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OMAROSA: “If it wasn’t for Trump, we wouldn’t be reading about her.”

If it wasn’t for Trump, we wouldn’t be reading about her.

Reality show person who has stayed in the lime light by being outrageous is just doing her thing. On the morning news today the reporter pointed out that she contradicts herself many times in the book and her interviews.

I sure don’t believe her at all.

In other words….. “I will say anything to sell my book”

Not buying it, or her book

She claims there are tapes of Trump spouting racial obscenities, but she doesn’t have the tapes and states that she simply knows of the tapes because of what others have told her. She claims she was offered $15,000 per month as hush money, but then she also states that the $15,000 salary was to work in a senior position on Trump’s 2020 re-election team, a job for which it is common to be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement. This doesn’t make her seem credible.

Sour Grapes we all know that.

Her book is available at all 99 Cent Stores. Get them now.

Trying to extend that 15 minutes of fame…–politics.html

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