Tristan Stadtmuller is within his civil rights talking about Monica Foster

According to the retarded logic of Monica Foster, freedom of speech only works one way, & it’s the way that benefits her slanderous & stalking ass.

Tristan Stadtmuller agreed not to talk to Monica Foster directly during MEDIATION, but he never agreed that he wouldn’t stop talking about her. Stadtmuller speaks the truth when he wants people that Goster is a psycho & a failed hooker. He warned team Jenna, but they ignored him only to realize the truth about her themselves about a month later & they 86 Foster from their social group.

Foster is a public figure! So Stadtmuller is within civil rights of making fun of her because she says stupid shit and she does stupid shit! Stadtmuller has never slandered Foster in any way, everything that he has ever said about her is true and he backs it up! Foster on the other hand twist facts around and other shit! Who is being sued for defamation & in $167G in debt?

Stadtmuller is within his civil rights using Foster’s pictures because it’s covered under Fair Use. He needs to put the face to the woman who stalks people and tries to ruin people’s lives.

As we all know, Stadtmuller backs ups his shit with what he says about Foster and he’s within his civil rights. Foster can call it stalking all that she wants, but she’ll NEVER stand in front of a judge with him nor get the cops on him.

Monica Foster’s Failed Music Career

Fostard failed as a porn actress, failed as a stripper, failed as a hooker, failed as a sex worker all together, failed as a painter, failed as a blogger, failed as a webcam model, failed as a YouTube personality, failed at everything in life that she has ever tried to achieve. Now she’s already off to a bad start in her music career (if you can call it that), lol! Just like her books, her music won’t sell for shit. Tons of people are already making fun of her and how horrible she sounds. They compare her music to that of pans clanging together and a cat being tortured to death.

Desiree Brennan Punked Out Via Text Message

Desiree Brennan got punked out via text message. Despite all the shit that she talks, she’s just a cowardly keyboard warrior who attacks people that have more than her and have had and are having a better life than her. Tristan Stadtmuller got her phone number and PUNKED her out after she REFUSED to answer her phone because she was too scared and she knew that her feelings would get hurt. All that this fat fuck life failure who isn’t capable of getting a man to become attracted to her can do, is hide behind fictitious accounts while hiding her identity. She’s insecure about her weight and she thinks that talking shit from behind a computer is her way of being able to bully people to make up for her life of being bullied. You should of heard her voicemail greeting, a deep voice that’s not sexy and has no confidence, a true loser. Yet she claims that she’s a survivor, yeah ok! Lmao

Desiree Brennan & her land of make believe

Fat fuck, super unattractive, artist reject, Desiree Brennan is a major online joke. This fat coward, who obviously grew up being rejected by all the cool kids and all the guys (even the ugly ones), just can’t accept the fact that Twitter doesn’t give a shit about her, especially Goddess Vienna.

A little birdie had told me that it was hilarious being able to hear her voice with her voicemail greeting. He said that you can easily tell that she’s not only BIG, but she has no confidence in herself, WHY WOULD SHE? She’s HUGE and UNATTRACTIVE! How many times a week do men ask her out? NONE! How often does men try to fuck her? NONE! I bet she didn’t even have a date to her prom, maybe it was just one of her cousins.

Desiree Brennan trolls people and harasses/stalks people from Ficticous accounts because it’s her way of dealing with how she was bullied as a kid and how even at her age, she’s still a loser and a reject.

She’s been rejected for her weight and her looks. She’s been rejected as an actress (even that fat girl in ‘Precious’ succeeded as an actress) she’s been rejected as an artist. She’s been rejected by people in general for just about everything else.

Donny Long doesn’t care about Desiree Brennan because she’s just one of those ECHO people who alienate groups and tags along and nobody likes them! Hell, Goddess Vienna can give two flying fucks about Desiree.

Desiree Brennan represents all that is wrong with America. Parents need to raise their kids to become confident in themselves, that being obese isn’t a good thing, take pride in yourself so you can look halfway decent, and use your brain! Unfortunately, Desiree Brennan has gone through life without any of this.

It’s funny as hell though how she takes pride in her Twitter, yet none of her followers give two shits what she tweets, lol! From it being her birthday to her being in the hospital, fucking loser. Even JULES didn’t truly like her.

You’ll never see this bitch in Vegas. She’ll end up going by herself. Fat fuck changed her number because she can’t handle a true confrontation, she knows that her feelings would end up getting hurt and she’ll end up crying. Just like she cries that no man could ever want her.

Going through life fugly and stupid is pathetic.

Monica Foster retard logic: “Men in their 40’s that date hot young 20 year olds really want middle age, crusty old women like me!”

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more dumb and full of herself, porn, web cam and lifelong failure Monica Foster goes ahead and posts this:

Sorry, honey, men that are in their 40’s and above that “date” and fuck women in their 20’s are absolutely doing it because they want to and like to while women 35 and above are generally not very desirable, gravity starts to take over, they stop giving their men sex and men start looking elsewhere to fulfill their needs. It’s Leykis 101. Men can’t get women 20 years younger unless they’re doing something right. It takes a certain kind of man in a certain kind of tax bracket to pull women in their 20’s when they’re 40 and above. The only men that are stuck with fat, old, bitchy women like you are the losers. Guys like say, Barry Nelson, an elderly “musician” that makes a living playing in front of 3 or 4 sleeping senior citizens in rest homes. There are several other fat black losers that tweet you compliments all the time and none could ever pull a woman in their 20’s unless they paid for it. Your stock is so low right now that men in their 60’s wouldn’t touch you. Why don’t you get the fuck over yourself and face reality?

So according to this cunt, Will Ryder never grew up yet he has a career, a business, talents that he uses to make money, a residence, pays his bills, has a library of published works that bring enjoyment to thousands and thousands of people and so on and so forth. And this turd who thinks she’s a “real woman” and a “grown up” claims to be homeless, refuses to work, when she does “work” it’s getting naked on a web cam and diddling herself for tips, her blogging history and library are nothing but negative, libelous, doom and gloom bullshit that got old 5 years ago, she blames everyone and their brother for how fucked her life ended up, sweetie, you are a child at the age of 37 and show no signs of ever growing up. Do you even pay taxes on your web cam earnings? Time to stop blaming everyone else for your problems and grow the fuck up. It’s getting real old, just like you.

Breaking News: Gene Ross reporting another HIV Breakout

Donny Long predicted this one yet again but as always everyone called him a homophobic and ignored his warning and now they will pay AGAIN!

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BREAKING: Another HIV Breakout and porn production shutdown caused by another Gay yet again?

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A female also got HIV from this homosexual! Could Brazzers be sued?



So in one corner we have “Aunt Esther,” the iconic 70’s Sanford and Son character played by LaWanda Page and in the other corner we have Monica Foster played by Alexandra Mayers.

On the one hand, Ms. Page was 53 years old when Sanford and Son started and Ms. Mayers is more than 15 years younger than that but somehow, Mayers looks older and worse. Also, Ms. Page was usually shown in her Sunday best and had her hair done and actually had a little pride in her appearance. Mayers appears to have completely let herself go now, has the Buckwheat fro and shops at Walmart for her clothes – which admittedly is a step up from the Salvation Army and Goodwill mentioned in a previous article about her.

There are some similarities between the two women. For one thing, they are both religious nuts. However, Esther Anderson was not afraid to get off her ass and go door to door for donations and we assume, turned them over to a good cause. Mayers never leaves the house, she looks like she smells bad, we know she looks bad and has let herself go, and uses religion as a way to cover her ass when she threatens to physically harm people, kill them and maim them with things like battery acid. Also, Mayers does XXX web cam shows which is something that no real Christian would ever do.

Esther had no problems challenging men to a physical fight TO THEIR FACE while and Mayers will only do it while she hides behind her computer, another win for Esther. Esther looked taller than the 5’10” Redd Foxx which means she not only towered over the tiny 5’6″ Mayers but could also back up the things she said. Mayers is all talk and worthless without a mediation session with judges, guards and bailiffs watching over her.

Esther wins this one easy but Mayers is right about something – Black doesn’t crack for the black people that look after themselves. Mayers smoking, drug use, heavy exposure to radiation from use of electronic equipment and self loathing, anger and constant drama have worn her down and out and caused her to hit the wall before the age of 40. Oh, and there’s a reason that we haven’t seen a dirty bathroom mirror bikini selfie lately from Foster – The weight and stretch marks are creeping up and gravity has come knocking for those boobies. 😀