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One thing that Sean and Monica have in common

Sean Tompkins and Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers have something in common: Neither has any balls. They both have an endless list of enemies and people that they threaten but they would not dare fight someone in an official setting in a boxing or MMA gym overseen by officials so the whiny little babies can’t run to cops or lawyers after their faces got rearranged.

Tompkins has an annual little game he plays every year when the holidays start. He takes inventory of all the porn people he has had words with during the year and challenges them to a no holds barred physical fight on the AEE show floor in front of police, security, cameras and thousands of people not to mention his friends that are there to jump his potential opponents. Real tough guy. Once his adversaries decline the invitation as they are there for business and not games, he takes to Twitter back home and thumps his chest about how no one wanted a piece of him while his 50 year old grandma cheerleader and XXX nobody who never even attends the show, Grace Evangeline, waves the pom poms for her little hero.

Foster-Mayers is perhaps an even bigger pussy because she threatens people with acid attacks that they can’t defend against or see coming.

Notice some scumbag actually favored the post but Twitter won’t ban Mayers or her little fan boi for obvious reasons that you can figure out.

Keep hiding in mama’s house under the bed while making these tough guy threats. Fucking pussy.

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