ALEXANDRA MELODY MAYERS who used the moniker MONICA FOSTER, during her failed porn career, likes to call people pedophiles. As a matter of fact, she’s obsessed with the word. She has used this ugly label on everyone from former performers to attorneys to fan bois even after she popped off about an attorney’s family and was SUED and LOST her ass. Here’s the sickening part – She’s got no proof at all that these people are pedophiles and none of them have been convicted of anything. She’s just talking out of her ass, saying the most vile, disgusting, libelous thing she can about people she doesn’t like. Most likely she’s projecting as she is obsessed with youth and young boys and most likely has thoughts of molesting young kids herself. She has been BANNED from seeing her nephew and hasn’t seen him in over FIVE years so what does that tell you?

Now, what do you suppose she has to say about ALTON STERLING, the black career criminal and CONVICTED PEDOPHILE that was killed for fighting with and threatening the police and is currently being paid tribute to by certain sick people in a sick and dying country? My guess is NOT A GODDAMN THING. *Crickets*

Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers scared to respond to Donny Long

Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers we all know has lost her mind but why is she scared to say Donny Long’s name? Doesnt that name haunt her at night? I bet so! I bet she has nightmares about him. This is the best response she has come up with:

Thank you primarily to my Mom, Dad, Sister and my many other family members – the song I post later today is dedicated to you all.

Which speak of let me remind you not only of http://www.alexandramelodymayers.com

but ivanmayers.com and joanruckermayers.com

and her failed at everything in life sisters wiki Victoria Mayers and legendary American idol failure video.

2,513,946 views of people laughing at the Mayers family failures and counting.


So PWL is a good cause that warns performers of dangerous, disease spreading crossovers that can’t keep their dicks out of men’s assholes before hopping over to straight porn to work with females but time and time again the GoFundMe campaigns that this site set up to try to gather funds to help run the site were shut down within a few hours. And now that useless, child molesting nigger ALTON STERLING has somehow gotten $600k+ in donations “For his children’s education.” That sounds about right. America is a very sick place. Anyone that donated should be ashamed of themselves provided they aren’t a nigger in which case they don’t know any better. Niggers will defend ANY black person, man, woman, child, pedophile, rapist, murder or cop killer.

Most GoFundMe campaigns ask for a modest amount of say, $30,000 or so, even when the recipient is dying of some wasting disease or is attempting to collect funds for a good cause like a college education for a wholesome, law abiding individual, good people that never committed a crime. These greedy assholes that set up the Sterling fund ask for a whopping $200,000 and when the campaign swells to over 3X that amount do they shut it down and thank the donators as many who run campaigns do? What do you think? It’s never enough with these greedy niggers and when the account goes over a million dollars they still won’t shut it down. And it’s not like these kids will get to college anyway. For one thing, not everyone is meant to go to college and a HUGE percent of black youths never even bother to graduate high school much less go to college. And this fat fuck of a son that Sterling had will probably succumb to black on black crime or some health issue before he reaches 18, so this will all probably be pocketed by Sterling’s family, who will use it on Escalades, rims, flat screen TVs, pitbulls and gold teeth.

A great comment from the campaign page:

This fund needs to be shut down and the money given to Blue Lives Matter. Here is homies life accomplishments: But Alton was such a good guy… Never did nuffin, except: And here is his CQH: 9/09/96 aggravated battery 10/31/97 2nd degree battery 1/06/98 simple battery 5/04/00 public intimidation 9/20/00 carnal knowledge of a juvenile 9/04/01 domestic violence 5/24/05 burglary of an inhabited dwelling place 7/11/05 receiving stolen things 9/12/05 burglary of inhabited dwelling place 3/17/06 simple criminal damage to property, simple robbery, simple theft, drug possession, misrepresentation during booking, simple battery, aggravated battery 4/12/06 aggravated battery, simple criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace, unauthorized entry 4/04/08 domestic abuse battery 6/03/09 resisting an officer, drug possession, receiving stolen things, possession of stolen firearm, illegal carrying of a weapon with CDs, sound reproduct without consent 10/12/09 illegal carrying of weapon, marijuana possession 8/13/15 failure to register as a sex offender 4/08/16 failure to register as a sex offender 6/14/16 ecstacy and marijuana possession.

And another:

Donating to a felon… and a pedophile to boot. Sickening times we live in…

And another:

You people are a bunch of FOOLS! This money should go to the VICTIMS of his many years of crimes!!! Where is their justice! Of course leave up to criminals to still profit even after they are killed for resisting arrest! Shame on everyone who donated money into this “scholarship”! I would demand an accounting of every cent as I’m sure it will be spent by the time he even decides to go to college!

FUCK YOU, to whoever donated to this worthless drain on society. Didn’t the tax payers donate enough to this PIECE OF SHIT when he was incarcerated?

Cute Emo/Scene Girl

I have been trying for a very long time to find info on this girl. She is the most beautiful girl ive ever seen. Something about her literally makes my heart do weird shit LOL. Her pics are hard to come by.
These are the biggest galleries ive been able to find of her recently
http://scene-porn.com/sexy-emo-girl-with-some-nice-boobs/ and http://scene-porn.com/dirty-emo-girl-playing-with-her-pussy/ if you guys can help with real name even online names, ANYTHING, it would be very much appreciated.

What if all black people left America?

What if all black people left America?

The prison population would go down by 37%

There would be almost 50% less gang members

Rape would go down significantly

Overweight and obesity percentage would go down by 10%

Average IQ would go up 7 points, putting the USA tied for third with Japan

SAT scores would go up by about 100 points

ACT scores would go up by 5.5 points

AIDS and HIV would go down by over 67%

Chlamydia cases would go down by 50%

Gonorrhea would go down by 69%

Syphilis would go would go down by 58%

The average income would be over 20k more per year

The amount of people in poverty would go down by over 30%

Homelessness would go down by 57%

And the number of welfare recipients would go down by about 40%

This is how homosexual ChristianXXX treats his fans

So, homosexual ChristianXXX claims that he makes a shitload of money with his trannyfucker web site which is surprising considering he’s an ugly, bald, alien looking piece of shit that fucks some of the most hideous piece of shit faggots with tits in existence. But some out there have weird fetishes and enjoy watching his disgusting videos, I guess. To each their own. The problem with this big queer is in how he treats “fan bois.” One of these fans contacted him on Twitter recently and here is how that discussion went:

‏@jack22065013 Hi @christianxxx1, while in England would like to see @Ts_Pixie on http://com 😉

‏@christianxxx1 @jack22065013 are you a member?

@jack22065013 @christianxxx1 been a member, not now though.will be back soon I hope 🙂

@christianxxx1 @jack22065013 i could care less what non members have to say. either join and stay joined or don’t ask me for favors.

So basically, this bald retard just kissed a future subscription goodbye because he felt like acting like an asshole to that poor, gay fan boi. He’s probably surprised that a subscription to his site isn’t at the top of some people’s priorities for the month. Consider that a sub to watch this faggot fuck dudes with tits costs more than a Sirius subscription, Netflix subscription, Hulu subscription and so on. This is shades of Mercedes Ashley who publicly berated her fans that dropped their subs or Mariah Milano who runs around boasting about her wealth while calling people “losers.”

Oh, and no mention by the fag of the 5 police officers that were killed in his “great” state of Texas. The faggot is oblivious and simply continues to spam his links and pictures of homosexuals in wigs and tits while the rest of the world mourns. This fag can’t get AIDS fast enough.


You know this bigoted piece of shit scumbag is somewhere, alone, locked up safely, celebrating this tragedy. This cunt is no more than an online terrorist – online because she doesn’t have the guts to say shit to anyone’s face unless she has a mediator present. But she is an anti-white, anti-authority, pro-black piece of shit nigger that couldn’t make anything of herself and so she enjoys watching people get hurt and lives ruined – just as her life was ruined in 1993 when her pile of garbage father kicked her, her sister and mother to the curb and told them to leave because he prefers dick – AFTER he got married and created these monsters – one a single mom, drunk driving piece of shit and national TV embarrassment and one a black militant piece of shit coward scumbag. I really hope you’re proud, Ivan. Well done, good man, well done. Golf clap. Your daughter inherited your weak backbone, that’s for sure.

Here is what the general public is posting about this disgusting story on Yahoo:

The media encourages this. Any time there is a shooting of a black male criminal they find it necessary to point out that a “WHITE COP” did it. But when a criminal is on the loose they give a description like “Tall man with a hat” and completely leave out his race or ethnicity. The media subliminally tells the audience whites are bad and blacks are always victims. They’re disgusting.

The BLM protesters ran and hid while letting the police officers go towards the shooting. The very people they call murders are the ones they cower behind when something bad happens.

This is why I stay away from urban areas. When you get a dense population of people who are out of work and frustrated at the world, violent nonsense happens. If anything, these snipers just gave police officers even more reason to be cautious and use force when dealing with uncomplying suspects. But alas, people like to delude themselves into believing that consequences have no precedent.

We have regressed back 60 to 70 years…the rest of the world is laughing at this so called superpower.

This is sickening. it solves nothing and will only cause more death. RIP to the officers.

This country and society is so messed up! Obama stand BEHIND THE POLICE and STOP feeding these thugs! You have made this country turn back 50YEARS!!

Thank you Media for stirring up the unrest that has ended in the death of innocent police officers!

BLM owns this, egged on by the most racially divisive president since Woodrow Wilson.

Funny these protesters were probably looking for a cop for protection when hearing these gunshots.

Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial bothered by what he created from popping off

Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial is sending in fraudulent DMCA notices the pornwikileaks host and other places and getting laughed at and failing. See the fact that Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial is a stalker HIV infested fanboi and has been exposed bothers him and he doesnt like the truth. He is also a failure at everything in life and not the world can see that.