on the porn industry. Mark is also the one who gave Mike the PASS password. Since Mark is not up to date on his computer skills and Mike is a little bit, Mike South collected all the info from the AIM website and he even told us how.

When you searched a person by stage name it would come up with a list of stage names and real names of those persons. So if you put in lets say Mike South you would get nothing as he doesnt test at AIM and is not in the business but if you searched Mike you would get Mike Horn and every Mike whatever in the business with the real name next to them.

Now heres the crazy part if you search only the letter m you would get everyone with the letter m at the beginning of there name. Then all you had to do was copy page by page into notepad and you had the whole AIM Database and this is how Mike did it he told us.

So Mike South emailed PWL telling us this story requesting that him and Mark never be outed as the people behind the leak and he would email PWL the database. The only catch was that Mike South wanted to be the one to expose the story to the world as the hero and case breaker behind PWL so he looked like a porn super hero and he could make money off all the traffic.

There is more to this story and about Mark Spiegler and Mike South getting credit for taking down PWL
when in fact he didnt but I will save that for another day.

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Which Agent is worse…?

Which agent is worse.
Jim South who pimped underage minors not to mention cross booking?

Sandra from OC who continually allows gay dudes to come back and forth then threatens to sue anyone with lawsuits all the while the faggots girlfriend is turning tricks for Ben English?

Ben English gay foreign national who runs illegal operations and pimps his coked out bimbos to any touring Japanese businessman or anyone who has access to the luxury companion or a boyfriend who loves to bottom?

Dennis Hof aging pimp of the brothel system who houses mental cases like Heidi Fleiss so when the working women are not talking to the birds they are forced to sit on his lap so he can play daddy?

Hugh Hefner the oldest mother fucker on the face of the planet. Made his entire fortune by taking pictures of struggling college students and smut not to mention his sons are women beaters. Hello I’m Hugh Hefner would you like to be a playmate so my spoiled son can whip you around a couple of times at the mansion?

Sounds like the cream of Western Civilization folks.
I’m going to grab a condom so I can make certain my semen does not ever come into contact with these wonderful pillars of our society.

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The “Raul Squirtman” Army is here to continuously OWN Flaming Faggot Christian Wians! No one can and will stop The Raul Squirtman Army!!!

World famous porn manager to the stars “Raul Squirtman” continuously owns and embarrasses notorious flaming faggot Texan Christian Wians. The Raul Squirtman Army is here to stay and will do everything it can to promote and strengthen Porn Wiki Leaks. :D

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The next outbreak

Cici Rhodes (real name Ciara Kilbern) is a high risk porn star. She has worked with fag Chad Diamond and tranny fucker Christian. On top of that she also escorts on the side. For the right price she lets you go bareback. Her risky behavior is putting the industry in danger. She hangs out with Lotus Lain and her fag boyfriend Johnny Chorizo. Johnny Chorizo does gay porn. it is just ticking time bomb with that whole group. Cici Rhodes should be put in quarantine. Be warned. She got knocked up during a train session and has no idea who the dad is. It is enter at your own risk with this girl.

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The next patient zero

Cici Rhodes real name Ciara Kilbern is the next outbreak waiting to happen. She has worked with cross over fag Chad Diamond and Tranny lover Christian. She feels that is not risky enough so she escorts from home to top it off. Mind you her daughter is home for many of these private sessions. She thinks it’s ok for the simple fact that she is sleeping during these privates. She is good friends with a another fag hag Lotus Lain. Scum like this put everyone at risk.

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Truth about Cici Rhodes

Cici Rhodes is a back stabber who happens to be a whore and a horrible mother. She has guys coming and going out of her home while her daughter is home to witness it. Her daughter would wake up in the middle of the night crying knocking on her bedroom door while Cici was in there with a guy. (She would always deny it was a john). Scream at her that she is busy and to go back to bed. I would have to get her and tuck her back in bed. For anybody that knows her I am warning you. She will use you untill she has no need for you. I hope she chokes on a dick. She is a liar, manipulator and a real bitch. I hate that cunt. While I knew her she would blow all her money up het nose. Maybe that is why you are on food stamps stupid bitch

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Michael Thomas Strother getting OWNED HARD by Rob Black

Now lets remember Mike South was a absolute nobody with a shit Alexa ranking until Donny Long went to war with him calling him all the things he is being exposed of now by Rob Black. Mike South is truly a nobody loser fanboi scumbag gay Jew just like his boyfriend Mark Spiegler. They are both jealous of all the success Donny Long had in porn with over 1000 scenes and then owning a successful company and studio, while they couldnt get a job as a bukakke mop. Read Rob rip this queer a new one below.

“has been nothing more than an internet terrorist for a decade and a half. He has posted lies and slandered people in the business because he was ostracized back in 1997″

“After no one else wanted to distribute his garbage and he was excommunicated from Porn Valley”

“Since he was a non factor and a failure at porn, he never had real sources or accurate information, so he would just make shit up, often contributing his info to anonymous emails.”

“Since I started The Rob Black Show a year ago, I have exposed this piece of shit for what he is, a lying piece of shit and a vile human being. Every time he pokes his head up, I deliver a right left cross and an uppercut. Now I just keep pummeling him and I’m gonna keep pummeling him until he goes away. He thinks this heat on him is gonna die down. It’s not gonna die down. He is Jim Bakker, he is Jimmy Swaggart, he is Ted Haggard, he is the toe tapper Larry Craig times ten. he is the hypocrite faggot who campaigns against homosexuality and gets caught with a dick in his mouth. That is who Mike South is.”

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Ash Hollywood’s mommy Complaines

Failed Mother Erin Eckerberg. Mother of Whore Ash Hollywood had this to say to PWL.

I thought I would let you know that your information, while properly referenced is completely incorrect and slanderous on your page

I will be turning the page over to her attorney, and you should be expecting to hear from them regarding a lawsuit for libel.

Thank you.
signed Epstein’s mother

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Monica Foster “The wikis are still there”

At 1:23:45 Monica Foster says:

about Mike South “Things he took credit for didnt seem to have stuck pornwikileaks being down Its not really down” Then she goes nuts yelling

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