Only thing Mayers ruined = Mayers


Some of us don’t visit this tired old boring cunt’s feed as it is the same repetitive bullshit and attention seeking day in and day out. She is a troll and attention seeker of the highest order that has absolutely no life. However, we read he article here that mentioned that she claims she wrecked PWL and we’re going to throw some stats out at you to prove what she said is complete bullshit.

First, PWL ranks in the top 50,000 sites in the U.S. and among the top 140,000 worldwide. however, is a huge fail going from somewhere in the 4 MILLIONTH mark last year to completely wiped off the charts and unranked in 2019 as there is no traffic to speak of. Her wiki here on PWL with its 300 some thousand views probably has drawn more traffic so far than her official site did in a lifetime. She has only helped to enhance traffic here by being the owner of a highly viewed wiki page.

No, sorry, she hasn’t done anything to ruin PWL. Most of the topics about here here get few views as she is past the point of being relevant with her porn career being over for years now. Her only chance at relevancy after her unremarkable porn career was “Dykstragate” which saw her get some mainstream press. But she failed to turn that into anything. She’s now worse off as she lives with her mother and hates it and has legal debts that she can never pay off that are courtesy of her running her fat mouth online to the wrong people. She is now past her sell by date with absolutely zero to show for it and no further prospects in the adult industry at her advanced age. #PWLWINS

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